October 24th, 2016 | 89 Entries

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89 Entries for “institute”

  1. “The Institute for everything! All things are here for you! Come and study with the the professors that know the whole lot!” The short, grubby, fat man turned to you with a greasy smile. “So, yer gonna enroll?” “Uh, I, um…” You stammer, completely caught off guard. You were only looking around at the place when this man appeared. “Cat got yer tongue?” The man frowned. You decide you’d rather make a hasty decision than make this creepy guy annoyed. “Uh, yeah. I’m just going to get enrolled now.” You say quickly. “Good, good.” He says slowly.

    By Rachel McFadyen URL on 10.25.2016

  2. I entered the blocky gray building ready to work. The smiling lady at the information desk directed me to the third floor, where I found my cubicle, surrounded by a dozen similar. A fan located somewhere unseen muffled all the noises from the nearby workers. They all ignored me as they clicked on their computer keys. I clicked on my computer, adjusted the keyboard, kicked off my shoes, and cued up my program. two weeks to institute my dream program. I was going to start a quality health program at the local hospital. I was going to not only get their safely numbers in line but I was also going to get people to talk with each other. More than rules and guidelines, it is communication that makes the biggest difference in patient safety. Here in an anonymous outbuilding on the hospital campus, it was my job to transform the very culture of the hospital.

    By H on 10.25.2016

  3. the minute i walk in, i feel a strange, familiar sense of calm wash over me. to my left, i see a girl my cradling an old doll that is lying in her hands. to my right, i see a nurse walking towards me with open arms. i am home.

    By bailey on 10.25.2016

  4. 1institute=Inclusive now sending “tel-apti-date
    (ed)”-id input to unilateral/unified/union telemetrical eternity/emperical-experience/experience/exclusive

    By gariz on 10.25.2016

  5. Institute is a place where I study. I learn dance in dance institute, spanish in language institute.There is also a computer institute near my home. However, i am not interested in attending it

    By Maya Pillai on 10.26.2016

  6. Wow that institute is where my friend did here fashion designing. The teachers who teach there are very friendly and are expert in their subject. Institute head is also a nice and refined lady

    By Maya Pillai on 10.26.2016

  7. Wow..burden, prison society. Hahah the time is clicking.. without ideas.. perfect first word

    By Murmur on 10.26.2016

  8. institutionalized,
    margins spread wide,
    outcast if you dont comply
    wander around blank lines till the horizon becomes the tide

    By Serenity Paing on 10.26.2016

  9. conscientiousness
    don’t hate the hater
    hate those that INSTITUTE hate

    That’s why you should not
    hate the game not the player
    no players… no game

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.26.2016