May 8th, 2017 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “knives”

  1. People use knives for cutting food .My mom and dad use knives to cut food like my mom cut a watermelon the other day with a knife .Kids don’t use knifes because they are not safe to use . A kid can get hert if they cut there selfs with a knife.That is why I don’t use knifes

    By Savannah on 05.09.2017

  2. RI don’t trust myself with knives. Knives are very dangerous for me. Last time I had a knive I cut myself just for cleaning. I dropped a knive before at least it did not drop on my foot but it cut me. That’s why I do not ever trust myself with a knife.

    By Alexis on 05.09.2017

  3. Hitting all the right places.

    By Nmss on 05.09.2017

  4. I would only use a knife for cutting food and that I would not use it for skin and things that you do not use it for.

    By joanna URL on 05.09.2017

  5. The set of knives on the kitchen counter had gone missing. Katie searched high and low for them, but couldn’t seem to locate them. Then it dawned on her: had someone stolen them?

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 05.09.2017

  6. She is sharp
    throwing knives,
    made for power
    She shows
    but loves
    her prophecy,
    is what
    she was fated
    to be.

    By ashley on 05.09.2017

  7. theyaresharp, andis shouldnt use them. dangerous lil guys. fun combat, annnnnnd they would hurt a lot ifyougot stabbed with one.

    By carla on 05.09.2017

  8. I need to do something about our knives they are so blunt! Why? Because we don’t know how to sharpen them properly.

    By Mrs Allen on 05.09.2017

  9. I once almost worked for a company that sells top of the line knives. They had really good displays including when the demonstrator cut a pineapple in half mid air. it was insane. After going there for a while however i found myself in a pyramid scheme. it was awful. I then had to make an entire exit route without hearing any speeches on the way.

    By Hannah O'Neill on 05.09.2017

  10. blades

    By ashley on 05.09.2017

  11. knives are one of the many tools used by mankind for thousands of years. They’re practically enabled them to cut/ segment objects specifically food for edible sizes or even sharpening tools for efficient use.

    By baran sevinc on 05.09.2017

  12. The sharp edge. The loud clack. It’s such a crazy tool to use to make my dinner.

    By Sincerely on 05.09.2017

  13. Sharp object used to cut things, objects, people. Why knives

    By NAU on 05.09.2017

  14. There once was a tribe of knives. Their names were all Larry and they liked to cut things in half.

    By laura on 05.09.2017

  15. There once was a tribe of knives.

    By laura on 05.09.2017

  16. Knives are sharp

    By laura on 05.09.2017