June 13th, 2014 | 60 Entries

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60 Entries for “instigator”

  1. I constantly find myself in the watchtower surrounded by them all. Trying to get a better view of the horizon, I perch up higher as if tiptoes might make the final inch even better. I’m at a loss at the moment. The view ahead was delightful, perfect, the sunlight in my day piercing the clouds and clearing the rain… then suddenly it all went still. Why? I look about and see no shred of confusion to follow back to a source. Did the pebble I absentmindedly kick off the platform imply something unintended? Was that the instigator? Did it hit the water and cause a ripple someplace it shouldn’t have? I climbed down into the rudderless boat with my compass seeking North, but the needle isn’t responding and I have no need for tricks to prompt an action. True North is my only option… and I’m not turning back now. Get your ass back in the boat!

    By JDwrites on 06.13.2014

  2. Gods, but I was a fool; I’d let the little instigator drag me into his mess…again! After everything that had happened, how much I’d changed, how long I’d been away, it was just the same as it had always been.
    You’d think a girl would learn…

    By S.C. Lovelace on 06.13.2014

  3. Furfrou stared back at his keeper. She was mad, of course, she always was with him. Was that his fault that she was just so used to domestics? No, of course not. Furfrou huffed and ran his hand through his hair, grumbling under his breath. Samantha crossed her arms and covered her face with one hand, something she always seemed to do around Furfrou. He huffed again and rolled his eyes.

    Samantha started talking but he only pretended to listen. He hated that she always made him out to be the instigator of everything that went wrong around him, like everything was his fault. No one else ever listened so why should he? Furfrou looked down at his feet, flexing his toes and watching the skin shift. It wasn’t his fault. He didn’t mean to.

    By korpuskat on 06.13.2014

  4. He was addicted. His big green jaws couldn’t get enough of the retro-esque filters and mindless followers. His friends were worried. Every party, all he could do was take photos with corny effects.

    By Rohan Corrigan on 06.13.2014

  5. “You started this whole thing. You know that, right?”

    The words seemed to offend him, even though they were true. He swallowed thickly and turned to face me.

    “You don’t think I was alone in instigating this, do you?” His response took me by surprise. “There were several of us — eight, to be exact. We know exactly what we’re doing…and why we’re doing it.”

    By Thespiana on 06.14.2014

  6. So you want to be an instigator, in more ways than one. You want to set an idea on fire, but you want the fists to fly. You want a boxing match where each traded jab, each exchanged blow to the jaw or cheek incites some sort of inspiration. You’re an interesting mish-mash of violent dreaming, of a rather bully-like, intimidating influencer. It’s intriguing to see how, in some way, you make it all work out.

    But now it’s time you met an expert.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.14.2014

  7. You started it. You turned this innocent flirtation into a secret dalliance, sneaking us around concealed corners to crush our lips into a kiss. Your hands slip between my clothes and skin, and I like it, oh, how I like it all.

    By Ashi URL on 06.14.2014

  8. sometimes people do it and we wont really know why to be honest i think we all do for other various reasons, people do it when they feel weak because they don’t know what else to do. its a very well known word, but seldomely used.

    By katie on 06.14.2014

  9. why did you do it when i started to feel alive
    bring me down because you are insecure is making me just like you
    i dont like the way you talk to me
    criticize evertything i do
    but its on you because you will end up alone because people like you always do

    By katie on 06.14.2014

  10. Maybe he is a terrible person. You said it yourself. He never did love you.

    But we really did have something special. It was true love. We were soul mates.

    Were you? Why then did he leave?

    He had places to be.

    By paridhirustogi on 06.14.2014

  11. what is an instigator? i have no idea what this word means. I do want to write about xiuhan. But I don’t think I can relate them to something like this I’m so sorry. I have no idea what this is. and it’s too late to take a peek at the dictionary.

    By hara URL on 06.14.2014

  12. I don’t know what it is instigator.Instigator is a strange word that it is being used in the English. I think this is commonly used for investigating something like crime etc…. Instigator always need someone to help with their work or assist. My friend would like to be instigator when they grow up. He is very like to have instigator. Everybody hates instigator even me!!!!My

    By Kenneth on 06.14.2014

  13. She had a feeling that her friends were going to give her a surprise birthday party. The main instigator behind the party had accidently given away a few clues.

    By Alexandra on 06.14.2014

  14. Being an instigator was like being an instant alligator. It means that you must act swiftly but smartly at the same time. I was always the instigator of situations, the ring leader, the mastermind so I was a reptile in a way. Sometimes I just want to close and submerge myself in water and hide from what people expect me to be.

    By Rachel on 06.14.2014

  15. She had a cut lip running red, an eye swollen shut, spotted bruising all colors of the rainbow, and a smile wider than the Mississippi.

    He, on the other hand, didn’t look so good.

    Their stories varied — they often do, in these sorts of situations — but there was no question who swung first.

    By L on 06.14.2014

  16. Violence came easy to him. That she could deal with most of the time. But it was not just the violence, it was his uncontrollable beauty. The seeds of a more subtle manipulation were sown at an early age with him, her first and likely her last. It would have been less of a problem if he wasn’t as beautiful as his father was, would have made him more punishable, more likely to yield to a mother who would have had an easier time hitting him.

    By thiscrissguy on 06.14.2014

  17. Troublemaker, she thought. Instigator. Always stirring the pot, always trying to get others to do his dirty work for him. She stared down at little William’s grinning face and reminded herself that he was a child.

    By mrsmig on 06.14.2014

  18. I was never the one who pushed the buttons, it was always her. I would try as I might to be patient and level-headed but the slap you heard mom was all her. She was always so touchy. I guess maybe I could have been a little nicer.

    By RCMitchell on 06.14.2014

  19. He yelled at me shouting about how I was the problem, how everything was my fault.
    “Jesus Eric you can’t go blaming everything on me”
    “YES I can, and I will. Where were you when we all needed you, being a coward, running from who you are”
    “I am sorry, but now we need to work together. You can hate me later all you want, but now we need each other”
    Eric hesitated as though he would say ‘I have never needed you’ but he couldn’t get the words out because that would be a lie.

    By Lemon URL on 06.14.2014

  20. “You can’t blame Michael for this, Penny, no matter how much you’re mad at him for leaving you. You’re the instigator in all of this, and if you want things to be right again you’re going to have to fix it.”

    I hung my head in shame, knowing Rachel was right. “Okay then, what do I do?”

    Wordlessly she reaches over and grabs my phone from off the coffee table, extending it towards me. “Call him.”

    By AJ Kenobi on 06.14.2014

  21. He had done it again. Pitting friend against friend. This time he would be the one on the other end of a hard punch. As he sat there listening to his two friend bickering back and forth a small snicker came out. Both men heard it and stopped. They looked at each other and they thought back to the careless words their friend had said which started the fight. Tom said “You first.” Bob looked at him and said, “If I go first they will be nothing left for you”. Tom smiled as he touched he jaw and said, “I know that is why I said you first.” They men laughed as Bob reached back and punched Phil squarely on the jaw. Phil’s bottom jaw appeared to move back and forth like those kinetic metal balls on string tapping each other on someones desk. AS saw as his jaw stopped he looked at Phil and questioned “why in a mumbled voice unable to open his jaw correctly. Tom stood up and shout “because for years you have been nothing but an instigator, starting fights between the two of us, as you sit back and watch. Well no more he shouted. We are done with you.” He then grabbed his drink and moved towards the bar. Phil smiled as he picked up his drink and walked away and said, “Your lucky your were a friends anyone else would be sipping out a straw for the rest of their life”.

    By Bethany Herrington on 06.14.2014

  22. “Everything can’t always be my fault”
    “Actually I think it can as you are an absolute f*ck up”
    “Sorry I suck”
    “It’s okay I forgive you, sometimes”
    Then he kissed my nose and we were happy

    By Lemon on 06.14.2014

  23. “Everything can’t always be my fault”
    “Actually I think it can as you are an absolute f*ck up”
    “Sorry I suck”
    “It’s okay I forgive you, sometimes”
    He placed a small kiss on the tip of my nose.
    “I like it when we’re happy”, I said with absolute honesty, which was rare when it came to Eric and I.

    By Lemon on 06.14.2014

  24. He was the instigator of all this trouble. What bad spirits had brought him to Earth? He was causing havoc and misery around the country. Yes, he was Madragonath.

    By Darcy on 06.14.2014

  25. “You come here and poke at me! Every single day! I’m trying my best to stay on the straight and narrow, I really am, but you’re trying you’re hardest to hold me back! You’re supposed to be my brother!”
    “I don’t know what your’e talking about.”
    “Really? Then what do you call this? I’m just trying to show our family that I can do right. What are you trying to do?”
    “I’m trying to show them that I’ve always been the one doing right.”

    By Nicole Spriggs URL on 06.14.2014

  26. He was always the instigator of the group. Whenever there was something that had gone awry, you knew he would have been behind it. I remember clearly the day that I first realized all of this. He had convinced the smaller children to steal a loaf of bread and took none of the blame when they got caught.

    By Georgia on 06.14.2014

  27. I don’t know exactly what instigator means, but it sounds kind of like an investigator. That stinks. If I were an instigator, I would probably find a way to not be one of those.
    I’ve always been one of those people who stink.

    By Hope Horinek on 06.14.2014

  28. The instigator is the investigator. The one who makes the decision to gaze deep into the mind of someone, to push limits, to dig up what lies under the face of their outer being.

    By Joe Queen on 06.14.2014

  29. He started it. He didn’t know why and he never expected to get to this, but he couldn’t deny that he had started this mess. And he would need to undo it. Somehow. He took a deep breath. Better get to work. Tempers wouldn’t calm on their own.

    By sisaat URL on 06.14.2014

  30. He was the instigator. He had started it and I wanted to scream that at the top of my lungs but I was flooded in fear and I was out of my depth. He had come into my life to turn it upside down. He tried to grab all my feelings in his hand but they weren’t small enough and it hurt, and well, I supposed he was the instigator of what i became.

    By Estefania URL on 06.14.2014

  31. II ain’t allow to be questioned by an instigator! No alligators with an investigator title ever gonna put their noses up in my business.

    By Hank Moody URL on 06.14.2014

  32. He was the instigator. He had started it and I wanted to scream that at the top of my lungs but I was in a sea of fear and I was out of my depth. He had come into my life to turn it upside down. He tried to grab all my feelings in his hand but they weren’t small enough and it hurt, and well, I supposed he was the instigator of every disaster that had happened, even me.

    By estefania on 06.14.2014

  33. Why did I start this mess again? I told myself they would be happy for something to alleviate the boredom, that this might be a bit much. But at least all the cleaning-up would give us something to do.

    By sisaat on 06.14.2014

  34. “Well, obviously, he’s the instigator,” Alven tipped his head to the side, his fiery eyes gleaming. “Don’t you agree, Cameron?”

    Cameron shifted uncomfortably, his blue-eyed gaze never lifting to reach Terrance’s silver ones. “You probably should just let it go,” he muttered.

    “Did you say something?” Alven countered, pleasantly.

    Cameron made a sound in his throat, part frustration, part annoyance. “You have a difference of opinion, let’s leave it at that,” he snapped. “Let’s go.”

    “I’m not ready to go,” Alven said. He glared at his friend even as his russet hair burst into the characteristic flames of his fire element. “I’m definitely not ready to go. Because for a moment, it sounded like you were suggesting that we run away with our tails between our legs.”

    “Look, Lathmore may not be paying attention or maybe the kid isn’t ratting you out, but if you do this–on the grounds of-”

    “On the grounds that he’s an annoying little-“

    By Sara H. URL on 06.14.2014

  35. You took my heart. You took it all. You lit the flames and step back. You watched as all my emotion of individuality leaked, leaving behind a empty shell. We used to have the world, and you held it. And you let go

    By Abby URL on 06.14.2014

  36. It seems only fair to say that you were the instigator. I didn’t ask you to tell me about her. I didn’t ask to be given your heart. But as soon as you did place it in my hands, I gave you all I could give. My time, my words, my thoughts. I argued with you. Pressed to to be better, to be happier, to live without thinking of only yourself. We could have been the greatest of friends. In fact, we were, for quite sometime. I think, given time, we will still be friends. But the truth is, that in the end, I gave you my heart and it was more than you wanted to carry.

    By gabri on 06.14.2014

  37. She didn’t agree with him one bit, but the thing that really jarred was his always beginning it every time. Every time. Why couldn’t he just let things lie for once?

    By smr on 06.14.2014

  38. She begins everything. She doesn’t think, she decides. Once the decision is made there is no room for doubt or for regret, just the avalanche of one decision into another into another. Definite and infinite.

    By Juliet on 06.14.2014

  39. “You are the instigator,” she said as a curious smile took hold of her blood-red lips. “It’s all your fault I have to do this.” She proceeded to shave the baby chinchillas, one by one, humming as her razor glided over luxurious chinchilla fur with a fatal caress. When it was finally over, she stood up, dropped her razor, and walked out of the room, leaving behind a chill in the air and five walking, breathing skin pouches.

    By Zoe on 06.14.2014

  40. A raconteur with a silver tongue. The kind that tells ya tall tales. But with flair. With an air. That traps ya, hook, line, and sinker.

    By Intuition on 06.14.2014