April 19th, 2017 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “lens”

  1. “You all right?”

    She readjusts her position on the cement, back against the barricade. She picks up her glasses and uses the tail of her coat to wipe them clean. Dust and dirt escape in clouds off each lens. “Yeah. Fine.” She then moves to pick out sharp bits of gravel from her dented palms.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.19.2017

  2. It is highly irritating when you think that it is your photographic skills that are out of whack, but in reality, the lens is smudged. No, I didn’t smudge it; clearly, Carrie did, as the smudge is chocolate. I sighed before picking up the phone to dial her for an explanation – who wants their expensive camera lens smudged with chocolate of all things?

    By Catty Misty on 04.20.2017

  3. Dr. Optometrist, oopsie!
    I believe you’ve made an error
    I ordered rose-colored glasses
    This pair is crafted 20/20
    One lens dark, the other dreary
    Perfect focus on misery
    Please sir, my view of the world
    Already bleak and jaded
    Would you please try again
    This time, hopefully shaded

    By alasthepoetwarrior on 04.20.2017

  4. contact lenses. the day i walked into first period english without my glasses, my classmates all stared a second longer at me. i felt their gaze linger on my face, naked without frames. the first time i tried putting contacts in, i placed the mirror on the piano bench seat and spent more than half an hour poking at my eye, trying to stretch it large

    By janna on 04.20.2017

  5. Seeing the world from glass lens that should have been destroyed a long time ago isn’t healthy for you or the people you interact with. You need to know the limitations of your perception– when it is dust, and when it is not.

    By anothershadowbox on 04.20.2017

  6. We all look through the lens differently, we see the world differently; but we are in the same place, at the same time.

    By J on 04.20.2017

  7. They take up about 15 minutes of my day every morning thaat it’s really bugging, but the HD quality they provide me with! Ah!! Worth it! All the trouble nd the tiny particles which you can’t even see! ugh! Such a pain!

    By WannabeWriter3012 on 04.20.2017

  8. Lens is not just a piece of glass. It has a metaphorical meaning to it. It is a filter that one uses to see the world. This filter reflects your personality.

    By abhijit on 04.20.2017

  9. The camera lens only captures what you think I’m feeling. They capture the moment, but not the lifetime of throwing, hitting and catching that the one picture brings. A lifetime of working and the end result captured in one moment.

    By Mary on 04.20.2017

  10. She squinted, hard, against the light, trying to find an angle. Her sister moved slightly. “Stop fidgeting! The flare is perfect here.”

    By Bridget Grace on 04.20.2017

  11. To haste the pen into thinking
    that many hours
    will soon empower
    all imperceptible growth, then yes,
    every time the clock frowns at your molten pencil,
    genius draws closer and closer,
    hard work is the only utensil
    that will bring new exorbitant muscles between folds
    in your mind,
    a professional musician sitting on a valley
    with many many hills,
    the hills start to fold up, recreating another hill aside to it,
    and every movement of the studiously enjoyed pen,
    folds open another hillside,
    coffee and crackers,
    with the pushing pen,
    alongside, are ready for long, perspired rides!

    By Milad URL on 04.20.2017

  12. I wear contact lens everyday. The price is rm20 per pair. I change it every month. I wish i can be extra careful in taking care of the lens so that i dont go blind one day

    By biene on 04.20.2017

  13. The girl has glasses in the classroom with lenses in them and she can see the world now. I know a girl with now glasses and she can’t see very

    By Desiree URL on 04.20.2017

  14. Lenses, help people see the world. The trees, flowers, and best of all, other humans. But unfortunatly, those other people my make fun of the lenses that help other people see them. Is that the kind of person they want the lenses to reveal?

    By Makenna Miller on 04.20.2017

  15. Through the lens of my coke bottles, I’m still a little blind. I have to squint and tilt my head just to see if the world is still there sometimes.

    The day we met, from across the room, I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever met.

    On closer inspection.

    I was unfortunately right.

    By Ryan URL on 04.20.2017

  16. As I went further up the mountain, I saw a horned owl. I started to aggust the lens. I got as close as I could. The owl was in its nest and right as I took the picture, baby owls started to appear from under the owl. They looked a couple days old. I took five pictures from difrent angles. When I got back home, I started to go through the pictures. I made three of the owl pictures black and white. I didn’t do anything with the other two.

    By angel on 04.20.2017

  17. I wish my eyesight wasn’t going. It’s not fair; I used to be able to rely on so much about my body. Now it’s old, and creaky, and unreliable. It’s not fair. I wake up to the sounds of cracking. I groan when I stand. My bladder holds only fractions of what it could. But I’m smarter. I’m sharper. I know myself better than ever before. I guess that’s the trade-off of age; we take the good with the bad.

    By Brian W URL on 04.20.2017

  18. Radamant looked up from the magnifying glass. “I don’t know what it is. Some kind of beetle?” The Skeleton King slapped him in the face with his bony hand, sending the lens flying.

    By Rover on 04.20.2017

  19. The lens from which she viewed the world was brighter than the rest. It was a pale, rose-colored view. Everyone else’s was gray.

    By Mary on 04.20.2017

  20. A lens can be many things. It can be a key to discovery, as in a telescope. It can be a seeing aid, as in a pair of glasses. It can also be a key to science, like with a microscope.

    By Rachel on 04.20.2017

  21. Is my lens different then yours. DO you see the world different than i? Would i see how you perceive and in turn how you feel. Should we all take look into each others lens

    By Maddie on 04.20.2017

  22. lens is like a camera because a camera has a lens which helps it focus to make a good quality video that one can post online for other people to enjoy

    By howell on 04.20.2017

  23. it’s the way you see the world.
    is it tinted?
    how so?
    your opinions get set in your vision
    try to un-tint it
    and the world will be

    By Pandyfish on 04.20.2017

  24. The construction of the eye is used in religious debates, each side using the same facts to prove an opposite point. “The eye is too complicated to have come to existence without greater design.” “It is precisely because it is complicated that it makes organic sense; it all started simply and built up from there. It is the simple that is more mysterious.” Bacteria with nothing more than a light spot that could sense when something was lighter than another. Later eyes that were little more than concave holes with several light-spots. Another layer, more detail. Thickening the caves until they could detect blurry shapes, faint shades of color. Sharper. Sharper. Design or not. How many spectrums can you see? How many are there to see? We cheat and make stronger eyes we lift and squint, point to the sky, fold on a coffee table. If you use them right, there is more to see than stars. You can see glances, pauses, the rate at which a hand swings to and fro, hello and goodbye. The right devices, you can’t make these, far deeper than the surface pool of your eyes. Another spectrum beyond colors and shapes.

    By Ai URL on 04.20.2017

  25. I’ve always seen life through different lenses. Maybe I should blame my dad for that, but hey, I actually love it. Life is more fun this way. I always feel like I’m in a movie…drama, comedy, fiction…it’s what lenses do to me.

    By marina on 04.20.2017

  26. Since I was born I’ve seen life through different lenses. Maybe I should blame my dad for that, but hey, I actually love it. Life is more fun this way. I always feel like I’m in a movie…drama, comedy, fiction…that’s what a lens can do to me.

    By marinajulia on 04.20.2017

  27. I’ve spent my life looking at the world through rose-colored lenses. I realize that now. I just never thought that Peter would leave me. Now everything that we worked for over the decades is in dust and I have to pick up and start over again.

    By MsShel330 on 04.20.2017

  28. Look through the lens you choose,
    But realise the colours don’t matter
    One bit.

    By puddin on 04.20.2017

  29. Through a magnifying lens, I see the ants, carrying a large leaf together. I wonder where they are taking it and what it is for. Perhaps the start of something new.

    By Nikki on 04.20.2017

  30. Lenses are for seeing things clearly. Some things aren’t meant to be seen clearly. Often, beauty is in ambiguity. Distorted perceptions can be the happiest versions of our realities.

    By existentialmoron on 04.20.2017

  31. At 12:30 sharp (a few minutes early if everyone’s busy and away from their desk) I leave my office with an obligatory “I’ll be back soon!” (no matter what, even if no one is there), slamming the door behind me, making my way to a nearby park to eat lunch. It’s usually a choice between eating or walking around the pond there – and the image of a chubby white guy sitting in front of a grocery store eating croquette and chicken skewers in his car alone is enough to sway me in the direction of Mishimaiike juuuuust about every time. Anyways, in accordance with that rule, all I’ve brought with me are a few rice balls and some tea, which i still didn’t have time to eat, because of that man. I had parked myself at my usual spot – in the middle of a boardwalk located on the north end of the pond – which is now teeming with life. Winter brought a few complacent quacks from spoiled ducks to the ears, but Spring brings an orchestra of insects and a chorus of frogs, so I sit and take in my free concert. I was interrupted this time, though, by a man who was fascinated with one the concerts silent members.

    “Do you see that Dragonfly?” he was pointing to a considerably large Red Dragonfly, which I wish had a more interesting name that initial description could lead you to, alas, they are one and the same. “If I scare it” he waves his hand a bit, and the dragonfly takes off from its perch, “it’ll fly away, but come back.” As he said, the Dragonfly returned to its perch seconds later, seemingly unaffected by the two of us, which made his head curiously twitch, like a puppy hearing a new sound for the first time. “That’s how you can feel the history in the air here. Even the bugs are used to people.” He chuckled and walked away, wishing me a good afternoon.

    I can’t say how many times he’d been there, or how many times he’d given that speech, but surely he couldn’t have missed the swarm of gnats above its perch, and that there was one fewer gnat in the mass every time it left and returned. It was hunting – calculating his next move by measuring the time it takes for one of them to move from one occili to the next – triangulating the gnat’s position relative to itself and striking where it would be moments later. In the opening to the Ehon Mushi Erami by Utamaro, his producer notes how devout of an artist he was as a child – that he would catch insects with his hands, and trace their every feature and detail into his minds eye before writing them down on paper. Yet, the book was circulated, and exists today, featuring this same Red Dragonfly, with 7 legs.

    I wonder if I wonder if Utamaro would interrupt people’s lunches, to, to explain some wondrous phenomenon. I wonder how much better the world looks under that lens.

    By mistyfizz on 04.20.2017

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    By kaitlin on 04.20.2017

  33. Lens. There are lens in glasses, in the glasses that my sister wears. There are lens in the microscopes that I used back in third grade, fourth, fifth and sixth. What else are lens used for? Why, of course, they let you see.

    By Taki on 04.20.2017

  34. I think everything you perceive is through a lens. Who you like, what you wear, all that pointless bullshit. All of your opinions aren’t even your own no matter how hard you try. You grow up with a biased on everything and it only grows from there.

    By Brooke Tuinei URL on 04.20.2017

  35. I peer through the dusty lens of my glasses.
    “At least they didn’t crack this time?” says Jessica sheepishly.
    I glare at her, but it’s half-hearted. “At least you replaced them, and I didn’t like that pair, anyway. I like this one – you are definitely not trying them on ever again, or at least until you can not drop them.”
    “Noted. So, when are you meeting Sean again?”
    “Tomorrow at noon. Hopefully, he remembers his reading glasses this time; he gets frustrated when he has to squint in order to read the menu.” I replied, twisting my woven bracelet around anxiously.
    I’m unsure of the current relationship status I have with Sean, but currently, it involves a lot of cursing in passionate rants about Harry Potter.

    By Catty Misty on 04.21.2017

  36. my lenses were always relective..i dind’t like people to see my eyes. but i wanted them to know that i saw them. i have a theory thst sunglass lenses absorb energy and memkoeires of when they are worn. kind of like magic. i wish

    By taylor on 04.21.2017

  37. through the contact lens everything seemed perfect: a bright new horizon for the start of this spring.

    By Stef on 04.21.2017

  38. lens used for made glass, it used for people who can’t see well. therefore doctors advise it for patent to wear

    By shireen on 04.21.2017

  39. Drip! Drip! Drip! There I was crying. My tears were like the trickling rain outside. Grey clouds darkened as I looked into the lenses of my mother’s eyes…

    By JH 7Z1 on 04.21.2017