March 21st, 2017 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “influence”

  1. The word influence is important because you can influence someone in a bad way or a good way. Good influence is always welcomed but when it is bad then you can’t stop it.

    By Mine on 03.23.2017

  2. Ants live in my bathroom. I don’t understand why, or where they are coming from. The bathroom is a far cry from nature. It is tiled all across the floors and up the walls, a brittle landscape compared to the twiggish and dirty environs I think ants should prefer. The bathroom ants are not like ants in nature. I see them alone, never following each other, never working together. When I sit on the toilet I watch them; they stare into the corners, their antennae twitching like they are talking with ghosts. They trek up and down the walls and walk over my feet when I am in the shower. I take too long in the shower, every time, and they grow used to me. The water doesn’t scare them. If the tile hasn’t put them off, and the lack of food, then maybe it is a comfort for them to taste soap, or the dirt and salt being washed off.

    Against me, the water feels good, I know it is the cleanest I will feel all day not just in terms of being washed off but in having clarity. Having five seconds to myself. Alone except for the ants, that walk through water in order to tread over my toes. We are surrounded by an unnatural environment we only tolerate for having been born there.

    By Danielle1 URL on 03.23.2017

  3. Political influence has such a dirty reputation. Anymore, people hear the term and automatically think of a shifty, maniacal billionaire holding large financial donations over the heads of the desperate politicians they control. But there is still strength and value in people power. We’re beginning to see that when the citizens of the US stand up and speak with one voice, they can drown out the single voice of the selfish, wealthy donor.

    By Andrew on 03.23.2017

  4. my parents have influenced me in many ways in my life.

    By stephanie B pincince on 03.23.2017

  5. The influence of the Dort period could be seen in Mari’s painting. The tall glistening towers and the perspective of both depth and flatness were strange. the towers leaned in on each other. Xam looked closer and could see other people looking at him as well.

    He backed away and looked out the window in the gallery. He wondered who was in the painting, himself or the other people. That was definitely the quandary that the Dort had proposed – what was real and what was the dream.

    By chanpheng URL on 03.23.2017

  6. parents can influence their kids, environment .art is a great influence to someone’s character. people get influenced by people around them .

    By ioanna on 03.23.2017

  7. Under his influence I took a brave step into the unknown. I chose to move half way around the world to explore this love that we shared for each other. I felt brave and strong with him at my side.

    By Rachel on 03.23.2017

  8. He’s intoxicating. He merely speaks softly and I melt. He holds me in the palm of his hand and can influence me to do his every bidding. The thing is he only uses this to build me up to make me stronger. He doesn’t hurt me or try to overpower me.

    By rachelecobb URL on 03.23.2017

  9. In the end
    Nobody is there
    Forever know one is coming
    Like the endless sea
    Under the darkest night
    Ever is never
    Nothing is going to happen
    Cant see the light
    End of the world
    This is my story

    By angel on 03.23.2017

  10. Any influence isn’t good in life. Decisions taken independently puts one in a stable position in life. Influence only weakens one’s resolve.

    By Priyanka Chauhan URL on 03.23.2017

  11. how you influence a persons life , doesn’t always depend on how you want it to , your influence on a person , whether close or not , reflects your behavior to yourself and how you think !
    i believe you yourself can be influenced by a person , if you don’t want to, only the person who leaves a mark on you will inspire you to get influenced.

    By Eva Thomas URL on 03.23.2017

  12. interminable influence radiates from that golden
    dim lamp
    infested with wealth, and resources, abound
    society is always damp
    so grab a clamp
    and pick out that solemnity

    amid those robbed hours
    theres love within the breeze
    that we seize

    inflluence can either fluidly flow out of
    pores and snores
    into coating away brown leaves
    to sheer green

    or be the epitome of why the eye
    not notices

    regurgitate every ounce of breeze
    loved ones yearn for understanding
    influence others to be love bandits
    and you’ll have it
    that inner

    By Milad URL on 03.23.2017

  13. how you influence a persons life reflects your behavior towards yourself, you cant really know how a person influences you , i believe only the person who leaves a mark on you can insipre you to get influenced !

    By Eva Thomas URL on 03.23.2017

  14. leadership is influence, how you inspire a person , tells how deeply you influence them , your thinking reflects your ideas towards leadership which in turn reflects how you influence a person !

    By Eva Thomas on 03.23.2017

  15. this is the same word as yesterday im confused like totally confoozled

    By ian URL on 03.23.2017

  16. her influence was spreading slowly, like it couldn’t get enough energy to get off the floor. Her head nodded down on her blouse and she waited for the train home. How could she be so useless and yet everyone ask for her help? She had no choice but to leave early. She had never been so tired.

    By maryannerose1 URL on 03.23.2017