April 5th, 2017 | 57 Entries

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57 Entries for “jump”

  1. i jumped over the moon with the stars as my witness and every tear I cried dripped into a puddle that reflected the galaxies and I could see how they crystallized and burst into stars of their own, a whole galactic meadow of light and dust and the smell of space.

    By Ivinia on 04.06.2017

  2. I can’t remember when I stopped counting the minutes, or when I started to ignore that feeling in my stomach which started as a terrifying flurry of butterflies that all seemingly found a place to subtle for the long winter ahead of this fall. There’s nothing here, really – there’s no way to regain your footing, but, at the same time, there’s also no need to. There’s no light here, either, but, at the same time, there’s nothing to see.


    You never think about the burn, either. Windburn, that is – if there was fire there would be light, and there’s certainly none of that. You’d never expect to be falling that long. I have been given no reason to believe I’ll stop falling, and yet it is because I am falling that I believe there is somewhere to land. It’s because of the darkness that I know somewhere there is light. It is because of this nothingness, I know there is something – because of my voice that I can recognize silence. A fall, to remind you of all the leaps of faith you’ve take-


    By mistyfizz on 04.06.2017

  3. i like to jump. It gives me good exercise. I can get fit by jumping. I love to jump. Jumping is fun. We can jump in puddles when it rains. Let’s go jump. Rabbits don’t jump they hop.

    By Patty on 04.07.2017

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    By Szymon Żelazowski on 04.07.2017

  5. jump to the unknown
    to the depths
    – not even sure how far gone
    – falling
    not knowing
    neither expecting any kind of cushion from below
    if there is any
    an end to it
    after all

    By Raphaelle on 04.07.2017

  6. He jumps up from the chair, looking terribly irritated, repeatting exactly what he was told “IT IS MY FAULT NOW?!”
    While she seems rather calm and nodded her head coldly.

    By LCK on 04.07.2017

  7. Jump higher, the drill instructor yelled. Lucas flinched. He wasn’t used to getting this much physical exercise in one day, and he had only joined the navy so that he could stay on seaQuest. Now he found out that there was a chance they wouldn’t assign him to the seaQuest, and he couldn’t get out.

    By Zhelana on 04.07.2017

  8. i looked at the scenery before me. it was like i was on the top of the world. breathtaking
    i wondered what awaited me on the other side of the world.
    taking one deep breathe,
    i closed my eyes
    and jumped into the cavern
    free falling into the depths of the earth.

    By YQ on 04.07.2017

  9. as i jumped into the back seat of the fordr i had no idea where we were going or where i would end up. The driver was a lunatic, he didnt stop at red lights or stop signs,

    By Angela URL on 04.07.2017

  10. Squat, strain, push; the child felt freedom for the split second she was weightless.

    By ml on 04.07.2017

  11. Jump! They said. They know I can not will my legs to do such a thing. On the edge always on the edge why does there have to be an edge. I didn’t think I was afraid of heights but now it consumes me with a nightmarish reality. They say if you jump it makes it easier, snuffs the difficulty of life out, but no I think I will stay on the path with it’s challenges and all.

    By Jessica Fisher on 04.07.2017

  12. I saw this yesterday. Apparently, I didn’t jump fast enough. Or far enough. So here I am again. In the same place. I didn’t jump, so now I’m stuck. Higher, faster, longer today. And day in and day out I’ll try again.

    By sml0011 on 04.07.2017

  13. I jumped into a underground water store room and hide from my friends. They where searching for me as i had the cricket ball they were playing with.

    By naveen on 04.07.2017

  14. Little moments of bliss, flying and bouncing ever higher. Then falling – knees bending the absorb the shock, the fibers of the trampoline pressing lines into her feet – only to fly again. Up and down, flying and falling, up and then down once more.

    But wasn’t that a lot like life?

    By alexisstempien on 04.07.2017

  15. I wouldn’t like it if you said “jump” right now
    as I stand on the edge
    of civilization and something that means
    “help.” I never knew the roles would flip
    and someone would be trying to fix me instead.

    By Emily URL on 04.07.2017

  16. This was it. Standing at the top of the bridge, I knew I had no other choice. I needed to jump, to show myself I was alive. To show myself that I was capable of doing it. If I was going to die anyway, I might as well figure out how to live first. I’ve never been able to live. I spent my whole life in fear of the jump. So here it was.

    I leapt.

    By Christina on 04.07.2017

  17. “Just jump. Don’t think. Don’t doubt. Don’t fear.
    Just jump. Trust in me. Trust that I’ll catch you. Trust.
    Don’t be afraid of the inevitable.”
    The wind’s whispers were hard to ignore; I shuffled another inch towards the edge.
    “Just jump and be free.”

    By Bea on 04.07.2017