November 2nd, 2013 | 92 Entries

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92 Entries for “lemon”

  1. You won’t get a lemon from Toyota of Orange! Silly but that’s what came to my mind. A stupid slogan from a car dealership. Lemonade is good if it’s made from fresh lemons. Lemon bars are good too.

    By just a girl on 11.03.2013

  2. yellow pieces of citrus comes together in a whole form. not to be consumed in larger quantities. can always be trusted to make you or anybodty else for that matter feel better.

    By Anna Laursen on 11.03.2013

  3. lemon is as it does to sunny face turn dragons race about the clouds the trees the sparrows the footsteps of great spirits oh and the lily pads the citrus scent the simple green, deep consciousness

    By Britta Kallevang on 11.03.2013

  4. My father raised my sister and I in Arizona, just outside of Phoenix. We lived in a duplex on Luke Air Force Base, just the three of us. I remember the days that we would play outside, or watch Disney movies on the VCR, or eat popsicles together. And I remember the lemon tree my father planted the year we moved there, and how it died the year we left.

    By courtneydoe on 11.03.2013

  5. I love the sharpness of lemon but the sweetness you find in the Limoncello liquer you can drink in the Amalfi sunshine is irresistible.

    By Alexandra on 11.03.2013

  6. The porch was blindingly well lit, and as we sat Laura said that we just absolute must have vodka tonics, and it was all I could do to not throw a lemon at her head.

    By typoh on 11.03.2013

  7. She picked up the lemon, the surface scratchy in her hands.
    “When will dad be home?” she asked her sister, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to know. She probably didn’t, judging by the look in her sister’s eyes. She took the knife and started peeling of the peel, small yellow circles landing on the floor.

    By Anna on 11.03.2013

  8. Lemon tangy and bitter. Yellow and small not tall like a building. Just a little dangly hangin on a tree waiting for a squeeze from the next passerby to pick it up for a spot of juice or a dazzled eye with a spray of mist. Oh my lord…lemons.

    By Jimbob Jones on 11.03.2013

  9. The lemon tree stood sentry in the backyard. Its branches brushed the top of the fence, its fragrant leaves rubbing against the wood with every brush of wind. She stood beneath it, shielding her eyes against the noonday sun.

    By Kristin URL on 11.03.2013

  10. As sour as a lemon I stayed. I hate this place! I looked around the old, wretched house and I wished that I was back in the city.The city, with all of my friends and family. At least I know this place will be a safe spot for me to hide… from the others…

    By Jenny on 11.03.2013

  11. The lemon was sour. She spit it out. The nasty thing. Why had she put it in her mouth? What kind of person was Joshua to make her taste the nasty thing? It had been a cruel idea. Eeeew. She hated lemons; she knew that now. Never again would she eat one. They were wicked, evil things designed to rid people of their happiness.

    By Ole Monday on 11.03.2013

  12. His answer was bitter, sour like a lemon. My eyes teared up and i turned and ran away.

    By Aurora on 11.03.2013