November 5th, 2017 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “league”

  1. I was so outta my league. The girl with my guy was beautiful, stunning, tall and drifting her arms down as if they came from the clouds. She reached over to me. “Nice to meet you Ellie. I am sure we will be great friends. Huh. Tears leaked around my eyes. I kept them in through sheer fore of will, touched her hand lightly. “Great. Michael has told me so much about you.” The sun stopped overhead. The breeze went still around me all the people went about their party ways. drinking, dancing, there was a little crash of cutlery. I saw it but couldn’t hear it. I was in the zone. Out of my league but in the zone. I didn’t hear another word she said. I couldn’t talk any more so I smiled until he took her elbow and moved away.

    By Linda Cahill URL on 11.05.2017

  2. Jenna and Astrid were both in charge of resurrecting the Superwoman Softball League, which had crashed and burned in 2009, due to poor leadership as well as a very bad break-up between the two managers – of course, no one talked about the Erica-Leslie scandal now. They rounded up about sixteen young women for their first official meeting – not even enough for two teams, but it was at least a start.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.05.2017

  3. “Would you come to my champion league game and wear my jersey?” His blue eyes twinkled adorably. My breath hitched. Was I ready for that? That’s a huge step.

    “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” My voice soft and fragile. The most breath taking smile covered his face and momentarily forgot how to breathe.

    “Why do you need me there if you don’t mind me asking?” I asked as I absentmindedly ran my thumb over his adorable dimple.

    “I tend to play my best when I’ve got someone to impress.” Blake smiled knowingly at me and I felt my face heat up. Why was he so perfect?

    By Sarah Hillman on 11.05.2017

  4. So many paces away
    That from the goal you stand

    Each step may only take away
    Yet a moment of respite
    As per each milestone you attained

    Unnervingly the questions all collude
    In your mind
    When will it end?

    This endless league in life
    That all humankind will play

    By Lynn on 11.05.2017

  5. The universal space league never knew what hit them. It was possibly the worst incident in history. The galaxy never saw anything as graphic, or as destructive in the entire creation of the universe

    By inu nova on 11.05.2017

  6. Of course she was out of his league. According to his best friend Mike, everyone was.

    “Listen pal, I know you like her, but do you think you are even close to being in her league?” It was a rhetorical question, and a shitty one at that.

    By Phoenix on 11.05.2017

  7. Like a pair of glasses on a pilot, the smallest changes can spell eternal defeat; ankles wrapped in Ace bandages, twist becoming a permanent limp. Each step the muscles tighten, freeze, and send a shockwave of impulse under the skin, a reminder it’s over, the dream of bright burning lights in a cool night, bubble-gum popping mouths saying your name, eyes on your neck, the air turned thick with anticipation of your every move. A foot into the new threshold of opportunity, and the door closes, Achilles’ heel snapped in two, bright lights cutting off into a silent fall night. Every step is a reminder.

    By Ai URL on 11.05.2017

  8. Here we go, I was last to be picked again, but, the league is about to begin anyway.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 11.05.2017

  9. “Please….”

    My back was to her, more for my preservation than hers. I was too much of a coward to face the woman who’s voice broke with her tears; a woman who was standing on the last of chord of a relationship I had to sever.

    The truth was that I loved her with every fibre of my battle-scarred being, but she was so far out my league she belonged to a different stratosphere.

    My body trembles as her fingers tentatively trail across and around my back, and she’s holding me tightly, desperately. I want to give in to her softness, her whispered words of anguish and love, but I can’t. A rotten soul like mine would alter and engulf her humanity until there was nothing but a blackness that matched my own.

    Her words are feverish now, and she’s telling me how much she loves me, that she always had, ever since her father found me picking through their garbage for food. But I bite my tongue to spite my heart.

    I peel her hands off and leave her in a sobbing mess.

    I tell myself that it’s for her own good.

    By LifesGrey on 11.05.2017

  10. Every so often in the same word , it reminds of the league to be playing in , whereas it is the first or the third , or second or fourth , but still of course , in time with the line of the reality of a table just to be capable and feeling stable.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 11.06.2017

  11. We are in league, but the lines are long and we aren’t sure where we might end up. We all have similar goals: better days, easier lives, more time in the sun and less in the shadows of fear and discomfort. Your goals are my goals. We just have very different ways of defining that.

    By Taylor on 11.06.2017

  12. “You are way out of his league.”
    “I’m not. I’m definitely not.”
    “Hey, hey, hey, stop talking like that.”
    “I can’t. I’m depressed.”
    “Well, don’t be.”

    By Bridget Grace on 11.06.2017

  13. There was a team called the Astros. The Astros won the game. Then one of the players bonked over the gate. His name was Astro just like his team. Just like the name of the team. The end.

    By Ian on 11.06.2017

  14. The League of Morons is a new club at my school reserved for losers, geeks, and dweebs from all levels of low academic standards. In other words, if you’re failing at high school, you’re in.

    By Stella Winters on 11.06.2017

  15. This one is interesting to me. I found a community of women on twitter who talk about how common it is for women to date men who are way beneath them. They mention that this stems from the inflated confidence of mediocre men who think they deserve women who are ostensibly out of their league.

    By Sydney on 11.06.2017

  16. she was within her league even if she chose to believe otherwise. she doubted as a defense. this doubt would soften rejection and heighten what shes seen proven to be truy time and time again. it is never about you. it is always them and they always win.

    By Safon on 11.06.2017

  17. The one thing that has gotten my mind so excited it would explode is the new D.C. movie coming out. the Justice League. the Justice League contains Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, and a mysterious character. Hope you watch this movie.
    The Justice League
    November 17, 2017

    By TexasGirl0 on 11.06.2017

  18. You’re totally out of our league,
    Annabelle told Stacy, as her minions laughed beside her, their teeth white and razor sharp. they weren’t so pretty anymore, with their big mouths hanging open, in fact they were hideous. Stacy’s insides churned with anger. Who did they think they were? she would get them back, she’d show them, even if it was against school rules, not to mention, the law.

    By athekolt on 11.06.2017

  19. My name is League Grace. I have no idea why my parents named me League, but I am really good at leadership. So if you wan’t a leader, I am your girl for the job.

    By League Grace on 11.06.2017

  20. We league with them cause we have to get benefit for them. If we don’t league with them we gonna lack food !

    By Javier on 11.06.2017

  21. I am the league. Well I am part of a league. the league is called, The Justice League. My name is Wonder Woman, and I am in the Justice league.
    The Justice League includes me (Wonder Woman), Batman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman.
    I will give you a little treat.
    Wonder Woman- Diana Prince
    Batman- Bruce Wayne
    Flash- Barry Allen
    Cyborg- Victor “Vic” Stone
    Aquaman- Arthur Curry
    and someone mysterious….
    Watch my movie “The Justice League”
    November 17, 2017

    By Cute2@ on 11.06.2017

  22. baseball? football? you’re out of mine.

    By Danielle Dulken on 11.06.2017