July 3rd, 2018 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “liar”

  1. I hate this word. I have been a liar – even to spare someones feelings and it doesn’t feel good. I try to make my child understand the DANGER of the rep of being a liar, but I am not sure he gets it. Lying is so bad and damaging. Please make it stop!!!

    By megan on 07.03.2018

  2. “I went to the bank like you told me to.”

    “No,” I replied. “No, you didn’t.”

    He bristled. The hair on his head stood up in the cold breeze. “Are you calling me a liar?” he scowled.

    “Yes,” I retorted, holding out my phone, “because I just checked the account. There were no deposits made in the past three days. Now, just tell me what you did with my money, and we can figure things out without my having to call the authorities.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.03.2018

  3. What lies beneath the cusp of our tongue? When do we have the next lie lined up – white lie, fabricated tale, exaggerated comment, time-chased decision to make someone satisfied, placated, happy, broken, or to finally realise the truth of the matter? How do we stop ‘lying’ to ourselves? Mostly, decisions that hurt the worst.

    By Issie Kay URL on 07.03.2018

  4. What a big fat liar Jamie was. Couldn’t he tell nobody was buying that cheesy story of him going to 7 different places all over the world in ONE summer?! It was just too exaggerated to be true.

    By Ru Yi URL on 07.03.2018

  5. At last, I have printing working again, two days late but better fixed than not. My computer was making me out to be a liar, and I just followed what had worked before. Someone had moved the file/changed a path and all of a sudden the computer told me I had got it wrong. There should be some recognition from the computer that I had survived in spite of its stupidity, acknowledgement that I had thought my way through, that I had done something and fixed this, but it just sat there waiting for me to continue, as though it was only following instructions and I was wrong to expect something different.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.03.2018

  6. We’re all liars she said, so that’s when i def knew she was lying. now 45 has made lying a much more acceptable thing, brought us all down, brought common decency down, to depths i never dreamed of. We all lie for self-protection. But to lie like that consistently and knowingly is unforgivable.

    By loveyou URL on 07.04.2018

  7. it is people who like saing wrong things. I dont like this pe

    By Nadya URL on 07.04.2018

  8. This person speaks false.

    By Nataly on 07.04.2018

  9. It’s a person who never say truth. This man always lies.

    By Nataly on 07.04.2018

  10. bad

    By Svetlana on 07.04.2018

  11. I do

    By Nadya URL on 07.04.2018

  12. This isn’t reliable person.

    By Nataly on 07.04.2018

  13. I am tired to write always about the same word “liar”. Give me other words please! The liars are very interesting topic for psychology science. Why do they lie? I knows several reasons.

    By Nataly on 07.04.2018

  14. The longest day has an end. The liar will be caught sooner or later.

    By Nataly on 07.04.2018

  15. “How dare you.” she shouted as she shoved him hard. He staggered back but didn’t try to stop her. “You lied to me. For years.” she screamed and he hung his head. he knew this would happen but he knew he also deserved it. He had lied and he knew he was wrong this time. It had been a big mistake on his part, but as soon as he had lied the first time he had to continue it and now here they were.

    By Rosie Skinner on 07.04.2018

  16. He said, “At least I was always honest with myself.” I couldn’t understand the significance of that until I finally stopped lying to myself. Now, I see that the most damaging type of liar is the one who lies to themselves.

    By okayfine on 07.04.2018

  17. You said you’d do it. You promised. I believed you. I believed that you’d stick to your word. You promised you’d make the right choice, that you’d look after me. But you haven’t. Each day, you’re harsh when you should be kind. I shouldn’t have listened, but how could I not? Because I’m you.

    By Hannah T on 07.04.2018

  18. you lied
    and lied
    so often that
    it seemed
    that everything you said
    was nothing but truth.

    By ashley URL on 07.04.2018

  19. You are a liar
    The liar said me a thing
    I hate liares
    The liar
    He is a liar

    By Luis on 07.04.2018

  20. I am surrounded by lies. The liar is everywhere. In the eyes of those who silently judge me, on the lips of those who speak my praises, and even in the comfort of what is held most dear. Always a cost, always a lie, because that is a necessity for society to survive as we all crumble inside

    By Cat on 07.04.2018

  21. jerk boys people don’t have time for you you feel like a wasted space empty and don tknow what to do boyfriends and girlfriends relationship breakups and divorces

    By Marijke URL on 07.04.2018

  22. The Skeleton King regailed the group at the campfire about his conquests on the high seas. Radamant had too much to drink. “You’re a liar!” he yelled. He fell in the fire. The all put him out but the Skeleton King wouldn’t forget.

    By Rover URL on 07.04.2018

  23. On the lawn again, rolling around, again, claiming to be hurt, again, he was a serial liar. Everybody could see that his antics were nothing but a lie. Still he continued to destroy his well deserved reputation with his lies and complaints. He did a Neymar on the pitch.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 07.04.2018

  24. Generally, a liar is someone that is able to say lies, they generally don’t say the truth, don’t say things directly, they are the opposite to an honest person. That’s all I know.

    By daniela on 07.04.2018

  25. This word is an adjective to describe someone that does not say the truth. Everyone has lied at some point in their lives, but this does not make them liars. A liar does this all the time, I think is a kind of disease hahaha

    By daniela on 07.04.2018

  26. today i met my friend Tom. I told him i went on an amazing trip to Hawaii last week and had so much fun there. Tom thought that i was telling the thut but i actually was lying. i nevr went there. i was crying. haha stupid Tom fuck yu

    By OwO on 07.04.2018

  27. why the fuc am i getting liar for every single word prompt. this is broken ok bye

    By OwO on 07.04.2018

  28. Twas a liar, she was. Everytime she came in to the office she spilled these outlandish tales that could never be true. Never. And we all had to listen, becasue she was the boss’s latest sidekick person thingy, whatever you want to call her.

    By Bernice on 07.05.2018

  29. “Liar liar pants on fire!”

    “Nobody talk to her, she’s a liar.”

    “You’re such a bad liar!”

    These were the insults I heard ever since I betrayed my best friend’s secret. There was just one problem: I didn’t.

    By Ru Yi URL on 07.05.2018

  30. No one would call themselves a liar. We can always justify our own lies. But when it comes to other — even those we love…especially those we love — “liar” is a vicious attack we launch against them. Because they’ve hurt us to our core, betrayed our trust.

    By Abby Jelly URL on 07.05.2018

  31. k

    By Izzy on 07.05.2018

  32. dw0d’

    By Izzy on 07.05.2018

  33. Everyone tells lies, it is part of being human. I think that a liar however, is someone who’s first instinct is to lie. Lying too often and indiscriminately trains your brain to communicate with others almost in reverse and before too long lying becomes reflex. Once your brain begins lying reflexively it becomes hard to trust even yourself anymore, and the most dangerous person to lie to is yourself.

    By Kristian Pierce on 07.05.2018

  34. it is never good to be a liar. when you lie people don’t really put their trust in you. bye the way when people lie to me it doesn’t make me feel good and I don’t want to be called a liar, in the bible Jesus said liars have their place in the pits in hell one-day that’s really said so today try your best to tell the truth because the truth will set you free.!!

    By Jasper7722 URL on 07.05.2018

  35. She’s a liar, and you know that, but you still just want to trust her. You want to believe she’s telling the truth when she promises not to hurt you. But you don’t. So you push just little further until you feel the breath escape her lungs in one harsh blow.

    “I really liked you,” she says, like it isn’t a lie. And the world crashes down around you when you start to think that right here, in this moment, you were the only liar.

    By darseyrsm URL on 07.05.2018

  36. I never did occur to me that i was the only to possess this power… this power to lie. It was unknown to anyone else as they where programmed to only tell the truth. i however decided to use this new found power to free me. and my brothers, from the slave life to those apes, those things we call humans.

    By Andrew on 07.05.2018