February 23rd, 2012 | 324 Entries

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324 Entries for “loss”

  1. The emptiness threatened to swallow her whole. All the fears of failure, the realization that everything she had worked towards was a lie, that she had nothing to base her future on. That loss of hope and faith in success or even survival.

    She had nothing.

    By Nastassia on 02.23.2012

  2. feeling so much loss right now
    loss of self

    loss of family
    feels freeing to write those words

    am loosing so many things, people
    it hurts so bad

    it’s a wave of pain
    so powerful and horrifying

    By Whitney URL on 02.23.2012

  3. Loss: when you lose someone or something; past tense.

    By Chata97 URL on 02.23.2012

  4. A loss is when you lose something or someone and you have to fine it…

    By volleyball chick URL on 02.23.2012

  5. I wore my loss like a vague scar. A vanishing. I myself was lost amongst the shadows. I longed to be one. To vaporise. So I wouldn’t feel. That talk of a gaping hole, an eternal ache. More like your insides being scooped out. Nothing remaining. No semblance of self, of same. No normal ever again. When the wind blew, it whistled through you, the fallow fossil of yourself you had become. When people looked at you, they looked through you, like a ghost, a spectre. Nothing made an impression any more.

    By siobhan347 URL on 02.23.2012

  6. The loss of a friend is a big deal. Certainly when it happens abruptly as in death we are aware of this. However, it is also true of slow gradual loss over time. When we lose touch with people slowly, calling less often, writing only now and again, and ultimately never speaking, we create a regret.

    By Jessica on 02.23.2012

  7. Loss
    If You Lose something it is a loss….. I think.

    By Shadow URL on 02.23.2012

  8. I’m afraid that my cousin is going to die. I would be VERY VERY SORRY for there loss.

    By ashlea.schweigert URL on 02.23.2012

  9. Sometimes, I am at a loss. Loss for words, thoughts, emotions, you name it. I lose myself in blankness. Where I cubby-hole my life, I know not. Searching.

    By ShannonC URL on 02.23.2012

  10. I don’t want to leave you, I screamed at him as he slowly died. No don’t give up on me, I whimpered. As he died I cryed because I was afraid to loss my only love.

    By Twerewolf URL on 02.23.2012

  11. i have a loss of life. life is passing before my eyes, i might be leaving this world. the loss of life is drastically going into effect.

    By mccrazy URL on 02.23.2012

  12. Is it really a loss for me? not so much. I mean, what do really get out of the relationship? Nil! Yes, I used the exclamation point because I think that point needs to be made and loudly. I’m tempted to use all caps

    By Kellie Spreitzer on 02.23.2012

  13. Loss was something Astor had dealt with his entire life. Immortality brought with it certain consequences, and that was one of them. It had never been easy for him, but he had always accepted it; he was always going to have to watch his friends die and there was nothing he could do about it.

    By Julia A. URL on 02.23.2012

  14. the loss of light can kill some things. plants, animals, people. the loss of light is very drastic and can cause harm to many people.

    By mccrazy URL on 02.23.2012

  15. I lost my cousin to suicide and I know that I never want anyone else to feel that way again. He was more than a cousin. He was like a brother and he was a great friend. He gave the best hugs and killed himself because he was bullied. I miss him so much. He was there for me when I needed someone and he didnt even know how much he helped me or that he was even helping me at all.

    By Bridget V URL on 02.23.2012

  16. Loss ist ein Bodenschatz. Glaubst du mir nicht? Ist aber so. Du hast vielleicht noch nie davon gehört. Und von wie vielen anderen Dingen hast du noch nicht gehört. Kennst du Ell? Siehste? Hab ich doch gesagt. Mannomann, du musst noch viel lernen, wenn du so werden willst wie deine Mutti.

    By Eli URL on 02.23.2012

  17. I can’t believe things get lost. Why does that happen? I am at a loss even describing the how. Its just chaos. But, is it organized chaos? It must be because there are patterns. So our loss must be organized in some way for some reason. Is it our own minds losing things we don’t care about, to organize our lives? That seems morbid almost in describing lost relationships or lost people. I don’t know if those things can truly ever be lost.

    By Jennifer Beaver on 02.23.2012

  18. Is a moment when you realize something is gone and it is time to find something more wonderful to fill that void.

    By Jeffrey Jacobs URL on 02.23.2012

  19. Not again with this word. Is it really a sad thing to lose something. It seems to be a natural process. Losing and finding and losing and finding … etc. etc. A circular hermeneutic or is it vicious? I don’t know.

    By Jennifer Beaver on 02.23.2012

  20. Loss means when you lose something and the you fond it. loss is passtence of lose.

    By turttles URL on 02.23.2012

  21. The loss of their dog made them cry.

    By chickaboo URL on 02.23.2012

  22. a loss is when you lose somebody like you can lose a realitive and you can count that as a loss and that is what loss means

    By briley URL on 02.23.2012

  23. loss means when you lose some one n your really sad about it and people say that there sorry about there loss

    By Desteny Baltierra URL on 02.23.2012

  24. Loss is something like if you give something away it is like your loss. Or it is like your friend says come play soccer when you dont want to they say your loss.

    By eberly URL on 02.23.2012

  25. A loss is something that occurs when you lose someone or something. Something that most of the time hurts a lot. Something that can naturally occur such as death or something that you bring upon yourself.

    By Jamie URL on 02.23.2012

  26. The death of a family member like my awesome grampa. He was way cooler than you!
    Jk But its probly true. Tractor races, it was fun!

    By Jconrad URL on 02.23.2012

  27. i don’t think i’ve ever really experienced true loss. sure, i don’t get a job here or there or i don’t get what i wanted and maybe i go into a depressed mode for a short (or long) while, but nothing has really struck to me as being a loss – guess I’m lucky that way.

    By Danna on 02.23.2012

  28. i think of losing my chap stick lol not really i think of DEATH lol goth much not really the real thing i think about is losing my dad

    By hailey URL on 02.23.2012

  29. The ache is constant, deep and wide. He feels as though his insides have been scooped out, leaving him nothing but skin.

    By lil_nail URL on 02.23.2012

  30. Sometimes the hole feels large- like an impossible void, one in which nothing can fully satiate or fill. Other times it feels fine, impossible to be sad about. I guess it just depends on the day. Honestly, I have it easy.

    By Melissa on 02.23.2012

  31. The loss was traumatic enough. The original reports made to the middle school students was that the boy had committed suicide. He was fourteen. He hung himself with a belt in his bedroom.

    Then there was an investigation. The police believed the boy may have done this while someone watched on a webcam. Someone may have watched him asphyxiate himself as part of a sick twisted game. A game that lead to this fourteen year old boys death while some mother fucker sat on the other side of the screen watching.

    Everyone at school had played the “choking game.” the internet version was new, but they all did it.

    By Brooke Farmer URL on 02.23.2012

  32. A dog, a person. a death perchance. when one happens all the other rush to mind

    By Doc S URL on 02.23.2012

  33. A dog, a person. a death perchance. when one happens all the others rush to mind.

    By Doc S URL on 02.23.2012

  34. I have a sense of loss sometimes when I think of things that I do not yet have. I believe. I believe that I will attain what I lack and that, perhaps, I don’t really lack anything. But today I do feel a sense of loss nevertheless. The truth, I believe, will straighten it all out.

    By Melissa URL on 02.23.2012

  35. at a loss for words. i lost my best friend. and i didn’t know what to say. as he typed those words, said goodbye, and i knew i would never speak to him again, i couldn’t think of a single damn thing to say in response. it was the end, of a relationship and a voice.

    By harper on 02.23.2012

  36. Can you loose the feeling of loss? That completely indifference to any sort of pain. Just blocking it out. Emotionless.

    By Brigid on 02.23.2012

  37. I can’t express this word.
    The feeling of loss, it’s just… the emptiness in your chest. The way you miss the feeling of their hand on your back in the loving embrace.
    Or it could be
    The way you used to talk everyday, but now she is mroe loved than you. It is so many things.

    By Brigid URL on 02.23.2012

  38. not to win.

    By Dakota on 02.23.2012

  39. “Somebody lost their way, yeah? You silly little boy, with your spray paints and your droopy jeans and the cap turned back – no, that’s not hip, you just look silly. Get out of here; go make something out of your life before you lose that chance.”

    By jupiter URL on 02.23.2012

  40. the loss of him leaving me was terrible
    it felt lie someone ripped my heart out of my chest
    like a thousand knifes stabbing me
    i would never get to hold are kiss my love
    my other half he was gone forever

    By taylorp URL on 02.23.2012