October 9th, 2011 | 434 Entries

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434 Entries for “iron”

  1. You groaned inwardly. Why hadn’t you revised the properties of iron last night? Now you were going to fail your science test for sure.

    By Erina URL on 10.10.2011

  2. Mother ironing clothes – certainly one of my earliest memories. The smell of heat applied to cloth. Working as a waiter – ironing my own white shirts. Using care not to burn – care along the line of buttons. Fe – elemental from my earliest.

    By Kevin on 10.10.2011

  3. I have iron fists, and a heart made of feathers. I am weak willed. I need guidance. I think I am losing my way. I am all alone, with no one to help me. All I have now, is God.

    By Liz on 10.10.2011

  4. iron is fancy ironish materila it tastes really really really weird kinda like chicken iim talking like an ADHD kid weeeeeeee i love Iron its also a vitamin and its in cereal but it doesnt taste so good

    By Quentin on 10.10.2011

  5. iron
    out my thoughts
    onto this webpage
    in 60 seconds
    like random rambling
    the timer is running out
    like the time i have to do my homework
    iron out this sentence
    iron out my time
    no time

    By Elizabeth URL on 10.10.2011

  6. Iron willed, iron wrought….
    I feel like this is a trick question, almost. Like someone’s waiting for me to give an answer so he can jump out from behind the computer screen and laugh, Ha! No, it was actually irony, but the guys who made OneWord forgot to put the y in today, so everything you just wrote is wrong.
    As if writing could be wrong.
    And yet, it gets judged as being right or wrong, every freaking day. I’m sick of judgment. And I judge so often.

    By Thirteen URL on 10.10.2011

  7. its metal

    By ilikecheesypoofs on 10.10.2011

  8. strong as a spiders silk. or you might mean like ironing clothes… it wouldnt be nice to find a spider in your clothes now would it?lol.

    By saoirxe on 10.10.2011

  9. As the lone prospector crossed the valley he thought he could hear the banded iron formation calling his name, and when he arrived he was delighted at the abundant chalcopyrite and edifying blue azurite gleaming from behind his glass.

    By Veronique URL on 10.10.2011

  10. metal that uses heat to get wrinkles out of clothes

    By Amber on 10.10.2011

  11. hot steamy copper. fixes your clothes. men should do it more often. irony-ironic. white dress shirts with creases. iron

    By Caitlin on 10.10.2011

  12. It was an iron fist in my gut, twisting to and fro. It clenched around my stomach and heaved upwards, taking my legs with it. I looked up from the floor and wondered how all this had happened. I only wanted to say sorry, that’s all.

    By fionars URL on 10.10.2011

  13. a long board thing that you use to press clothes into place.

    it’s also a sort of vitamin in your veins.

    my mom used to iron my dresses when i was little because my dresses needed pressing. I imagine grandmothers with them too.

    By Jill Irish on 10.10.2011

  14. The iron, the grid system, when all fails there is a solid labyrinth of bars, iron bars keeping the inside in and outside out, separating humanity from animal nature and splitting up blue sky into chunks of square shadows.

    By nate on 10.10.2011

  15. Iron just makes me think or irony, and a scifi short short I once read, that said something like, God is an iron. I wish I could remember why.

    By Caysee URL on 10.10.2011

  16. blood. strong. keeps you healthy. or could be a metal. like an iron skillet. prevents anemia. good for the blood :) either result could be bloody. rawr.

    By becca on 10.10.2011

  17. “We are the Iron Youth.” All Quiet on the Western Front. For some reason this word reminds me of the book.

    By Jessica on 10.10.2011

  18. Why do my shirts always get wrinkled? When I need them most. I need to be professional but there are no irons in my dorm. Being a college student does have its drawbacks.

    By Demi Mohamed on 10.10.2011

  19. Ironing out problems isn’t easy. But neither are the people who cause them. Maybe it’s time for new friends? Or maybe it’s time to buy a new iron. Either way, you’ll be ahead of the game of life.

    By Tammy Bleck URL on 10.10.2011

  20. I hate to iron! John insists that he has nicely pressed white shirts whenever he changes, which is at least twice a day. All I do all day is iron his shirts and do his laundry. When am I supposed to cook and clean? Sometimes I feel like a slave.

    By spartica URL on 10.10.2011

  21. The taste of iron in my mouth, the warmth of the liquid dripping from my lips and down my chin, the feel of flesh between my teeth. The primal sensation of the tissue as it yields, diminishes, falls apart for me.

    By msannethrope URL on 10.10.2011

  22. The cold metal bucket loomed in the corner. It was filled to the brim with iron tools. Each one covered in the blood of my tormentors.

    By Nina on 10.10.2011

  23. My iron burnt my sister. this is why i dont i, see, it’s too much of a riskironing is clealy a health hazard, you got boiling water, steam and wires, who possibly thought that a good idea??! i mean, sure it’s a good dea when im not dong it, am… at least when im ironing though, i can watch telly, which makes it better than hoovering, (sorry, anthony, vaccuum cleaning!)

    By Amy on 10.10.2011

  24. Iron. A metal. Stories hide behind it but no one knows its truth. Same as a person. Has its own secrets, you just need to dig further to figure them out.

    By Carla URL on 10.10.2011

  25. no entiendo que es iron, creo q es hierro o fierro…. si! como iron man: hombre de hierro. me gusta mucho el, la pelicula me parece muy buena y auqnue nunca vi la segunda parte, me llama la atención que actue scarlet

    By Fabiola on 10.10.2011

  26. While pregnant, my body is depleted of this most vital of nutients. With all of the supplements I had to take, it is a wonder my skin did not turn to the color of iron! Even now when I am not expecting, my body still needs some help hanging on to it.

    By Bobbie Nichols on 10.10.2011

  27. Iron man. What a funny way to describe someone… I think of a man who is cold and heartless. Someone who couldn’t care less. Iron man. Why is it that you sound so cruel?

    By Dawn on 10.10.2011

  28. Don’t let the iron cross
    you bear upon your weary back
    defeat you and remove
    the fortitude and strength you carry.

    The trials that we face
    are not designed to crush our hearts
    but rather, meant to test us
    and prove we’re worthy of human souls.

    And though long blackness waits
    for leagues beyond this journey’s path
    be comforted to know
    that spots of joy dispel the shadows

    (Not all light leads out of darkness
    –but cherish still it lit the way.)

    By Nero. URL on 10.10.2011

  29. steel, cold. Moves slowly like glass but instead of slides it erodes into the earth. leaving us absent.

    Life. Respect. Regret.

    By Nate on 10.10.2011

  30. iron on. I iron my uniform. I hate Ironing but it makes my uniform and clothes nice and neat. I like to look presentable. Iron I think Idk maybe on the periodic table of elements? Its gray, from what I’ve seen. A verb and a noun, how interesting. I ron haha I ron.

    By Isabella on 10.10.2011

  31. ironing clothes, iron like the element, attracted to magnets, iron giant, the movie that always put lyzzy to sleep, iron man the new movies that just came out–what patrick was for halloween and bella was a lady bug and michael jr. was a lion too cute. ironing clothes again, andrew and matt brought an iron to psu doubt they ever use it

    By cassie on 10.10.2011

  32. There is an iron pipe under my sink and I have to clean it and it gets rusty. If it gets rusty it will leak. It will turn yellow. The water will taste like rust and there will hair in the pipe. It will smell.

    By Cheryl Caesar on 10.10.2011

  33. I don’t know what you see. You’re holding me back with only iron, and we both know I can break free. It is the words that sting; that break me. They can hold me back, but no, no you and your iron, or steel can never do that.

    By Erin Jane Moore URL on 10.10.2011

  34. Heart like iron, weighing me down, quintuple my body weight. Miss Atlas, Miss Atlas, how can you hold it on your shoulders? Miss Atlas, Miss Atlas, can I pretty please have your autograph on the list of people I’ve hurt? Miss Atlas? Please?

    By Raiya Moon URL on 10.10.2011