June 18th, 2012 | 339 Entries

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339 Entries for “keen”

  1. She was keen. Oh so keen. Everything she did, everything she wrote, represented just how keen she was.
    She was keen about life, about love, about her family and friends and the beautiful things surrounding her in nature. So keen, in fact, that every time she visited her father in that far off land she could never remember the name of, he would shout as he greeted her at the airport gate, “How’s my keen Karina?”

    By Jordan on 06.18.2012

  2. keen commander. the computer screen, dust trail when I run my fingertip, my name in the screen while the status bar grows. Downloading a game, dad’s credit card. A game without leaving the house. Straight to the commodore 64!

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.18.2012

  3. I often try to surround myself with keen thinkers and reasoners. Otherwise my day is full of face-palming, jaw dropping (not in a good way), and over all sadness because of someone who has no will to learn. I want to have friends more intellectual than me, rather than friends who are content with only little knowledge. Sharp, bright minds are more interesting to chat with.

    By Mis Erin Braxton URL on 06.18.2012

  4. That man is son keen about my party. This is my third party of the year, and i just happenned to met him in the second party. This can become something interesting, i will give it a chance

    By The man on 06.18.2012

  5. I am keen on writing and making money. It is such a cool old word. In a fifties context if you liked something that was “keen” maybe it should come back.

    By lisao URL on 06.18.2012

  6. “don’t think just write.” that was used in “finding forrester,” a great movie. it’s almost impossible for me to not think and just write. i’m not that keen.

    By Taylor on 06.18.2012

  7. .”I am not too keen on being placed in such an inappropriate position.”

    By leelee on 06.18.2012

  8. Needless to say, the grumpy navymen were not in the least bit keen about the captain and the lieutenant’s nightly reading sessions.

    “They’re going to put this whole ship down with their godless ways,” they whispered to each other. “See if they don’t.”

    No amount of reasoning would ever convince them that reading really was all that the two men were doing; their nights were completely innocent, but of that they would hear nothing.

    By Julia A. URL on 06.18.2012

  9. peachy keen, isn’t it? no. because I am here studying for a math final that i will surely fail, and nobody likes me or my company, and i am just realizing how much of a nobody i am. so i will turn to my characters and my songs and tell jack’s mannequin to sing me to sleep, and i will go wake up at six am to take a bio test, and then wait at school until math, surely alone and in the company of people who don’t give a crap. awesome.

    By Ginny URL on 06.18.2012

  10. She was keen to see her mother after her flight from argentina. She loved her mother very much, because, I think she was very much liker her. Brown hair, brown eyes, smile, and appreciated life for life and everything for everything.

    By Bianca on 06.18.2012

  11. there was a keen rabbit named geoffrey. he lived in a hole. and a keen fox watched him through the lens of a Nikon RX-3. when he was finished taking pictures of the keen rabbit geoffrey, he posted them on his wall and set out to go murder geoffrey in his own home.

    By russ on 06.18.2012

  12. I am keen on living spontaneously. I can not have a schedule. Keen is a word to tell people what you are fond of. i am keen to do…

    By Alexis URL on 06.18.2012

  13. I’m keen on you. i was keen for the summer, but my dreams are crushed. Keen is a child’s enthusiasm for an adventure yet determined. Keen is wanting something just out of reach.

    By Tess on 06.18.2012

  14. I wasn’t keen about going to Rhode Island. It’s a small fucking state that people always forget to name when naming all fifty of our blessed American shitholes. I wasn’t keen on visiting, but once I got there, I saw what I had been missing. Him. And i was keen about that.

    By Elizabeth on 06.18.2012

  15. I’m not even exactly sure what keen means but I believe it has something to do with being intelligent. I’m a keen mean ice cream eating machine. Make sense? Didn’t think so. WHATEVER. keeeeeenn.

    By Brianna on 06.18.2012

  16. It wasn’t just curiosity, it was something more, something wanting to know. I was keen on finding out. Slowly, carefully and barefoot I made my way across the polished floors, the moonrays reflecting back at me. The door to the study was in sight. The only problem was the last door on the right. There was this loose board, and I never quite new where it began. So I held my breath as I knew I drew near it, and passed over it successfully.

    By Mia on 06.18.2012

  17. I like to think of myself as keen: a person who is sharp and clever. Am I truly sharp though? Can one become keen?

    By R Somes on 06.18.2012

  18. I have never done this before. Eagerness is the constalation of the universal need to be useful.

    By Bebea on 06.18.2012

  19. One person should just be keen to those that surround them. Being keen is what keeps humanity alive and together, without kindness everything just seems to be violently erupting into stupidity and hatred.

    By VS on 06.18.2012

  20. I’m keen to have met you. I don’t mean I’m happy to have met you. Not pleasured. Not tickled. Just keen. Only keen.
    I don’t really like you.

    By Dominique on 06.18.2012

  21. What is the word Keen? Well. It could mean a bunch of things.. well not really.. Just a few things. Being keen is basically just having a sharp wit about you, being smart, or anything along those lines. Keeners, are people who specialize in the art of keenness and these people are very keen as keen can be. Also, The Game.

    By Kurtis on 06.18.2012

  22. keen is the word that foxes use to describe their plots. They call their plots keen so that the other foxes don’t realize that they really have no clue what they’re doing. All the other foxes can see is the glint in the foxes eye as it finds an already dead rabbit in its hole. The fox goes and feeds her cubs. Maybe she’s not keen, just resourceful.

    By Jessica on 06.18.2012

  23. when a person is keen on a subject they get inspired. it is good to be keen. what are you keen on? im keen on the SATs right now! AHHHHHH!!!!

    By barcha on 06.18.2012

  24. Peachy and delectable. The most wonderful time when keen can be both a fruit and the fruition of life. Hence: peachy keen.

    By Tamatha Rawls on 06.18.2012

  25. I want it.
    I want everything.
    I want it now.
    I want it.
    I’m not keen on life.
    I’m keen on love.
    On money.
    On family.
    But I would, I would jump off a building in a second.
    Maybe I’ll regret it on the way down.

    By Joiede URL on 06.18.2012

  26. “I know exactly what I want,” he said, leaning across the table.

    The three men in suits cringed backwards. One of them lifted a quivering hand.

    “Put the gun down and we’ll talk.”

    He laughed, high-pitched for a boy his age.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 06.18.2012

  27. I am keen about this boy. A boy I met only 6 months ago and have found completely in love with. Keen isn’t the best word to describe it but it’s what I have been given so this is what I felt like writing. THE END.

    By Julie on 06.18.2012

  28. Keen. That mean’s smart, sharp, clever. I guess I’m keen, I’m pretty smart. I’m lucky I am, there are kids my age who can’t read. Kids my age who would be afraid if they saw a computer. I am lucky I am keen, even in the slightest bit.

    By Katie on 06.18.2012

  29. im very keen on you. more than i ever thought i would be initially. i didnt anticipate how much id like you from the start. it was just supposed to be easy, a hookup. i wasn’t supposed to actually like you. now im giving up my power and letting my guard down. keen. im pretty keen on you now.

    By Eva on 06.18.2012

  30. I’ve never been too keen on believing what everyone has to say. Words are not meant to be peddled, they’re meant to be wrapped gingerly and delivered with care, they’re meant to be acknowledged when labled “fragile, this way up”. They should be gifts, not goods.

    By Natty Hope on 06.18.2012

  31. smart
    eye site
    relating to

    By jessica on 06.18.2012

  32. I am keen to being able to write well on the word keen. Keen reminds me about Keanu Reeves. Which is funny because I just read about him and his sad life. Baader Meinhoff complex. I am keen on not thinking too much and simply continue writing. This is going well for me. Not any more because I started thinking too hard. It is actually kind of cool that it got four lines out of me.

    By Marriam on 06.18.2012

  33. she reminds him of a puppy. full of enthusiasm and happiness. this type of loyalty, this type of devotion, this type of love will only end up hurting her. she is too keen, too eager, and when someone betrays her she will break so easily. this type of love is heart-breaking. puppy-love is the worst.

    By the_armada URL on 06.18.2012

  34. The key entered the dingy lock. The fingers gripped the ancient key, turning it nervously. The air held a keen odor. The hinges creaked with the opening wooden door. It worked, wondered the owner of the key, what do I do now?

    By Matt on 06.18.2012

  35. peachy keen. not too sure what else i know about this word other than that. yup, pretty stupid. WHAT IS THIS?!

    By Morgan Denslow on 06.18.2012

  36. i was keen to know what happened to little red riding hood as she was going through the woods, but grandma said: “Enough for tonight, dear.”
    The End

    By Nik.... on 06.18.2012

  37. I would love to be described as a keen person. Keen on life, keen on learning, just intently focused on some aspect of life, in an admirable way. So devoted to some subject or interest that I’m known for it, that my love has become recognizable.

    By Katie on 06.18.2012

  38. I think of British people and how much I love their vocabulary. I AM allowed to say this since I lived in Britain for 11 years. I love the way they are so very keen and prim and proper. I also like this word because it is only four letters but it is actually quite a good word.

    By Clure Jucobson on 06.18.2012

  39. I think of British people and how they are always so keen to do things even when it’s raining. Also I think of dogs with their dogs with their mouths sticking stupidly through and old car window.

    By Claire on 06.18.2012

  40. why do eagles see so well?
    why call eagles fly?
    while i sit here, wingless,
    without vision keen
    and ask the question why

    By Rebecca on 06.18.2012