October 5th, 2018 | 15 Entries

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15 Entries for “hoop”

  1. The hoop was just too small for her hips. She tried several times, with more zest each time, but in the end the hoop won. She was beautiful. She was one of the prettiest girlfriends I have had in several years. But if the hoop doesn’t fit, it’s just not going to go any further.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 10.05.2018

  2. Mrs. Semple wore a golden hoop in each ear, and she claimed she was an expert hula hooper in her youth. I was ready for her to brag that she could shoot hoops, too, but she never mentioned basketball in all the times we had tea together.

    I was heating up the kettle when she came down with a cough. I held her hand as we went to the emergency room together. She wore silver hoops in her ears that night.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.05.2018

  3. The basketball boys were gathered around, waiting for the three point contest to begin. The coach appeared and stepped in front of the boys. “This is going to be easy boys. Just put the ball in the hoop. Don’t let me down. This decides your future.”

    By LeA Jean on 10.05.2018

  4. I jumped through the hoop. I mean, if the hula hoop fell down and theres just a big circle perfect for you to jump into, why wouldn’t you? I sure would. Anyway, seeing stuff like that always makes me want to jump through.

    By Vera Leaf URL on 10.05.2018

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  7. Tired of jumping through hoops, Dianne packed her bags and left. The Hula Hoop wouldn’t fit in the suitcase, so she just dragged it along behind her. All was well until a policeman dragged her back home and told her mother.

    By rlmcooper on 10.06.2018

  8. Hoop hoop hoop
    I thread between the loops
    Step by step
    Looks a little scary up ahead
    And for a second I might think
    How lovely it would be
    To just rest in one hoop
    Sitting comfortably, no thinking
    No bothering, no worrying
    How wonderful life could be
    When only one hoop there would be
    And wish I could stay
    But then again
    It gets a little thin
    And suddenly, no air
    Oh, but I do wish to stay!
    No place for me here, though.
    I’ve grown too different
    The hoop won’t fit
    I must skip
    And yes, it’s scary not to stay
    Hoop hoop hoop
    And to the next loop

    By R on 10.06.2018

  9. I grew up in an age when crinolines were worn. Those uncomfortable, elastic waisted, shaped like inverted tea cups, things that replaced half-slips to be worn under skirts. I took three buses each morning in those damn things. Finally I rebelled and wore jeans to the UCLA campus. My mother was crying when I left home for the first bus. She thought I’d be expelled. But those crinolines, and putting them on after swim class in UCLA’s unheated pool, then running up 73 steps to get to the Physics building, racing up two flights to my class with 45 boys and me, always late, never understanding? Bad enough my hair was wet and tangled. I did not get expelled. Within a week, I counted at least 5 girls in jeans. Then more, then more. I wonder what I would have done if hoops wore worn in those days? Hoop di di, la di da, I suppose.

    By Joanna Bressler on 10.06.2018

  10. If you look through the hoop, you can see another universe. Nobody really thinks of going there, mind you. It’s merely amusing that you can see those green-and-blue people, weeping great tears, going about their lives without knowing we are watching. Sometimes I put the hoop on a nail on the wall. Other times I take it out and spin it on the road like a Victorian child.

    By Delia on 10.06.2018

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  14. She had to jump through all this hoops. Being nice to people she despised, being humble when she has had success, wearing clothes that hindered a normal movement, not being too loud, not being too forward – she was a woman.

    By Silke Seßler on 10.07.2018

  15. A car is passing by and someone is crossing the street at the same time. A person near him just grabbed him saying hoop a car is passing.

    By Jamie on 10.07.2018