January 28th, 2009 | 499 Entries

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499 Entries for “lock”

  1. The same finger that strokes my G spot,
    Strokes my gag reflex.
    I’m truly a god-forsaken girl.

    Lock me up tight,
    Kiss me good night,
    Tell me that everything is gonna be alright.

    By whatsername on 01.30.2009

  2. The Schlage was bronze and cold to the touch. I fumbled for the key in the dark, swearing at my 57 year old eyes as what used to be an unconscious effortless task has become a real pain in the ass.

    By Cinnamonray on 01.30.2009

  3. and where is the key? maybe i forgot it before i ran out this morning. Oh no, wait. I am sure I had it with me. Check the pockets again, the jacket, the pants. Breath goddammit breath. Ok, lets light a cigarette and search for them calmly.

    By daniel k on 01.30.2009

  4. The lock jiggled. Was someone outside? The child could not see and dared not step closer to the window. Why had they left? They shouldn’t have left her alone. The lock slowly turned. She hid under the table. The door creaked open. She pulled her blanket closer to her face. Footsteps came toward har. She lowered the blanket to see who it was; her daddy.

    By Kyla on 01.30.2009

  5. key. lock the door. lock to keep safe. lock heart. lock jaw. tension. lock holds tension. my mind is occupied otherwise. i can’t bother.

    By abby on 01.30.2009

  6. locked up in a bad place with someone who doesn’t love you and you try not to love him but you do even though he abuses you. you can’t escape because you’re locked inside and you want so badly to be happy but you think you never will be happy. finally escaping from the lock is the best feeling in the world.

    By Emma on 01.30.2009

  7. Bar the doors and the windows. Screw locking things, I miss back when to make sure someone didn’t get in you put a two-by-four in front of something and were done with it. None of this fancy technology shit, I’d like to see someone pick a steel bar off the inside of my house.

    By Andrew Meare on 01.30.2009

  8. lock a door that holds a secret
    something that is horribly quiet
    don’t disturb me
    leave me alone
    scream at me through the door
    leave me
    don’t leave me

    there’s hair here.
    a lot of it.
    several locks.

    By Shannon on 01.30.2009

  9. Lock me up and throw away the key, because I’m crazy and this world is not where I belong. Really now, can you imagine someone who can’t breathe just because, doesn’t recognize herself in the mirror? That just won’t work and I don’t work and what happens the day my insurance runs out and I can’t pay 800 dollars a month for mediation to keep me okay? I’m locked into this system and I can’t afford to be, can’t afford to not be what everyone else is and I’m locked inside.

    By Allison on 01.30.2009

  10. He opened the lock and peeked inside. There was nothing there. He sighed as he closed the door to the safe. “What was the point of putting a lock on this thing?” He wondered out loud.

    “What indeed.” came a voice behind him. He stood up quickly and looked around but saw no one. “There’s little point in that, sir.” Came the voice again.

    By Alayna on 01.30.2009

  11. you’ve locked me out of your life. i can’t talk to you anymore, i cant even guess at what you think about all the time. i’m not even real to you anymore. i dont have the key to this lock and i don’t think you’ll give it to me anytime soon. goodbye.

    By Abby on 01.30.2009

  12. On the day he entered the world, he was immediately locked into place. His future… He had no future, as he was locked into the world and would never be able to escape the destiny that he had set in place. For that destiny was to unlock.

    By WD on 01.30.2009

  13. lets lock away our fears and throw away that key…

    By ecraft on 01.30.2009

  14. wrecked,
    clasped within the cage,
    tumbling to the overpass,
    embracing the rage.

    lock me in,
    tie me up,
    this drink is goinge to
    mess me up…

    By open mouth insert foot on 01.30.2009

  15. The door was locked, and I couldn’t get in. But I tried so hard. You were behind it, and I wanted you. To be in your memories and your heart. But your door was locked, you heart closed.

    By Tori on 01.30.2009

  16. the key to your heart is somewhere in my closet
    I lost it long ago
    NO NO! I didn’t lose it!
    It’s just in my closet see…

    But you left anyway…

    And I found the key the next day…

    Why can’t you ever find what you’re looking for?

    By Chris on 01.30.2009

  17. I found the door easily, it was right across the hall from your mother door. You said it would be easy to sneak in and get what I needed without anyone noticing. I grabbed the doorknob, my fingers trembled and I felt my heart beat racing. I wished the door was locked.

    By jessica on 01.30.2009

  18. There was once a locked door a long, long, long time ago. Everyone wanted to open it. But no one could. Then one day a little door came to the door and tried to open it. It opened only a little. Everyone was amazed and smiled at the girl. She died a two days later. The door of death!

    By Tori on 01.30.2009

  19. I twisted the key, fumbling for my purse. I slumped against the door, exhausted. I couldn’t take it anymore. This night had been too much. As soon as I got inside, I was locking the door and not coming out for a week. The world could get along without me for awhile.

    By Lauren on 01.30.2009