January 9th, 2018 | 35 Entries

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35 Entries for “hungry”

  1. I’m thinking about food because its January. I always think about food in January because no one wants you to eat. All advertisers want you to drink your food. I don’t like to drink my food. I like real food.

    By beeem on 01.09.2018

  2. La creatura si fece strada tra i rami rinsecchiti che spuntavano dal sottobosco, mulinando davanti a sé le scarne braccia nodose. Attratta dall’odore di carne morente, riprese ad annusare intorno a sé, nella speranza di dare finalmente sollievo alla propria fame.

    By culo on 01.09.2018

  3. The lion inside me is hungry. He doesn’t know for what. Will he stumble across the food he wants on his path through the jungle? Or will he starve? These questions are important: if he finds food, I live. If he doesn’t, I die.

    By Joanna Bressler on 01.09.2018

  4. I… am… hungry…

    I… am… hungry…

    The dripping of my saliva sounds like a waterfall in the echoing cave. The people coming closer didn’t recognize the difference. Poor bastards.

    I… am… hungry…

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.09.2018

  5. The flames lick at me. Cravings Bacon chessburger. Pizza. Neopalitan ice cream sandwich. For the love of god, something, anything, to take away this all-consuming gnaw that lays in my gut. Water looks so refreshing to me, but what was it? A mirage. Of course.

    By Jayce on 01.09.2018

  6. Famished. When your belly feels as if it can no longer live and cries for food. A dark rumbling in your stomach the aches to be filled with lobster, crackers, ice cream, bananas- anything that will fill the void.

    By Rachael DePalma on 01.09.2018

  7. Hungry. Hungry for what? For food? No, we are too privileged for that type of hunger. Those of us who can’t go hungry, are starving for meaning in this world.

    By Sam URL on 01.09.2018

  8. I woke up hungry this morning. Damn, I don’t have any milk. How am I supposed to eat my cereal. I brought it all the way from San Diego to Tokyo. Maybe I could use water. Has anyone ever tried that? How about mango juice? It probably tastes like shit and that’s why nobody has ever tried it. If I had only gone to the supermarket.

    By J Town on 01.09.2018

  9. thirsty for knowledge,
    hungry for change

    standing on a cliff with no ledge,
    reaching for reason – just out of range

    By omqwat on 01.09.2018

  10. wanting a new job that makes me satisfied. How i feel right now about finding that new job and getting into the company i want.

    By dawn on 01.09.2018

  11. The children were all hungry. The children were all tired. The children were all angry. The children were all wired. The children couldn’t sleep despite how sleepy they all were. They couldn’t keep their food down, even though their stomachs purred. The children cried, the children wailed, the children spat and screamed. And when they all at last dozed off, they never really dreamed. The children all stayed hungry, and yes, they all stayed tired. And not a moment’s rest for us, who drove on all the while.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.09.2018

  12. Well I was pretty hungry today after having a salad from Leaf. The only thing I could find in the cupboard was peanut butter, so I ate until I could not eat any more. I have not been hungry since. peanut butter really fills you up. Good to know, but the calories suck.

    By Carmrun on 01.09.2018

  13. all the clouds turn to rain
    all the rain feeds the puddles
    hungry as they are
    as they die in the morning
    trodden upon the feet of
    pressed upon the heels of
    broken souls because they love
    living in a cloud of drudgery

    By Matt m. on 01.09.2018

  14. I sat in the middle of the cold, barren field, ashamed my stomach was turning on me. If only I had brought something to eat with me when I left.

    By Karen B. Jones on 01.09.2018

  15. There was enough saliva to fill a river, a slow moving clingy viscous river, smelling of rotting flesh and bad breath. They were hungry, and there was nothing around to satisfy it, there was only sand, and more sand, and a river of saliva running downhill, and towards the shore.

    By Flyderkov URL on 01.09.2018

  16. Food on The Table

    Food sitting on the table.
    I stare, longing for it.
    I reach over, grab a piece,
    And take a longing bite.

    I chew and chew,
    It’s really good.
    I’m satisfied for now,
    But the hunger never leaves.

    By Kairu on 01.09.2018

  17. Stomach is empty, need to eat something nutricious and filling to make the hunger pains go away. Always hungry the night after a girls night out!! The best thing to eat is a burger.

    By Kirstin on 01.09.2018

  18. Hungry. Why am I so hungry?
    I have no clue.
    I really don’t.
    Maybe it’s because I ran so much today, maybe it’s because I simply was searching up “delicious food” earlier (oops) but seriously, why am I hungry?
    I don’t know at all. I guess I have a banana downstairs that I can eat, but it’s already nighttime, so nope.
    Why am I hungry?

    By Kairu on 01.09.2018

  19. Her nails dug into the wood of the table, leaving brilliant marks in her wake. Her eyes were black holes burnt into her face. They ate light and spat out nothing but air, nothing but the used shotgun shells of words that once held meaning.

    By Riannon on 01.09.2018

  20. I am hungry after sleeping. ´It is without a doubt that may stomach digest new information everyday´ said Robert To the voice of the email. ´

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 01.10.2018

  21. “I’m hungry,” Mary complained while walking in the forest.
    “I told you to buy some food before our trip,” John rebuked his companion.
    “Sorry,” Mary looked at John apologetically.
    Her stomach grumbled while they were arriving at their destination.

    By echuaco URL on 01.10.2018

  22. Hunger. The fearful sensation which diminishes your whole body. As I stared at him, I knew he felt it too. Hunger. We had nothing to eat, nothing to live for. Nothing to do, nothing to see. Accept for the last biscuit on the plate beside our empty cups of coffee. We knew it would be a fight for the death.

    By Anonymous on 01.10.2018

  23. I’m still hungry. I just ate the egg bites and they were delicious. But, I’m still HUNGRY! I do have a cup of coffee, but that doesn’t do much for my hunger at this moment. I hate being hungry.

    By rf on 01.10.2018

  24. If you are hungry enough, your brain begins to be tampered with. All you can think about is how much you want something edible to satisfy your growling stomach.

    By Kathy Luana Bailey on 01.10.2018

  25. a void deep in my chest, a black hole that needs to be constantly fed. life isn’t enough, no, there must be more than this. I want to dance, I want to scream, I want to break all my bones. I want to travel to the stars and be burnt by the sun. I want to fall in love, oh I want to fall in love.

    By ae on 01.10.2018

  26. She was hungrier than she realized, and had wolfed down one bowl of stew and was in the process of helping herself to another when she felt Kristan’s gaze. She let go of the ladle, embarassed, but he only smiled. “I like to see you with an appetite,” he said.

    By mrsmig on 01.10.2018

  27. I was so hungry. I could feel it in my stomach, and in my chest, and my knees; I felt weak, and nauseous and angry and tired. My head hurt, and my toes. My fingers were aching. I was so hungry but couldn’t decide what to eat.

    By ep7 on 01.10.2018

  28. oh im hungry last night so i had a mcdonalds cheeseburger and it was yum but normally i prefer a crispy chicken clubhouse but hey i was hungry and it was a snack

    By Secretcommander on 01.10.2018

  29. “I’m so hungry ” the homeless said. He walks around the street find some money, finds some food.

    By Javi on 01.10.2018

  30. Hungry
    Millions of people around the world go hungry everyday
    There isn’t enough food being produced for everyone to be satisfied
    So they go hungry
    From newborns to elders
    Everyone is hungry.

    By Tiger Lily on 01.10.2018

  31. This morning I didn’t get the chance to eat so I am extremely hungry, but i’m always really hungry.
    Nothing new.

    By Jordan on 01.10.2018

  32. I am so hungry right now. All I can think about is food. The delicious food. It is too bad that our school lunch sucks because I am really hungry. I am also really broke so I can not go down to the cafe to get food.

    By Rubber Duck on 01.10.2018

  33. I’m hungry right now, and I’m hungry my real Chinese food for already five months.

    By Jerry on 01.10.2018

  34. “Mom! I’m hungry and the school bus is here!” Cynthia said and her stomach growling “Okay sweet pea!” her mother replied “stop calling me sweet pea and Please make my breakfast!” Cynthia’s stomach roared “Okay okay! I’m making breakfast”

    By littleawesomepie on 01.10.2018

  35. Whenever I get home from school I am famished. I scavenge the party for something to eat, but I never find anything. I call for my mother to satisfy my hunger, but she’s tells me, “Find something on your own!”

    By chase URL on 01.10.2018