April 7th, 2021 | 12 Entries

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12 Entries for “irregular”

  1. A period can be irregular. So too can a verb. But your love shouldn’t be one of them. I shouldn’t have to question the truth in your words when one day you are as sweet as the scent of the roses you bought me and the next day you are more sour than stale lemons.

    By Orion on 04.07.2021

  2. Daisy eyed the can of beans on the shelf. Below the word “beans” was the word “irregular”. She had no idea what n irregular bean might be, but she was intrigued enough to pick the can up and toss it in the cart, despite Aaron’s protesting groan.

    By Excruciata on 04.08.2021

  3. İrregular are my days , like seriously what is regular all my study life is like a rollercoaster and not regular . Actually when ı look like that also everything in nature also irregular but somehow it is also consistent.

    By liz URL on 04.08.2021

  4. “This is most irregular,” he thought. The car was parked in his usual spot, but he had never seen it on his street before today. A classic like this 69 Mustang fastback deserved to be in a museum, or even in a nitrogen saturated basement. Not in his parking spot!

    By Charles Pennefather URL on 04.08.2021

  5. I have an irregular request. When you hug me, would you also kiss me the next time we meet? I want to. Non romantically and non sexually. If this sounds too weird, then just say “heil Hitler”.

    By Aj on 04.08.2021

  6. A person who owns many birds is often not classified as normal, you could say “that girl is irregular”.

    By Rosemary Pruner on 04.08.2021

  7. the person with the hole in his arm dosen’t seem right. do you think we should see if he needs help? it seems awful to just stand here.

    By shiloh on 04.08.2021

  8. Life is sometimes so random that it is almost irregular. Things happen over which we have absolutely no control, and we think that because life has thrown us these things that somethings must be wrong with us. But let us be honest enough to admit that there is nothing really wrong with us just because irregular things happen to us.

    By Rocky on 04.08.2021

  9. i just read about so many things, new things, new words, new languages. i learned about neopronouns, or neo-pronouns, i’m not sure of the spelling. the words themselves were irregular, ones i’d never seen before. and the argument, “all words are nonsense, all words are made up.” and yes, that’s true, how very true. all of us so eager, so desperate to communicate. we’ve gotten ourselves into quite a bind. but it’s so creative, so expressive, so rooted in love, it excites me. i had to stop reading.

    By meg on 04.08.2021

  10. Something that is not equal and uniform.

    By Becky on 04.09.2021

  11. Jumbling the keys in the door I hear you right as you’re getting home. Open, shut, clip, clop, thud, thud. That’s when I feel hands reaching at my shirt buttons. It’s no words and all fumbling. I thought your fingers were more nimble than this? Did I imagine you better or remember it different? I want to turn but you won’t let me change my position here at the sink doing these dishes. This is all very irregular – have you been replaced by a replicant?

    By Swedish Fish on 04.09.2021

  12. my diet is irregular. sometimes im a vegan, sometimes i love meat and fatty pork. sometimes i love whiskey straight, sometimes i want a mimosa. this is why we live, to be irregular.

    By alvaro on 04.09.2021