March 22nd, 2019 | 9 Entries

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9 Entries for “host”

  1. When I grow up, I want to be the host of a late night TV show. I’ll make silly jokes and political quips, and I’ll get to interview my favorite actors. I’ll also listen to my favorite bands and shake their hands, all while I realize that they don’t sound as good live as they do in their recordings. After each show, I’ll get drunk like my dad and pass out in my dressing room, and I’ll pretend that I’m on top of the f***ing world on Twitter.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.22.2019

  2. “Yes, it’s all very stressful,” he said, “It’s due soon and I have very little time, you see. Plus, I’m tired and have many other plans. I have a host of problems. I’m also having many guests over this evening and my caterer canceled, so I have a hosting problem as well!”

    By Land of Dave URL on 03.22.2019

  3. A host is a person who holds an event or gathering for other people. The person entertains others as guests.

    By Alexandria on 03.22.2019

  4. “What an awful host he’s been,” Cameron remarked as David yet again whizzed past she and Jasper without even sparing a glance in their direction. She sipped on her glass of white wine, eyes roaming about the room. “If we weren’t contractually obligated to be here, I’d say forget about it.”

    Jasper laughed and snapped another photo from his Nikon. “You and me both, sis.”

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 03.22.2019

  5. the man strained with every punch. the dark spirit concealed in the puppet of flesh was not hurt, not harmed it merely smiled at the pain.

    By Will on 03.22.2019

  6. It lived within me, all this anger, anger I harboured for much too long. A host, a surrogate, honestly, what’s the difference?

    By Spin URL on 03.23.2019

  7. She was a host for his virus.
    He injected her with depression & darkness and madness.

    By chantemcb URL on 03.23.2019

  8. Well… I am not really the best host ever, but I tried to do my best with Jonas…and I think he also realized that. My mum is a master in this, when she likes the person she’s hosting. If she doesn’t, there’s no way hosting is gonna be her favorite thing. My father seems not to like it, but in the end he’s the best.

    By Gaetana on 03.23.2019

  9. Your parents are hosting you at home. If your life was further along, then it wouldn’t matter, it would be just another place to lay your head, albeit with all the endowed significance of a childhood spent there. But you’re still under their influence. It has been a long time since someone who wanted to be the other half of me was still under the influence of their parents to that degree. Perhaps that’s why I had a coronary when your mother walked into your room, out of nowhere, and asked point-blank if it was me. The other half of you. She called me the wrong name, but she knew it was me. Tell me, honey, how’d she know?

    By Ella Emma Em on 03.23.2019