July 19th, 2018 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “hoodie”

  1. the guy with a hoodie was walking in the sidewalk minding his business. Suddenly he fell down and started having seizures, a beat cop came and saved him!

    By Shanmuga on 07.19.2018

  2. She saw it was raining so she grabbed a hoodie on her way out. She thought it would be sufficient, but she did not plan for the flat tire. She walked into work drenched from head to toe from standing in the downpour.

    By okayfine on 07.19.2018

  3. Hoodie – An antisocial individual with a penchant for maintaining optimal head temperature.

    By Dav Matthews on 07.19.2018

  4. I snoop around in my grey hoodie
    Looking for a plan to flee
    they looking at me,
    Thinking, could he?
    Where is it that I want to be?
    Hiding for all eternity?
    Maybe I should just go and climb a tree
    but even then, i wont be truly free

    so ill just keep going about my day like a busy bee

    By Jake on 07.19.2018

  5. Leslie wore white sneakers, torn purple-stained jeans, and a black hoodie with an indecipherable logo splayed across it in metallic gold. She walked over to the counter to order a black coffee, and the shy, red-haired and dimpled barista fell absolutely in love with her. This was Vanessa, and she was just getting over the terrible night she had just hours ago, when her father had once again threatened to kick her out of the house.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.19.2018

  6. Oh god. I’m walking across the road to avoid the nervous looking women I was coming up to. Whenever I’m wearing a hoodie, or in a rush, I try to look as non-threatening as possible.

    By Jacob Constable on 07.19.2018

  7. She slept in his hoodie, made of comfort. The softness of it encasing her in a pillowy fort of love. It smelled of him. The sleeves were too big, but it didn’t matter. For her it was home. She knew it was the last piece of him she’d ever know and she breathed in the scent of it for as long as it would last. Her love was unending, life was not.

    By Melanie Creach on 07.19.2018

  8. hoodies are the best, they’re soft and warm and cozy. I have a hoodie, its brown and used to be my favorite.

    By hunter.ashley on 07.19.2018

  9. Shades drawn
    just like this.

    they scurried about their merry ways,
    quick at it.

    Hood up,
    she ventured into the crowd.

    By Lynn on 07.19.2018

  10. He wore it with pride. No matter how much his mother frowned, when she saw him in it, no matter how much abuse he got at school from his classmates and how often the teachers told him to take it off – he would not.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 07.19.2018

  11. She recklessly kissed her lover, as they stood blanketed by the typhoon rain, oblivious to the angry skies. Across the street, a man peaked from under his hoodie, livid and ashamed for his
    lost love. He clutched his .45 and squeezed.

    By Mighty Magulang URL on 07.20.2018

  12. A hoodie is a article of clothing consisting of a sweater and a hood combined. Hoodies are commonly used in the winter for their insulating properties. Yeet. Hoodies have been known to be worn by people since 1998, when the undertaker threw mankind off hell in a cell onto the announcer’s table.

    By Luigi says yeetus that fetus on 07.20.2018

  13. My mind has had enough today, I want to sit in a corner, pull my hoodie over my head and zone out from the world. It is not that there is too much going on, it is that I can’t seem to clear my head and it builds and builds until everything is static. My whole body seems to be shutting down, I can barely type, the lights are going out on me too. If I sit here I can sleep and then wake up when everyone arrives tomorrow.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.20.2018

  14. Hoodies are warm representations of hugs from distant peoples. People that create the hoodies do so for money, usually, but the hoodie is so much more. It brings warmth to those who are cold, and comfort to those feeling down, or melancholy. Hoodies are hugs.

    By Cathryn on 07.20.2018

  15. wooly hoodie masks your eyes, covers your ears, wish it would suffocate your mouth if you. i get it, it’s cozy, keeps the warmth in, i like them too. even down, just that extra warmth around your ears. that coal summer hoodie with short sleeves i have is a favorite, so soft, covers my chest but shows my arms.

    By loveyou on 07.20.2018

  16. the hoodie was his weapon—or so they thought. they hoodie represented all the things that were hidden that they wished that they could see. the hoodie held the secret—destroying the hoodie allows the secrets to flow.

    By Safon on 07.20.2018

  17. A hoodie is unique among personal attire. Hoodies, especially ones from college or specific events or locations, hold special place in our memories and we keep them around much longer than we do anything else, sometimes even for life. We even use them as indicators of love and exclusivity. Not just anybody has the right to wear our hoodies.

    By Kristian Pierce on 07.20.2018

  18. She raised the hood and drew the string, coocooning herself inside the sweatshirt. “Everyone leave me alone.” He laughed. “Um, I’m the only one here.” “I know, so I’m talking to you.”

    By Bridget Grace on 07.20.2018

  19. He wore it baggy. It cloaked who he was from the people around him. But when I talked to him I got to know about his other side. He was kind, soft, and warm just like that hoodie of his. And he was mine.

    By Madison on 07.20.2018

  20. His hoodie was the only thing left of him. But through it I could still feel him; his warmth, his smell. You wouldn’t be coming back, but at least in clothing form you’ve stayed.

    By Jordan Ashley on 07.20.2018

  21. “Honey, you can’t wear that tonight,” Mother said, pointing to the high school hoodie her daughter was draping over her shoulders. “Why don’t you wear this sweater? It has your school colors on it.” How could she explain to her daughter that because of the color of her skin, she couldn’t wear her school hoodie to the football game?

    By Kiki H on 07.20.2018

  22. The hoodie was a bitter reminder. It even smelled like her: a light, not altogether unpleasant hint of sweat.. mostly the pervasive odor of her perfume and the strawberry-scented hand sanitizer she always used.

    By Lee Anderson on 07.20.2018

  23. i put my high heels
    walk right through the door
    pull your hoodie from off the chair.
    your scent lingers
    your presence disturbs.

    By ashley on 07.20.2018

  24. ´´ Lift up a coffee cup and take a vitamin tablet, do not spill the coffee`´ , said the waiter.

    ´´ A hoodie has a mind for a bell´´, replied the resonation.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 07.21.2018

  25. Here in the ‘hood, everyone considers each other a fellow hoodie – their comrade, common conspirator, co-sapiens. It was them against the ‘world’ – the outliers, the common collaborators that wrecked harmful policies that brought their world down – on their seniors, progeny and helplessly unemployed. The hoodies gathered one night for their next season of revolt planning.

    By Issie Kay URL on 07.21.2018

  26. wore my thick black hoodie for my spray tan yesterday, the weight of the hood is like a sinker on a line. but i got my stinky tan, got my hair done, feel good going into this trip. gotta look young, gotta look spiffy, gotta look with it.

    By loveyou on 07.21.2018

  27. the hoodie she was stil lsmelled of him—that slight stench of musk and coconut oil—she inhaled the memories of the better times when this space felt safe—that space within his garment the space within him. she now inhales the m

    By Safon on 07.21.2018