June 6th, 2012 | 330 Entries

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330 Entries for “jelly”

  1. jelly jelly oh how playful it seems. slimy from one hand to the other falling through fingers. its passages are the spaces which open and separate your fingers from one another. oh how jolly this jelly seems to be sliming around.

    By anonymous on 06.06.2012

  2. She spread the jelly across her bread. “Can you hurry uuuuuppp????” a pestering toddler cried at her knees. “Just a sec,” she said and spread the peanut butter on the other slice then slapped the two together. The boy jumped and stomped. “I’m huuuuungrrrrrrry, mommy!” he cried. “okay,okay” she said and she bent down to give it to him only to have the sandwich splat on the floor.

    By Annie on 06.06.2012

  3. Like a springing, bouncy object, I touched the goo. It bounced off my fingers and I shouted. It was not Jelly, in fact, but an alien! It latched on to my finger and began to suck. It tried to get it off, but it wouldn’t let go!

    By Syd on 06.06.2012

  4. Lunchboxes filled with peanut butter and jelly and other assorted sandwitches line the shelf, waiting to be opened and eaten when the bell rings. Hungry students stare eagerly at the shelf, watching the clock and tapping their fingers. BING. Lunchtime.

    By Emily McNally on 06.06.2012

  5. your belly wobbles like a big fat tower of jelly. They say it’s from all that beer; but i don’t believe them. I know that it’s from all the secret snacks you eat when the insomnia gets too much at three in the morning, and all the cups of tea with just-one-more sugar. I wish I could say you’ve aged well, but daddy, you taught me to always be honest.

    you know you love me

    By kim on 06.06.2012

  6. I hate jelly. It’s gross and reminds me of that phrase “You Jelly?” No, I’m not fucking jelly. I’m fucking JEALOUS, if that’s what you’re trying to say. However, Jelly is tasty PB&J’s. I love those. ONLY WITH PB&J’s, though.

    By Victoria Mullis on 06.06.2012

  7. You think it’s over with, and then it’s one sharp flash of pain while you’re drinking a cup of orange juice, biting into a biscuit, or washing a dish. It’s a sharp pain when you remember, and then you turn away your head, telling yourself to forget.

    By snape on 06.06.2012

  8. Peanut butter jelly time. My jelly belly after a two and a half week vacation is europe. Jelly fish. Jelly….a wonderful texture.

    By Simone on 06.06.2012

  9. I don’t like jelly very much, unless it’s on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Then I can deal. I think of fat people, or out of shape people like me. I’m not fat, but I could use some exercise and cut down on snacks during the day. But yeah, that and spongebob jelly fish.

    By Victoria Mullis on 06.06.2012

  10. The frustration mounts up as the kid inside the newest block found his only solitude outside and separated from his peers and such a jelly inside the block, the malleability of the created tension between his peers and friends have made such an impression not only on him, but to the society, which he lives on and for.

    By huxley on 06.06.2012

  11. I always wondered what it would be like to be suspended in jelly. Ignore the fact that you can’t breathe and it would be quite lovely. No noise, no one else, just you. And perhaps that sweet sticky taste of summer and strawberries and baby kisses. It would feel wonderful for a few minutes and perhaps you’d get to eat some. But then you’d get tired of it, as we all do. No matter how much we want something, it will eventually bore us to the point of insanity. You’d bang on the sides of the jar, screaming but no one can hear you. You’d desperately try to claw your way up only to find that the tar-like mass only drags you down. Something you enjoyed is destroying you. At some point you’d give up, settle down to the bottom of the jar and realize that the only way to get rid of something edible is to, well, eat it. Thats how we find ourselves–at midnight, spread out on the couch, an empty pizza box…we’ve got to breathe again.

    By emily p URL on 06.06.2012

  12. now it’s slang for jealous, but in later years, it was a paste made of fruits. Grapes, berries, you name it. Great with a paste made of peanuts and 2 pieces of bread

    By Max on 06.06.2012

  13. Don’t ever erase anything that once meant something to you.

    By snape URL on 06.06.2012

  14. I’m thinking it’s really hard to type fast on an iPad, but that’s because I’m so damned BOTHERED by spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. I just can’t leave it if I type it wrongly. I’ve just got to go back. See. Time ran out on me.

    By Graham Carter URL on 06.06.2012

  15. Good with peanut butter. And toast. Hard to make. But I like it better than jam. Jam is plain. Jelly has chatacture. I like jelly.

    By Maura on 06.06.2012

  16. The creature stood in front of her, its gelatinous body wobbled like a jelly on a plate. Eyes bulging it trembled its way towards her. Each movement making a sucking noise on the ground.

    “Stay away or I’ll cut you into cubes!” shouted Sue, waving her penknife at it.

    By Helen URL on 06.06.2012

  17. I ran into a bathroo and found this grapey, purpley, substance and so, I tasted it. I liked the way that it tasted, but because I am from Mars, I really didn’t know what exactly it was, so I asked my neighbor. He told me that there is only one thing that tastes so prpley and grapey… that is jelly. I loved the taste and to this day, I still love me some grape jelly. I am 150 years old.

    By Hugh Burnam on 06.06.2012

  18. I like jelly. Jelly fish. Jelly on sandwiches. JELLLY. squishy. I do not like jelly. Ma soeur aimer le jellyfish. jellllllly. jellllly. jelllly. jellly. jelllyyy. PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME

    By Suzi on 06.06.2012

  19. Wibbly wobbly wonder. Jewel-coloured goo. Funny food. But not so good when legs go to jelly. Like when I see you. And all muscles go limp, blood beating a furious refrain. And worst of all, words turn to jelly. To soft slush. Transparent and tricky. Splodges of silliness unsculptured by meaning, unshaped by truth. And I lose all sense of my senses, all the solid stature of strength I’ve cultivated for so long. And my moment with you, my only long-savoured moment, melts into meaningless.

    By siobhan347 URL on 06.06.2012

  20. Jelly was one half of his favorite food; the other part was her. He put jelly on everything (and I mean EVERYTHING), and she loved that about him. She loved that he had such a strange but fun habit and he loved that she loved him for who he was. It was just too bad that she loved another “him” too for exactly who he was.

    By Brock on 06.06.2012

  21. Joel’s Jelly jiggled joyously as he jammed it down his jowls.

    By Land of Dave URL on 06.06.2012

  22. one day there was a bowl of jelly waiting to be eaten, but the problem was he could never could get anyone to have his yummy jelly. so he waited and waited, he would see everyone in the isle get eaten but him, It was a sad day for jelly.

    By avalon on 06.06.2012

  23. jelly is used too often and in too generous of amounts. i prefer simply peanut butter sandwiches, but jelly in small amounts is sometimes a necessity. it’s funny that it is always connotated with peanut butter. i keep misspelling words. should i go back and edit it? oh well.

    By Beren Davidson on 06.06.2012

  24. Love is no longer fluid. Coagulation of the core- I cannot give anymore. Skeleton full of gelatin..that’s me. Empty.

    By Kiss_My_Freckle on 06.06.2012

  25. He jammed the jelly into the jar to make sure it would not go far.

    By Marianne URL on 06.06.2012

  26. i like it in my sandwhiches. it is purple and sometimes more of a pink. the word above is certainly purple. i like peach jelly too.

    By em on 06.06.2012

  27. purple, gooey, sticky, sweet, implants, fish, custard, pie, sandwich, peanut butter, filled, doughnut, sandles.

    By Marci Thrasher on 06.06.2012

  28. it squished, in a jellied fashion. “ughh!” she groaned, “what is THIS?” it was just the most recent incident in a string of disgusting events.

    By Cara on 06.06.2012

  29. well jelly is delicious i only like grape jelly though. strawberry jelly is nasty bleh. i hate strawberry artificial flavors. it’s grotesque.

    By Gabby URL on 06.06.2012

  30. I’ve never felt the way I do now. The butterflies, the electric shock, oh how my heart feels like jelly every time we talk. It’s as if we belong, and I am always assured. You are the jelly of my soul, I will never have to be cured.

    By Hannah on 06.06.2012

  31. Peanut butter and jelly are the perfect match. Jelly fell in love with peanut butter from the first look they shared. They are frequently discriminated against and eaten by humans of all kinds.

    By Olivia on 06.06.2012

  32. What can be said when one thinks of jelly?
    It never grows old, never gets smelly
    To think that something could tatse so good
    on a sandwhich, under the hood

    By Bob on 06.06.2012

  33. People think of the sound first when it comes to jelly. It tastes like a wobble. Even if it wasn’t present during your childhood, it’s easy to assume it was. It sounds like squabbling and vomiting at birthday parties.

    By Kat on 06.06.2012

  34. She wondered what the sandwich would taste like if she didn’t spread the jelly on to the second piece of bread. Peanut-butter and Jelly it had always been that way, but for a moment she wanted something else, something different. She put the jelly away and forgot about it. The crave for balance throws everything out of balance. There is more than one way of doing anything, never forget, you make the choice.

    By Sandra on 06.06.2012

  35. jelly donuts were her favorite treat, she would get one every sunday when her father came to pick her up for the after noon. to this day she cant smell one ith out thinking of her father, he has been gone almost 10 years now.

    By mercedes lane on 06.06.2012

  36. Jelly, like peanut butter and Jelly. Usually when I think of jelly, I think of purple and surprisingly enough the word jelly on here is purple. Me like. My friends nickname is jelly, although she is no longer my friend… awkward. Jelly is like jell-o except not as sticky,

    By Ana URL on 06.06.2012

  37. Jellyfish can be incredibly toxic, depending on which jellyfish we are talking about. The Australian Box Jellyfish can bring down a grown man in as fast as three minutes. Quite incredible considering they have no brain.

    By Elle Castillo on 06.06.2012

  38. jelly can come in different colors, and sometimes forms. I like it mostly on bread, but people can put it on all sorts of things. Some people can even put it in strange places like bananas or fires. Who knows, its your choice where you want it. Just always remember to enjoy it.

    By Gabriela on 06.06.2012

  39. Jelly to me is jealous…or a peanut and butter sammich…mmm. I’m really hungry right now. I wish I had some food, ugh. I miss my boyfriend…I wish he was home.

    By Hillary on 06.06.2012

  40. belly, belly…uhh jelly. Spongebob!!
    yeah good one molly
    spelling jelly
    Pomegranete jelly becuase I love pomegranete
    I can’t spell pomegranate i just found out…
    oh well
    oh and peanut butter
    its peanut butter jelly time

    By Royal Stewart on 06.06.2012