June 5th, 2023 | 16 Entries

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16 Entries for “imagination”

  1. my imagination is that I moved new city with family in Mountain view and enjoying beaches there

    by shankar on 06.06.2023
  2. his kid was drawing, and using his imagination he drew a monster, it had tentacles, the face of a wolf, and only one eye.

    by stijn toonen on 06.06.2023
  3. It is flow, letting your mind breathe out color and wings, of capturing clouds in jars, and painting with flowers, to see the sky beneath your feet, to feel rainbows.

  4. gratitude

    by shankar on 06.06.2023
  5. I always live in my imagination, I just imagine myself in situations that are never gonna happen.
    Sometimes these alternate realities that I imagine ruins my day.

    by Vasudharany V on 06.06.2023
  6. IMAGINATION!!…Probably a collaboration of our brain and mind..What we think and picturise about something, in our mind..It could be a positive or negative thing .. Our minds are crazy and naughty.thwy hardly listen to us

    by HEMA PRASAD on 06.05.2023
  7. IMAGINATION!!…Probably a collaboration of our brain and mind..What we think and picturise about something, in our mind..It could be a positive or negative thing

    by HEMA PRASAD on 06.05.2023
  8. My reality has always been one to escape. I would leave my sadness, anger and unworthiness behind, diving into the world my imagination could create. My teachers would commend me for my imagination and creative stories. Yet what they did not understand, was these new realms were simply my escape. I suddenly had a loving family, I was no longer living in poverty, I could even travel the universe, ride free on the open range , save a village and even matter to someone I chose.

    by cat on 06.05.2023
  9. A world where I can be anything I want. A dream that can become reality. True love exists and will bring happiness. I used to believe that lie. It was all a creation of one’s imagination. The world I live in judges, condemns, uses and abuses and only the small few surpass and succeed, while the rest are left to merely survive.

    by son on 06.05.2023
  10. Imagination makes life better. A little easier. The crazy wonderful world inside our head is, sometimes, the only thing that bring solace to our otherwise disturbed life.

    by Tarang on 06.05.2023
  11. Every edifice of society, every monument of progress, every marvel of technology, they were all once ephemeral whispers in the corridors of imagination. It’s in these hallowed halls we glimpse the dawn of tomorrow.

  12. imagination is powerful. sometimes i’m scared to imagine too much in fear that i might create something too good, which could then be imagined away

    by mellowtonin on 06.05.2023
  13. the currency of change is minted in the vaults of imagination. it’s the intangible wealth that fuels the engines of progress and navigate the roadmap of the future…

    by arlo on 06.05.2023
  14. The shackles of reality pale in the face of a liberated imagination. Our thoughts, unfettered by the tangible, roam the boundless plains of possibility, hunting for the elusive prey of unexplored ideas.

    by human_esque on 06.05.2023
  15. The mind is an artist, with the world as its canvas. It paints with the colors of our imaginations, each thought a stroke, each dream a splash of vibrant hue. Within these galleries, we explore the boundaries of our realities.

    by Jaz on 06.05.2023
  16. you felt
    i shouldn’t
    have let myself
    wake up
    fall asleep
    begin with
    my imagination

    by Em on 06.05.2023