July 22nd, 2017 | 19 Entries

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19 Entries for “hosts”

  1. Her original offer at the time had been one stemmed from genuity- she really did want to help out in any way she could, especially knowing all the hardships the family was experiencing. But her invitation to host their somewhat-eccentric, certainly troubled nephew for a week was very quickly starting to be one of her more recent regrets, after what happened during dinner that first night.

    By carriedaway URL on 07.22.2017

  2. There were awful hosts in this bar we were in tonight, one was really ugly and called Jeff, he smelled like a pig the host of the computer game was I creible, he the hosts of our evening were what I’d describe as evil, I’d heard many bad stories and I didn’t know why I was actually here sat in their company,

    By Marie on 07.22.2017

  3. Gäste sind anstrengend. Schon ihre Anwesenheit. Auch wenn sie noch so nett sind. Wenn Gäste da sind, ist morgens das Bad besetzt. Genau dann, wenn ich es am dringendsten brauche. Wenn Gäste da sind, dauert das Essenvorbereiten viel länger und das Essen an sich auch. Wenn Gäste da sind, habe ich nie frei, kann nie nackig in der Wohnung herumlaufen, bin immer irgendwie angebunden, muss ständig meine Pläne mit ihren abstimmen.

    By Eli URL on 07.22.2017

  4. Chelsea 4-0 Brentford : Top of the League Chelsea brush The Bees asideThe Sun.

    By adidas promo URL on 07.22.2017

  5. the ghost of my house try to host many events to scare the relatives away from my house they call my house the haunted house.

    By ethan dimmock on 07.22.2017

  6. My hosts in Alaska had only hoped that i would be trail worthy. With only my words to describe my passions, I had to hope for the best. And so did they. Upon my arrival, we met on a snow covered airstrip, along with the extra dog team they brought for me. And our adventure began then.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 07.22.2017

  7. Business just gets in the way. Being a host is the worst experience, you have to keep smiling and being polite to everyone about everything. And you have to take their criticism of your food, the decor, even the weather, but, and I can’t stress this enough, the worst criticism is about all the other guests. Just the fact that there are other guests , and you are spending with all the others, seems to some people outrageous. I talked about business – I have most more business while hosting parties than at any other time. It is here that they meet my competitors. It is in my home while I am being nice to them that they realise I am not their sort of person, that they are not happy with me, and that they can do better.

    Before I go I must tell you why I still put these events on. It is because it is so much fun. Here you see the real person, the person they will resolve down to in a fight. At my parties everyone fights, and I keep inviting everyone. It is the only joy I have left in life, watching them in action at close range.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.22.2017

  8. Our hosts tonight served us plates of cheese and ham – and only cheese and ham. Being vegan, I didn’t want to be rude, but I left both the pig and dairy untouched and sipped on my Chardonnay while my stomach rumbled. One of the hosts, Jerry, seemed to notice and maybe even pity me, for a few minutes later, he walked out of the dining room, and a few minutes after that, he passed me a pack of saltine crackers.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.22.2017

  9. the cottages shiver below a bald moon
    we lay huddled, still
    our pragmatic, rational dreams
    softly snake up kitchen chimneys
    like incense
    like lines of wet laundry
    crossing the yards

    the yellowed street lights
    in unison close an eye
    the darkness softly spirals
    slack tide
    schoolyard, reception, fabricators
    frozen in ice

    the youngest coughs between us
    I roll slowly
    don’t twist your back
    you drift when the coughing stops
    I drift in a murmur
    the money
    will come

    soon with intimate blindness
    I repeat the procedure
    hi viz, boots, thermos
    sandwiches you packed while I slept
    idle the car just so
    you will hear it, stir
    make a pot
    of tea

    By minimalist URL on 07.22.2017

  10. who hosts the shows of our lives? god? no. its us. we are the host of our own shows. we make it. no one else does.

    By Srimoyee Mukherjee on 07.22.2017

  11. Tammysmith was his code name. He sent private messages on oneworddotcom, looking for morons who can easily beleive that glorious business opportunities are arriving on the internet in private messages from fake named strangers. Whitout they themselves working hard, sending applications, studying, developing ideas etc.
    Hovewer, “Tammy” really did find some of those greedy and/or desperate people. Now, they were the hosts in his vaccine-industry. His little Indias. Growing deadly viruses, cute little xenomorphs and tiny pink-and-blue marshmelllow panda cubs in their stomach.

    By cup URL on 07.23.2017

  12. The job was simple: find a host that fits you, occupy it, follow further instructions. Only problem? Human hosts had to be either male or female.
    And when my time of decision ended, I still wasn’t sure which to pick.

    By Anastasia on 07.23.2017

  13. The host of the party was very good but,at dinner time that was going to be changed.

    By Joe on 07.23.2017

  14. I have a good host where i am staying and she is fantastic,the food she provides is great.

    By Violet on 07.23.2017

  15. The host we’re we were staying was great.the food she provided was excellent and she was very friendly

    By Violet on 07.23.2017

  16. The hosts of the party were very nice. They welcomed everyone that they knew and made your good time their first priority. The hosts happened to be us, The Reverens.

    By Ritvik URL on 07.23.2017

  17. She felt the eyes of everyone in the room pop over to her and then go back to their conversation, pretending they weren’t staring. Staring at the girl who’s life was tragedy. She rolled her eyes internally and handed Shirley her pie.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 07.23.2017

  18. It was the party of the century. Everyone who was someone was there. No one was left unattended. Not a single guest. Not a single parasitic host. Because they were everywhere, thriving, becoming who they were meant to be.

    By firelight URL on 07.23.2017

  19. My back’s against the wall here. She smiles as those mesmerizing full lips of hers part in the blink of an eye, “You almost had me fooled. Choosing this as your guise, bravo, bravo.”

    Her eyes are flashing now. Her face is in mine. Too close, too close. Those dark eyelashes of hers brush like butterfly wings against my cheek. She sighs so deep I worry she will pass out before she next inhales.

    She punches my chest; fist reaching down to the core. The pain never comes. But my breath remains short. She pulls out an angry ghost. “Thought you could hide in this host?”

    It writhes with impotent rage but she shoves it into a jar.

    “What the hell just happened here,” I ask, but she’s gone away so very far. This woman I’ve known since childhood has spirited off with something that needed hosts and I don’t even know when I could have possibly been infected. I summoned nothing because I believe in nothing. I work a normal day job. I’m ordinarily logic-oriented so I would know if I all of sudden switched dimensions where this kinda stuff was common place so what in the actual…the floor drops…I fall back into my desk at my day job. No. This is all wrong.

    By Center URL on 07.23.2017