January 29th, 2011 | 324 Entries

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324 Entries for “lean”

  1. When Berta opened her grocery bags, she found them full of Lean Cuisine and not her usual packages of milk and cookies and snacks. She decided to pretend she was another person, someone who cared about those things – skinny jeans, and high heels, and pretty thin faces – but she couldn’t do it. So she went to her fridge and pulled out the ice cream and smiled when it dripped onto her shirt.

    By HDF URL on 01.30.2011

  2. I see this word and I think of meat. I think of the beef stew I had for dinner last night. It was delicious! Lean meat, cooked carrots, soft potatoes and green peas doused in red tomato sauce, yummy! Plus, there’s leftovers. Score!

    By Kaci URL on 01.30.2011

  3. she leaned on the dark wood door as she slipped on her high heel. The sun whispered through her strands of honey brown hair. she looked over at me and smiled.

    By laurac on 01.30.2011

  4. MOving closer to her, feeling the wreck inside my body forcing it’s way into my throat, my mouth and out into the air. As soon as I surely would’ve spoken and destroyed my chances, she rest her hand on my thigh and and leaned her head on my shoulder. I was stilled.

    By Josh Cooley URL on 01.30.2011

  5. He was lean and tall, almost delicate around the edges, but the shadows in his eyes bespoke something stronger, fiercer. Maybe it was the way he was casually opening and closing a butterfly knife, twirling it the way some girls twirled a lock of hair around their fingers. Maybe it was the blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. Maybe it was the corpse shattered at his feet.

    Skinny didn’t have to mean weak – sometimes, it meant too fast.

    By Nagi URL on 01.30.2011

  6. i don’t know what that mean, my english isn’t so good as I want that would be, damn, I am pretty sure, that i saw “lean” somewhere before, years ago in school propably

    By Jirka on 01.30.2011

  7. lean to. a house on a beach. Looking out over the lake at camp. Someone who can’t stand up. Drunk, leaning on a post. New Orleans. Voodoos. Tumble. Stumble. Fall Over. Someone who needs support. Lean on Me. Al Green. Seeing Al Green in Sydney at that random free concert. That art installation with finger painting projected on the side of a building.

    By steve on 01.30.2011

  8. I will lean on you no matter what the world will do, and you can lean on me two for it will keep us both from falling and if we fall the other will be there to catch you.
    have trust that one day this leaning will end and you can stand on your own again.

    By Lean on 01.30.2011

  9. Lean on me. All I could think of was that stupid song. We used to sing it all the time at sleepovers. We’d scream it at the top of our lungs, because we could, because it was funny. Now, you’d been screaming for a different reason, and you couldn’t stop the bleeding, and your head was on my shoulder and we were trapped. All I could think was “lean on me”.

    By fakename on 01.30.2011

  10. Instability is as human as breathing.
    Its just a fact of life that sometimes, we just need somebody to leeeeeee-eeean on.
    And now I wonder how many people made that same reference. Probably a bunch.

    By Michael URL on 01.30.2011

  11. She leaned against the old wooden fence, smiling as the wind tousled her hair. It was nice to take a moment to enjoy the simplicity in life: No worries. Troubles far away.
    She sighed, and opened her eyes. Time to get back to life.

    By Mallory URL on 01.30.2011

  12. into his arms. away from reality. to a place thats all your own. lean into your imagine, into your hopes and dreams. Into the wishes that you make on stars and the happiness that you strive for with every moment of alertness. lean into life.

    By Genevieve on 01.30.2011

  13. I hate Lean Cuisines. They all taste exactly the same–like the cardboard they are packaged in. Being lean isn’t worth it if you have to eat that crap all the time. Besides, where one health risk is eliminated, another is created in its place, so a low-fat or low-calorie meal contains other substances that could potentially cause unwanted long-term effects.

    By Taylor on 01.30.2011

  14. It would be nice to lean on someone
    Someone strong or mature at least
    there aren’t too many of them going about
    It seems we’re running out.

    By kmcgb URL on 01.30.2011

  15. Lean is what I needed to be, after so many years under so many layers of comfort, of denial, of fat. Getting lean was not easy; it took a lot of walking and thinking and throwing out of things, but it was worth it. Lean is what I needed to be, and what I am.

    By tony URL on 01.30.2011

  16. The trees lean into the wind, their leaves fluttering, whispering.

    They tell stories.

    Hushed laughter.

    By Lucy on 01.30.2011

  17. Lean, no fat, no weight, no hinderance. We have to move fast, we have to cut loose anyone or anything that slows us down. Understand!

    By Bartok URL on 01.30.2011

  18. For me, it’s easy to say you’ll be there for someone; reassuring them you’ll always be the pillar that they can lean on for support: the fabled ‘true friend’. A marble pillar which would stand resolute against the maelstrom of conflicts and hatred, and exude comfort and love. But as the day wears down, the truth dawns upon me: I’m as empty as the promises I make. The salt and sand that make up who I am crumble underneath the waves, leaving me in shambles — ready to be drowned and forgotten underneath the tides.

    By Wayward Light URL on 01.30.2011

  19. bacon.breakfast. crispy. stomach. ripped. gym. dancing. fun. Saturday night. ladies night. press. games. fun. today. sunday. tomorrow. work

    By qcv on 01.30.2011

  20. “Lean forward,” he said. The kitchen froze under the cold, wintery tone of his authoritative voice. The hiss of aerated water streaming from the faucet and into the stainless sink roared louder than Niagra Falls in that moment of final, quiet defiance. Her hand slowly withdrew from the cookie jar and the porcelain vessel clinked like a victorious, yappy dog. She flattened her hands upon the granite countertop, fingers tainted with the scent of chocolate chip and oatmeal.

    She was caught, and red-handed.

    By Aaron URL on 01.30.2011

  21. For the many times I see my weary father retire to the unflattering couch under the stairs, I feel hatred beyond the burdens of this world toward my mother, who, having done nothing but to lean on him for dear life, occupy the best bed in the entire house.

    By d on 01.30.2011

  22. lean on me when your not strong we’ll carry on, jout you and me together we cant do this dont you worry baby you have me till the end i’ll be your rock our love wil keep us strong i’ll lean on you, you lean on me.

    By Alice Baker on 01.30.2011

  23. and mean
    and I wish I hadn’t eaten so many sweets last night. Freeeaaaakin’ cheesecake.

    Lean is good. Pilates makes you lean. So does salad and lots of exercise and coffee and tea. Lean meat is better for you then fatty cuts like greasy hanmburgers and such.

    By Silka Weil URL on 01.30.2011

  24. Lean into me baby let me feel your curves flush against me. I want to wrap my arms around your body and kiss you. You mean so much to me I lean into you for my stenght, you mean the world to me.

    By AB on 01.30.2011

  25. Don’t lean on me, I will not carry your weight. I am just as broken as you are and I will make us both collapse. Don’t lean on me, don’t pressure me, but give me your hand. Give me a chance to proof to you I am worthy of the burden of your heart. Don’t lean on me but give me your hand so I can lift you up to the stars.

    By Theya on 01.30.2011

  26. Lean is a magical thing where you and I lay beside on other, leaning against each other in the open grassy fields.

    “What do you think the stars mean?” you ask

    I sigh and squeeze my eyes making the stars glitter that much more.

    “They mean the love of the world and the love we share.” I say.

    By Kristina on 01.30.2011

  27. Lean, mean, fighting machine – Muhammad Ali – float like a butterfly sting like a bee. A man with self confidence and the ability to show it. A man who stood up for his beliefs. A likeable man.

    By ann on 01.30.2011

  28. lean mean machine is probably one of my favorite phrases. it’s hard to say why, but it just rolls of the tongue so easily. I like it.

    By M on 01.30.2011

  29. Lean…. leaning upon another, sharing your foibles, your needs. Lean rhymes with need. Vulnerability cauuses you to lean. STructurally speaking, vulnerability causes buildings to lean as well. Lean on me, when you’re not strong. You shouldn’t be embarassed to lean… everything needs support… people, buildings, ideas.

    By Carolyn on 01.30.2011

  30. The tall lean man was standing in a threatening manner. He held a gun to the old man’s head. Spill the news or you will have taken your last breath.

    By Mary Russell URL on 01.30.2011

  31. I don´t have any idea, of what “lean” means, so i will have to look it up in the dictionary in order to learn its meaning. I will have to try again, don’t you think so?

    By maria socas on 01.30.2011

  32. lean on me when you’re not strong. We should be shoulders to cry on, shoulders to lean on, people who need people. We can be that for our friends and they can be that for you. Live in the moments that make life special for you. Know that no matter what happens, no matter how it happens, no matter why it happens, there will always be that one shoulder that you can come to and lean on. There will be that shoulder, from now until eternity.

    By Alex URL on 01.30.2011

  33. The tree leaned at an odd angle, seeming to grow sideways out of the mountain. That was the first clue; the fact that a square meter of the mountain surrounding the branch was the only part not covered in moss was the second. This wasn’t just a rock face – it was a passage way.

    By Rachael on 01.30.2011

  34. a bid man look forward small one, anyone knows where is small guy. this guy can`t eat or drink anything, but all know that they are friends

    By gsfyhg on 01.30.2011

  35. For me, it’s easy to say I’ll be there for someone… the fabled ‘true friend’. Well intentioned, I would reassure them I’ll always be the pillar that they can lean on for support: a marble pillar which would stand resolute against the maelstrom of conflicts and hatred, and exude comfort and love. But as the day wears down, the truth surfaces upon me: I’m as empty as the promises I make. Soon, the salt and sand that makes up who I am crumbles underneath the crashing waves — ready to be drowned and forgotten beneath the ocean depths.

    By Wayward Light URL on 01.30.2011

  36. leap of faith..lean in the dark. I am so lean. lean is clean.

    Lean posture is not good

    By Aziz Saya on 01.30.2011

  37. meat melts in the mouth of transfixed herbivorous forever altering their self-propagated reality of self generating wealth based upon the ability for certain gluten enriched by products of artificial cheese have been revolving or evolving in spastic vibrations that are incapable of being processed by even the most stout astronomically inclined butchers

    By Miles Nelgez URL on 01.30.2011

  38. lean means thins , some one who is not strong
    considered to be a fashion among women
    not a healthy habit
    i am not lean

    i am fat

    i am trying to be lean
    and i am also trying to finish this sentence so that it makes some sense.

    By rohit on 01.30.2011

  39. Lean and mean green fighting machine. meh. my childhood. no its grean mean lean or is it mean lean and green or mean grean and lean. whatever it doesn’t matter now. or does it? i apply for a job and they ask me the wording.

    By hannah on 01.30.2011

  40. Will you lean on me? I’m not asking for much. I just need someone to lean on me. To need me. Like a daughter needs her mother or a dog needs a bone. Don’t think just do. Let me hold you. Lean on me. Lean on me.

    By N. Pru on 01.30.2011