February 23rd, 2012 | 324 Entries

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324 Entries for “loss”

  1. Wow, this is a hard one. There is a lot to lose in this world, but I guess the worst kind of loss is the one you know you could have saved. How can you live with the regret of not telling him or her that you love them and then losing them to somebody else for example? It’s hard isn’t it? TELL THEM!

    By Isabel Pinaud on 02.24.2012

  2. i remember the loss of my first pet. it was a goldfish named angelica. i put it in with a siamese fighting fish and the goldfish was picked to bits by the time i came back from church. a hard lesson to learn when you’re 7.

    By robin on 02.24.2012

  3. Loss is about having something, then not having it. loss is a noun. the verb is lose. other words include misplace,

    By Aroha on 02.24.2012

  4. “In the case of loss of cabin air pressure,” the flight attendant said, “flaps will open above your seats.” She pointed two index fingers upwards, then flapped her hands forwards. Who even listens to her, Harold wondered. Would people actually remember what to do, if the air masks came down?

    By Holden URL on 02.24.2012

  5. THe loss of a friend is sometimes extremely hard to deal with. Many people have experienced loss, whether it be loss of a friend, family member, pet or object. Loss can be felt on a wide scale of emotion. It can be a slight ping or a huge pang.

    By Crystal Thompson on 02.24.2012

  6. His eyes closed. The loss was too much, too great. It had all happened in a moment, a blurry yet crystal clear moment in which he had froze, a chill running up his spine. He had turned around, hearing the blaze of fire, and saw it happening before she did. And then he was too late, because he had hesitated, because he had tried to reach her. And now he was lost. Ansd now she was gone. Forever. He had lost her foreever.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 02.24.2012

  7. Men and women in their orange T-Shirts suffered a loss and are lost from their souls. Such people believe in living for material aims and material aims only. Logic and using over whelming numbers is their trademark. Study the enemy and then defeat them based on their habits. Loss comes from being deprived of something one did not think was valuable. Honesty, Integrity. Trust.

    By Carey on 02.24.2012

  8. we win we lose. loss of people we love, items we once treasured memories. loss of memory/ a biggie, a huge loss.

    By AAJ on 02.24.2012

  9. I feel sad at the loss of your mother. I know you are remembering lots of memories with her, time spent together as a family. She loved you and your children so much. She was a beautiful person and I know you miss her every day. I hope you will carry on with joy.

    By Adina on 02.24.2012

  10. Loss is inevitable but it is also the hardest part of life. Loss of health, loss of love, loss of family, loss of youth… Everyone must go through these rites of passage but everyone strives to avoid them. In the end, it’s the losses that make you though.

    By KatLL on 02.24.2012

  11. Jesse had experienced loss many times before. First, her father. Then, her mother. Then Phillip, then Collin, then Eileen. None hit her so hard as Nat, until Levi left her, too. One young woman, so full of tragedy. One life, too lived.

    By ritajuanita URL on 02.24.2012

  12. Loss is one of the hardest things you have to deal with. There is the loss of material goods, the loss of friends/family, but hardest of all, I think, is the loss of beliefs. As I child, I firmly believed that all adults wanted what was best for kids. As I grew older, I realized that that wasn’t always true. It was a life-altering, belief-shattering, mind-blowing type of loss. I lost my faith in humanity for a long time, and it was hard for me to breath for a long time. Now I know that most adults want to help kids, but some still do not.

    By Amber on 02.24.2012

  13. I am at a loss for words. I don’t know what to say or think or do. Maybe the cat ripped my homework or maybe the lawnmower ran over it. I don’t know. I just know that I have nothing to say.

    By j.renee on 02.24.2012

  14. Loss is one of those things that we all experience and that looks so different for people. I might focus on the loss of a loved one and another person might focus on the loss of a pet or the loss of a cert

    By Jan Van Gasse on 02.24.2012

  15. the loss of love. the loss of your soul because you couldn’t hold on to it while you groped around for other people to complete you and make you feel whole. there is a price you pay for everything. and for what you wanted, you paid with your very self. pathetic.

    By soch URL on 02.24.2012

  16. I would be terribly sad if I lost my dog, Tucker. He has recently experienced several hip and back problems which impact his ability to walk. The medicine he takes seems to help him, but I worry about his mobility. It will be especially hard for Jared and Caleb.

    By Lisa Poggas on 02.24.2012

  17. you can’t find something
    you lose something you care about
    want it back
    where is it?
    a feeling you get when someone had passed away

    By heather most on 02.24.2012

  18. It was a helluva loss. Fifty thousand dollars on one bet. The ball swirled around the wheel, faster than my racing pulse. When it landed on red, I knew I was done for. What Vince didn’t know, was that it was his fifty G’s that the casino won, and it was not my loss at all.

    By Nina URL on 02.24.2012

  19. thinking about leah and her family and their loss this week hope they can remember all the wonderful memories of their mom and that they will help to ease the pain of lossing her.

    By Kris on 02.24.2012

  20. “I’m so sorry for your loss.” It’s strange how words that are meant to bring comfort seem so empty and meaningless. Everyone says the same thing when they don’t know what to say; they might as well say nothing.

    By kibi URL on 02.24.2012

  21. When I was in sixth grade my grandmother died. She went to the hospital…We thought it would be just like every other visit. She went often. She had pains in her back. She went to the hospital and appeared to get better. Then she got numonia. It got worse. ICU for a couple weeks and they said they could do no more.

    By Jacob D. Johnson on 02.24.2012

  22. The loss of a child is something no one should have to experience. Enduring the loss of a child is not right. Memories and life are to be cherished.

    By SD on 02.24.2012

  23. loss

    By Eva on 02.24.2012

  24. sometimes winning isn’t everything. a lot of times what you really get out orf winning is more pride, which most people have enough of anyways. when a loss comes around, however, people are compelled to realize what they could have done differently and what they could have done in order to get a “win”., a loss can come in many forms: some being, a loss in a game or sports event, or maybe a death of a friend or family. these losses are what makes people grow and simply lessons in life. I WIN.

    By Morgan Temte on 02.24.2012

  25. Oh my gosPg lost Diddles in the sea!! Then in the shopping mart…. We don’t trust Pig. She’s a huge loss to our company. She LOST Mrs. Tighe’s keys in her car that she STOLE. She lost my heart. That’s my fault. I shouldn’t have given it to her….. She also threw a diva fit and said she’s quiting yearbook and stealing all of her pictures back. This is quite a loss as well.

    By Courtnie Coons on 02.24.2012

  26. The boys lost in a heartbreaking finish this weekend to Gillette at state swimming. “I thought we were going to win,” says coach Miller, who has coached for 15 years. “I am still proud of these boys for making it this far”

    By Maty Cameron on 02.24.2012

  27. and then she was gone. gone forever. and we never saw her again. we lost her. she was the greatest loss we’d ever had. losing her from our team was like losing a tooth that wasn’t meant to fall out. Painless, yet dangerous. And we could only imagine what was to come after our loss. life without Laura. Life without a light.

    By milli URL on 02.24.2012

  28. A loss is when something goes missing and you can not find it anywhere. Some people think of a loss as an i tem however, a loss can also be a person, animal or any living thing as well. Loss is a word that is used very often. Many times people will say “im sorry for your loss” when someone close passes away. Loss is a word that is used in many different ways and can be used for many situations. A loss is not necessairley a horrible thing but it normally is not a great thing. In conclusion; losses are common and there are many different ways to deal with a loss of anything. Different people handle them in different ways. How do you handle your losses?

    By Evan on 02.24.2012

  29. I’m so frustrated I got the exact same word as everyone else. I’m an individual not a group. Give me something unique or else i’m just going to complain all the time. This is rigged. I’d rather write about some mythical creature like a unicorn. Unicorns are horses with a horn on their noggin. They don’t have wings as opposed to what people may think. Those are pegasuses.

    By Tyler on 02.24.2012

  30. I’m at a loss for words today. I’m having a hard time focusing. The paper remains blank for longer and longer. My muse is missing. Where did she go. I’m at a loss of words today. I don’t know what to say.

    By Sheila Good URL on 02.24.2012

  31. Loss is a terrible thing. It comes in many forms, whether mental or physical. Loss of memory occurs in people with Alzheimer’s; whereas, loss of people occurs when family members die. Why is loss so hard? It’s hard to say. Losing people evokes many emotions in one’s mind. Sadness, depression, or on the other hand, new beginnings.

    By Kelley Fisher on 02.24.2012

  32. She thought that life was perfect, however she was still a young fish in the sea and wasn’t quite sure how to swim yet. Her transition into adult hood was a tough loss for Diddles’ perfect life. She had lost the love of her life in a swimming accident and was forced to deal with things in a completely unnatural way now. Although depression was soon taking over her every action, the only thing that kept her going was that there is plenty of fish in the sea. Therapy was the only way that she could cope with everything. Then, along came Vampire Girl. She made Diddles light up with excitement every time she walked into the room. Diddles loss was soon forgotten and she was able to swim against every current that came her way.

    By Courtney on 02.24.2012

  33. when i am at loss i feel like i don’t know what to do.. on weekends not knowing what to do is sad…i go to bed a 9 and i fell lkdks ki am lost. i am losat at my garndmbparts house and i don’t know hwater to go i can t drive withough t etginng lost and i need my little sister to help m e to find where i am going or esls maggie who elps me do the ting shta i need to do i would love to get the gps the and i sat eo loose theing i loose my shoes in the morning and somethingms i can’t do it . i

    By Maty Cameron on 02.24.2012

  34. it is the void.
    the heart yearning,
    soul crushing
    it’s that feeling that
    you might be missing out on
    something –
    all cemented in knowing that
    you can never go back to the
    way things

    By NuSol URL on 02.24.2012

  35. Ugh loss – at times agony. The loss of a favorite bracelet can cause a type of agony but the loss of a loved one is heart wrenching agony. I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s disease last year. I thought I lost her when we first discovered her dilemma. Little did I know that I would lose her over and over for the next 6 years. I thought that because of the years of loss her final passing would be easier, but that is when I experienced heart wrenching agony. The blessing on the other side was that the heat wrenching agony of loss eventually led to healing and peace.

    By Lisa on 02.24.2012

  36. Loss is something you can’t describe. Loss is something you have to experience. Loss can be something tragic such as a family member leaving or a loved pet no longer there. Loss could be something as simple as a loss of an object or a something more important such as a way of life or a path to follow. Loss is something you can’t get back. It impacts us all in a way that we can never forget. All we can do is tell the story so future generations can learn from it. Loss is regret.

    By Heaven on 02.24.2012

  37. death sad look for it find it found dogs and cats keys books help ask for help searching

    By Connie on 02.24.2012

  38. Loss is a very painful thing. It can be the loss of a family member to death, loss of a friendship over an arguement, or loss of a job or home. No matter what type of loss that occurs, it is always painful. No one wants to face loss, but how you deal with loss defines who you are.

    By Robin on 02.24.2012

  39. My Wilma, my nana, my love. Death. A lot of loss in such a short time. But loss is a part of life. You never know when it will hit you, but it always teaches you to be grateful for what you do have. And it has taught me one of my hardest life lessons: letting go.

    By Kyra C on 02.24.2012

  40. difficult for people to cope with. Affects everyone. You can lose a family member or a pet. makes everyday life a lot harder for people and the persons family and friends. It can be a sad time or happy time in someones life. You can live and let go. Turn to your closest friends for comfort. Happens very frequently. Being religious helps you deal with loss.

    By McKenzie on 02.24.2012