April 1st, 2010 | 134 Entries

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134 Entries for “humor”

  1. is an interesting concept. sometimes robots can understand this concept and sometimes people can as well. The great thing about humor is it’s a bone

    By Jennifer Seward on 04.02.2010

  2. blah blah blah this is tough. why did the chicken cross the road? well thats not humor…humor is different to everyone, so to have me put humor in this text isnt even worth it.

    What did the ghost say the bee?


    Yay for immature humor!

    By Jim on 04.02.2010

  3. people may not get mine
    i might not get theirs.
    but without it we’d all be fucked.
    rightly fucked.

    By trish on 04.02.2010

  4. makes you all giggly inside. Brings out the best and the “little Devil” inside all of us. There is a fine line between what is fun and funny and what is a practical joke…but it all has it’s roots in humor. I think of Fun. I think of family.

    By Julie on 04.02.2010

  5. laughing is the best remedy for life. lie back look up take everything in especially a big breath and start laughing. How much better does that feel. Awesome.

    By mbewell URL on 04.02.2010

  6. Humor is the basis of casual social interaction. When one has a good sense of humor, one is able to sense and exploit the irony implicit in this grand adventure we call life. Humor is a sign of intelligence, though it would appear that some have a natural instinct for it. Humor is something that cannot be taught.

    By Matthew Mosquera on 04.02.2010

  7. Well. That’s a funny thing. I can’t seem to remember the last time I laughed so hard. My stomach bursting and my legs flailing. What holds us back from laughing at fear like that? If only I knew. If only. I wish we could joke again.

    By Cassity on 04.02.2010

  8. I can’t really make people laugh very often. At least, not as often as I’d like to. Lately I’ve been getting better at it but still not enough. I was surrounded by class clowns my whole life, people with the charm, charisma, and wit to send a classroom into an uproarious laughter with just a word. I’m not that guy. But I don’t wanna stop trying to be funny. It’s become a part of me. And if I stop that, what else do I stop? So no.

    By BlackAndWhite9999 on 04.02.2010

  9. having a sense of humor is really important to me. it’s one of things i look for most in a friend or significant other. if you don’t have humor, what do you have? humor is the best way to fight off fear, depression, anger, all other negative emotions. if you can look at life and see the sweetness, the beauty, and the humor, you’re in good shape

    By Ila on 04.02.2010

  10. The best things to help you out of a funk. I love to make people laugh, their smile makes me feel I brought a little joy to their life

    By Ben Austro on 04.02.2010

  11. Humor is the spice of life
    be sure to laugh at your misfortunes,
    your blunders, and your mistakes,
    make sure that other people laugh at thier’s as well
    Becouse I sure do.

    By rex101111 on 04.02.2010

  12. I think the first time I laughed was about myself. I was a baby and I tried to stand up and I did–for about 2 seconds. And then I fell and thought it was really humorous. I know this happened because my parents caught this on tape. Me, laughing at my failures already–must’ve been such a turning point.

    By Sherry on 04.02.2010

  13. the first time i saw you, i laughed at you and teased you. your winter boots didn’t fit in the gym, by the soccer balls, and you soaked the floor with melted snow.

    just three years later and i laid eyes on you again, and i guess i was as clumsy as you were with those boots. i fell over myself and right into your arms.

    By R on 04.02.2010

  14. More people need a sense of humor. It is one thing the world has lost. Why can we only see the sad the side of things. Humor – relax – take time to laugh. Most things aren’t as “heavy as they seem. Life is rough. It’s so rough however that we can’t find a moment or 2 to see the light side of things.

    Humor is little known comodity. It would be nice to see more of it in the word place and home. We are just serious for own good.

    By Cathy on 04.02.2010