May 18th, 2014 | 62 Entries

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62 Entries for “latitude”

  1. we could be anywhere in the world right now, looking up at the same moon. the same sky. at night i fall asleep soundly but i don’t like when you leave. but i’m scared to get too close, so it’s good that you do. i don’t expect much, i’ve learned to just enjoy

    By Yasmine on 05.18.2014

  2. so there was this ditch, maybe a foot or two, it wasn’t really something either of us worried about but eventually, we fell into it more and more frequently as we made our meandering way home after one binge of neural cell destruction after another. i thought to myself, if i lived west, their mountains would be the height of that ditch.

    By berenique on 05.18.2014

  3. line, line, line
    all around the world we go
    a straight line
    on a curved surface
    splitting the world into slices
    how far are we
    from where the earth reaches out to the sun
    how far are we
    from where the planet could be split in half
    how far are we from the line?

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 05.18.2014

  4. There’s a word. There’s something quit. interesting about this word that makes it different than all others: It eyes with Attitude. This word is: Latitude.

    By Jim Ranger on 05.18.2014

  5. Do I need to know what latitude is? I remember seeing it in my geography book. Sometimes I see it when I fill out the birth chart details. I simply type my place and birth and ask for details of its latitude. Then the other day my niece asked me to define it. And I stared at her. She thought I was loony. Didn’t you say you did your post grad and you don’t what latitude is? She asked me, shaking her pig tails. I felt silly.

    By Roopa Raveendran-menon on 05.18.2014

  6. It took me some time to get going. I couldn’t figure out which direction to take as I was trying to a hit a particular latitude and longitude on the map that wasn’t represented by any sort of marker. No city, no landmark, just numbers. Felt like I was headed to the middle of nowhere. In this life, what else is new?

    By Hudson Scott URL on 05.18.2014

  7. We’re some 50,000 feet in the air. That’s higher than the commercial jetliners go. What were we even looking for and how the hell would we see it from all the way up here. The earth looked like nothing I knew. Foreign. I was an alien viewing the shit below. Same as the shit I wrote on the page.

    By Hudson Scott URL on 05.18.2014

  8. Latitude. The part of the world that needs Longitude to follow it. Maybe that’s what we all need. A second half. Something that balances us. I mean, it’s fun, isn’t it? Someone or something to share your life with, and maybe that’s what you need. I believe in you. So please, darling, come join me. We’ll conquer the world together, both of us helping the other.

    By Peyton on 05.18.2014

  9. I’m awake now, I insist
    but I can’t be sure if I am.
    Some amount of time has passed been forgotten
    Maybe I blinked,
    or humanity has passed and I’m here inside it all
    remembering a lost way
    beginning to draw the first lines
    and establishing my bearing in open water

    By Engel on 05.18.2014

  10. A friendly get together, a reunion of family between selected generations recalling snippets of adventures past. Simple days ending in mischief and laughter whose moments were immediately recognized as seconds to relive and retell before the hand on the clock clicked forward again. There were smiles and surprises and the occasional unknown fact to ripen the tales as they slipped one by one back into the filing cabinet of what was before. The latitude of yesterday passes hours later, forcing the characters to leave the stage and return to the outside world, re-emerging with the timeline that is now.

    Two sit unspeaking in the wormhole back to ‘home’, wheels turning, radio whispering, gears squeaking. Like a mural-sized poster left in the elements too long, the image that covers begins to peel away shedding the illusion in tear-drawn slivers forced by the reality of lost time. Behind the image the brick wall that should stand whole and proud lacks the mortar to bind tight. Superficial repairs only masked the damage beneath. When the weather pushed the elements against the grain, the crumbling veneer lacked the ability to fill the ravaged gaps in the clayed seams. Only the light reveals the darkness left behind by bricks long ago removed from the contractor who lost interest before the building was done.

    The driver’s emptied eyes try to focus on the no passing lines ahead. She bids her mind to rest–but it can’t step away without reminding her of the time so horribly wasted by a promise he never intended to fulfill–as she traces her backtracked route for home.

    By JDwrites on 05.18.2014

  11. The employees of the sandwich shop were actually given quite a bit of latitude in regards to their hours. There was Bobby, who worked every other day except for the last Monday of the month – that was when he participated in Poetry Night at Mister Nerve’s Café. There was also Erin, who didn’t work any weekends unless there was a full moon since she figured she’d be safer from the lunatics if she was in the shop.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.18.2014

  12. I scoffed and folded my arms. “You don’t have to mean about it.”

    He shrugged, that cocky grin on his face. “Not being mean, Audrey, just proving a point.”

    I blinked as Louis returned his attention back to the papers on his desks. Sometimes I wondered why I fostered his dreams of becoming a journalist; they had a considerable amount of latitude in their field. It makes people hate him for doing what he loves.

    “I still love you, you know.” He said out of the blue, catching me off guard. And then that oh so stupid blush crept onto my cheeks and a smile found its way to my face. “Love you too, idiot. Although I don’t know why.”

    He laughed.

    By AJ Kenobi on 05.18.2014

  13. The captain knows what he’s doing. How could they question him the way they do? He’s never led a single one of us astray. Longitude and Latitude be damned, if he says we are where we are then he’s right. My lovely Captain. Lost and I found you again just as you will find our salvation

    By whitney on 05.18.2014

  14. latitude
    fix your
    run away
    into a new day
    in case you didn’t know ceunturies of institutionalized racism against “3rd world countries”
    who were too ‘stupid’ to make technological advancements that made (white) people rich
    is truly because they lived in the wrong
    to benefit from an environment that made high yield crops possible
    which would have made division of labor possible
    which would have made them rich
    please fix your

    By kani on 05.18.2014

  15. Davis put the report down on his desk. “I want you to give him a little latitude to work in when he deals with it. It’s a delicate problem, we can’t..” – I cut him off; “We can’t let him run around Europe doing whatever he wants!” I was almost shouting. “He could bring the whole project down!” He raised his hands as if to calm me down. “Don’t worry! We’re keeping an eye on him, we can pull him out at a moment’s notice if he starts going off track.” “It’s your funeral,” I said as I left his office; “All I’ve got riding on this is my paycheck!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.18.2014

  16. It’s that simple. That easy and fast. To know where you’re going. To have been there before. To want to go back. You can’t know them that way, not as coordinates. They aren’t numbers that paint a picture. They’re blank symbols you glaze over as you relive that step onto the beach with her and the first moment you fell in love. The exact spot where the latitude and longitude, as meaningless as dates, disappear and you feel the sand crunching beneath your feet once more. Her lips bearing a hint of the sea salt in the air.

    By DMM URL on 05.18.2014

  17. He told me to stop giving him that latitude. I gave him a longitudial stare down

    By Mr Piper on 05.18.2014

  18. She tried to cut herself a break, to give herself some latitude. But soon she realized an undeniable truth…it really was going to be impossible to be a surgeon with her utter and near-phobic aversion to blood.

    By Consectari on 05.18.2014

  19. It wasn’t completely out of place, this ship searching the ice near Norway, at latitude 29 on the Imperial Map. Technically, it was meant to fit in; we had designed our vessel so that Earth beings wouldn’t look at it and suspect its technology came from another world.

    By EAM on 05.18.2014

  20. “What are the coordinates again?” Anna asked, squinting at the map.
    “Latitude 51.5, longitude -0.1,” she replied, not taking her eyes off the road. “Why?”
    “Because,” she began, “I think we’re going in the wrong direction,”
    “We’re not,”
    “How can you be sure? You haven’t even looked at the map!” she declared, slapping the unfolded paper in her lap for emphasis.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.18.2014

  21. latitude
    a million miles away from you
    some say it makes the love grow
    I say it makes me sad, you know?
    when you love someone so much
    you wish to be with them, and you get more depressed every day when you aren’t with them
    even if it is someone you have never met

    By Brittany on 05.18.2014

  22. “So, you’re the mapmaker.”

    “No. I used to be.” He turned away, scratching his nose. “Now I’m just a humble repairman, and I like it that way.”

    There was something like a door slamming shut where her heart should have been. She couldn’t help leaning forward on tiptoes or the whine creeping into her voice. “But–“

    By Yona on 05.18.2014

  23. Without her liquid gold the courtesan wandered across the scorched streets like a lost lamb searching for its mothers milk. No sense of right or wrong, no moral compass, no latitude level on her path. And on she trekked, until eventually she wandered off the world.

    By Gabe villas on 05.18.2014

  24. From top to bottom
    map it as you will
    divide this planet in
    neat clean segments
    of colors green and blue
    all we see
    all we know
    defined and bestowed
    by the cartagraphs line

    By James Foster URL on 05.18.2014

  25. And then Brian proceeded to continue talking, hands gesturing to further bolster his point, eyes dancing with excitement. What was he talking about? Oh, something having to do with how much latitude journalists have nowadays, specifically pertaining to celebrities. But Ariana wasn’t listening; well, she was, but she was more focused on the blond that sat beside her, and how lucky she was to have him in her life. His warm hazel eyes, his sharp jawline, and perfect smile—today she realized how much she adored them.

    And when he asked for her opinion, she laughed and set her hand atop his. “Bri, I love how you’re always so animated. It’s cute.” Dozens of other things floated in her brain, but she forced them away. Now was not the time, now was not the time.

    He smiled and shrugged. “Yeah, I know.”

    When is it okay to tell your best friend you’re in love with him?

    By Blue Iris on 05.18.2014

  26. i dont know the corrective meaning of latitude but i think its that what will u do if u will be setted free,umm i will first go to without my parents permission lol i will love to ask randomly girls for going out with me

    By Harman on 05.18.2014

  27. Its all about movement. Embodying nature, gravitational intelligence. Our perceptions are not what they seem yet within our inner knowing, there is a wisdom revealing itself. Take up space full body surface area spread your silken skin in all directions. What is there to meet you?

    By Eleanor on 05.18.2014

  28. One day I’ll travel the world and it’s gong to be great. I think. I hope. Where will the money come from? Who will come with me? Where will I go? I’m not really sure….but I hope it’s wonderful.

    By HeatherAnne on 05.18.2014

  29. Latitude. And longitude. Uhm, tell me date and time too. And the manner of it, won’t you? Shall I bump into you on the way to work, on the stairs out of the tube station, with a coffee spilling over your coat lapels? Or will you come up to me at the garden with a dog? Say hey!

    By S on 05.19.2014

  30. it is something horizontal. I hear it in AP class. It is measured in degrees and all. It is an imaginary line on earth. This is so nerdy. Haha. Latitude has its partner and it is named longitude. it measures the loacation of countries and all. I think it is important to sailors.

    By lexanne garcia URL on 05.19.2014

  31. high in the sky and words that rhyme
    maps that direct detect how you feel
    a point in time
    a point that’s mine
    to define where i am
    where we’ve been
    where we’re going
    i love you or maybe it’s easier
    latitude and longing too
    don’t you forget that i’m here
    why not where for not
    that’s me
    and too drink drunk to be

    By matt on 05.19.2014

  32. the lines that go across? or down? on a globe, on a map, round the world.

    They trace the Earth, and give location, without name, or specification,
    of culture, or people.

    They are the absolute value of human location.

    By B_anderson on 05.19.2014

  33. you are the latitude of my thoughts.

    By akansha on 05.19.2014

  34. Although the map that were had of the gullies were well defined, the compass was showing a different latitude. This caused some confusion, but all was well when our guide return and lead us back to our starting point.

    By victor URL on 05.19.2014

  35. The crumbling tower lay somewhere to the west. I knew it. I was sure of it I had been there before. I was sure I’d noted its latitude correctly but this tower was not minim this was someone else’s memory. The foundations were sure and the bricks firmly mortared. My tower was one of shambles and ruin.

    By Erica on 05.19.2014

  36. the festival? I’ve never been. Do you have to camp? I’m not sure I’d be up for camping. It’s been years. Oh well let me know what you meant but you’ll see that if its the festival… i’m not that up for it.

    By Steve Oliver URL on 05.19.2014

  37. The beating swayed him to drop in directions, in perfect view of their faces. The faces for which he was taking in silence every hit that could mean his death. In the final blow that did it, he fell upon the latitude that made him watch the others being butchered.

    By Peskiper on 05.19.2014

  38. Reginald dragged one languid finger through the puddle of tea on the tabletop. “I can dally where I want,” he said. “She gives me the latitude for that. But if I do, I can’t touch her afterward.”

    By mrsmig on 05.19.2014

  39. Latitude is about attitude and letting it all go, release from the daily grind and leaving them all behind, in their dysfunctional family

    By jusducky on 05.19.2014

  40. I’ve never understood points on a map when given the longitude and latitude.

    By Alexandra on 05.19.2014