December 31st, 2018 | 19 Entries

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19 Entries for “latch”

  1. Hold onto something

    By Kay on 12.31.2018

  2. Fasten. Close.

    By Dina Hackley-Hunt on 12.31.2018

  3. I latch onto my dog there is a latch on my hatch and a latch on my door so i have a latch.

    By Jesse Mowry URL on 12.31.2018

  4. I latch onto my dog there is a latch on my hatch and a latch on my door so i have a latch my latch is awesome.

    By Jesse Mowry URL on 12.31.2018

  5. I saw the latch on the door. it was big. it was broken though. I was stuck inside my house for 7 days. It sucked so bad.

    By Carter on 12.31.2018

  6. “You know why he latched onto her?” my mother asked me as we walked along the brick-paved boulevard. “Because he can never be alone,” I said. “Yes,” she said, “but because he wanted to solve the problem with that other girl.” Is that what you did? Did you choose her because you were problem-solving? Could you have chosen – ?

    By whatever_artemesia on 12.31.2018

  7. latch is that you could lock your door and so that you can protect your family.

    By maricel smith URL on 12.31.2018

  8. This is the part where I close the door to 2018 and do the latch so that it can’t be opened again. I know, it’s simultaneously a really weird but also really clichéd metaphor for it. I guess you’d have to close the door no matter what, given how time works. And I’m not a Time Lord, so I can’t exactly revisit anything.

    Point. I had a point. Happy New Year, everyone. Hope this one sucks less.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.31.2018

  9. it seemed so simple just go thru the door and the next is right here. available. you only need to turn the latch and you are finished here and onto the next. oh if only. but the handle comes off in my hand

    By trisha on 12.31.2018

  10. She opened it, the hinges creaking. “Oh.”
    He turned from the shelf he was looking at. “What?”
    “Come look at this.”
    “One second,” he placed some knick-knack on the shelf and came over to her.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.31.2018

  11. The screen door has a lock on it, but sometimes I come downstairs in the morning and realize I’ve forgotten to lock it.
    Today was such a day. We’re having one of those strength-sapping heatwaves so I went to bed

    By TessE on 12.31.2018

  12. join, connect, hold, close, together, key, release

    By maria on 12.31.2018

  13. We latched on to it–the idea that we were never meant to be here. Drove ourselves out of the crowd, out of the studio; we knew this was the only way to live now.

    I looked over at Luce–hands on the wheel, half of her face in shadow, the other half, not my half, shining from the streetlights. She reached over me, pulling wet wipes from the glove box and started wiping the make-up form her face.

    By absolutelynthng on 12.31.2018

  14. A latch is something that locks a gate or a door or cupboard. We had a latch on our basement door and I always made sure it was locked so the ghosties could not come up and get me!

    By TammiMarie75 on 12.31.2018

  15. latch underneath the timeless reading or the writing in time without actually stopping and feeling , but as time will feel almost real . The next word is as well as the first word or even the last bell.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 01.01.2019

  16. latch on, connect – lock in. be connected with something. When I think of latch I think of a lock or a door or a gate. How to keep something in or maybe keep something out. I think of the gate on my mom’s porch.

    By Tawnia StAmant on 01.01.2019

  17. She slipped the latch on the pantry door, glancing behind to check that no one was watching. It wasn’t an awful secret, just her own and no one else’s. How had it come to this?

    By Jenny Yacovissi URL on 01.01.2019

  18. His little tongue was rough. Tickled really. Then his little teeth were scraping her skin. She held her breath, waiting. A prick and he was sucking. It hurt. She smiled.

    By DarkJanuary on 01.01.2019

  19. I latch onto the idea like a dying man onto a life vest.

    What else can I do?

    She stares back at me, unblinking and cold as ever.

    I take the crossbow, the iron bolt heavy and so cold it burns my hand.

    “Five million, as promised, and I’ll do it.”

    By Sparklespirit on 01.01.2019