October 12th, 2017 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “lobbyists”

  1. lobbyists are people who sell things

    By Evelyn on 10.12.2017

  2. hotel lobbies speak to me
    in strange tongues.
    the people around me crave to be anywhere but
    here, seeking solace in champagne and swinging
    chandeliers, beds that have been slept in by others just like

    By esmé URL on 10.12.2017

  3. I have no idea what this even means.

    By Hailey Arboleda on 10.12.2017

  4. It’s the narrative–the twist of the trade. Are they facts? No they are alternative facts? What does that mean? It’s the sale. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. Bang she’s dead! What happened? Another shooting. Cashing$

    By Jeremy on 10.12.2017

  5. lobbyists is a weird word. i haven’t ever seen that word before, and i wonder what it means. i will probably look it up. :)

    By Secretcommander URL on 10.12.2017

  6. Look at all the corporate lobbyists, milling about the foyer, drinking bad wine and wearing ill-fitted and poorly tailored suits. That one sot over there is on his fifth glass, and the top button of his jacket wants to be free and fly into the horizon due to his ever expanding gut. In the meantime, I do well in a three piece, and I’m not even representing any particular client – I’m just enjoying the opportunity to observe the most pandering of pseudo-entrepreneurial souls.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.12.2017

  7. I think that this word means a person who sits inn a lobby and opens the door for people. I am probably wrong, but you never know till you try do you?

    By Jonah on 10.12.2017

  8. They’re back.
    Why do they show up every day? Why can’t they just leave me alone? All I want to do is represent. Everyone. If they showed up and brought me, I don’t know, poundcake, at least that’d be something new, something different. I don’t really want anything from them. Why do they always want something from me?

    By Jerden on 10.12.2017

  9. The hotel lobby was empty the day the President came to town. People stayed home and baked patriotic pies, mounted the flag on their porch and refreshed their memories on history to impress him.

    By Ioanna E URL on 10.12.2017

  10. Bottom feeders, for sure. You look at this word and you see people in suits walking around a big hotel lobby, you know, the kind with the patterned carpets that are constantly being vacuumed by an underpaid employee who does a great job but only gets noticed if he misses a spot. That kind of place. But that is not who these people are. They are people who pay politicians to serve a purpose none of the rest of us knows about most of the time. They do whatever they have to to get money for things. They represent people with huge amounts of money, because kids who can’t get food or go to school or see their parents very much because their parents work 18 hours a day, well they can’t afford to have a lobbyist lurking around on their behalf. So here’s an idea: Let’s by a lobbyist for homeless people. Raise enough money to pay a lobbyist to do out and try to do some good for someone who needs it and can’t afford it. That’s my book. “How to Buy a Lobbyist.” It’ll be out in Spring of 2018.

    By sher on 10.12.2017

  11. I am lobbyists yesterday a home Kevin.

    By Gisele on 10.12.2017

  12. Lobbyists make the wheels of Govt. move. They stear direction of Govt. in a particular direction not in interest of public but for their client which have big pockets. To do their job, they can do anything provided it can make job done.

    By yas URL on 10.12.2017

  13. Lobbyists spilled out into the streets, filling the square with chanted slogans and holding up colorful signs. I had not been expecting them to be there so soon and all I wanted was a cup of coffee!

    By lbrygk on 10.12.2017

  14. the lobbisyts in my brain
    are trained,
    to abstain
    from any pain
    any suffering,
    because what’s inside the cerebelum is a militia,
    that’s ready to milk and thrust,
    like ghostbusters when they’re on a hunt
    for the next ghostly skunk that roams
    in an area where politicians chew up other politicans,
    into nothing but bones,
    occurs everday,
    its just the way city goers dwell,
    press refresh quickly,
    because tommorow
    its time to get well
    digging into the well.

    By Milad URL on 10.12.2017

  15. control and power and influence becomes corrupt and that which could be used for good ie truth is bent out of shape in the service of money and big money at that the massive money that knows not what to do with itself.

    By teedubz URL on 10.13.2017

  16. Help, what in the name can you claim if it is to stand against the rain with an umbrella and your coat to become lobbyists for the remote vote

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.13.2017

  17. The hotel page smiles up at the fur-coated lady, trundling the luggage trolley to the elevator.

    By and& URL on 10.13.2017

  18. She pushed her way through the crowd, head down, elbows in. People didn’t pay her any mind. They were waiting outside the door, trying to be heard over one another. She finally broke through and continued her brisk walk down the tiled halls, trying to look as natural as possible. For all the knew, she was an intern. Just a summer intern.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.13.2017

  19. Lobbyists is a word that I don’t care for because they are mostly hired by wealthy corporations that want to push their interests. The little guy has no chance.

    By cj URL on 10.13.2017

  20. Lobbyists. people who just say in the obby wondering and podering about life and things that need to be done. Lobbyists . They are thw iners of life. Always take time to think and breathe and be clear. Not to worry or stress.

    By jessica on 10.13.2017

  21. The lobbyists said you need not say that my client here is going to jail for nothing are you? there is nothing he has done other than help you out than any one. SO, please do go and look for the right guy or i will be mad

    By Mikkala on 10.13.2017

  22. After the attacks, lobbyists on both sides argued for heavier restrictions against the other. Neither side seemed to be gaining a foothold. Then came the war.

    By Dresden St James URL on 10.13.2017