November 12th, 2017 | 25 Entries

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25 Entries for “history”

  1. Marsha had a history – one that she told openly, usually in the bars she frequented, downing ales and tequila shots with reckless abandon. She told me one night, after I was decompressing from a tough day on the ranch, that she had once smashed a man’s skull in with a full bottle of champagne. It wasn’t a blow strong enough to kill him, she clarified, but it sure left a dent in his head for the rest of his life.

    “His friends called him ‘Concave Carl’ after that,” she said to me. “Needless to say, he never put his hand up my skirt ever again.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.12.2017

  2. “What we had is history okay Ethan!?” I yell aggravated with his infuriating insistence.

    “So it was that good it made history?” He asked slyly and I huffed before turning around to stomp off. With swift movement, I was pulled to Ethan’s chest with me flush against him.

    “W-what are you doing?” I asked stunned at the compromising position we were in. Leaning down to my 5’7″ height, he brushed his lips against mine.

    “What I should’ve done once you opened that pretty mouth of yours to break up.” And with that, my lips were devoured by his and I couldn’t do anything about it.

    Not that I wanted to.

    By Sarah Hillman on 11.12.2017

  3. I had a history of bad decision making skills. I was always putting myself in danger. But I’ll tell you a secret: I liked the danger. I liked not knowing whether or not each moment was my last. Its what made life worth living.

    By Leah on 11.12.2017

  4. A Peek into the past. Stories. Nostalgia. And lots to learn about the future.

    By Gayatri Nair on 11.12.2017

  5. history is from the beginning of time until now. It is the past. It tells about what happened in the world before our time until now. It tells about dates and important people.

    By krampley on 11.12.2017

  6. The history between the two people made it awkward when they had to pretend to be strangers in order to infiltrate the event. They wanted to protect each other so badly but were stuck on opposite sides of the group.

    By inu nova on 11.12.2017

  7. My grandfather lay on his bed, his head faced the ceiling. For a second, his eyes go wide and his palms shake. I look up to see whatever angel or demon has come to fetch him, but we’re in two different realms, and I see nothing.

    “History will repeat itself, young one.” Papa blurts out, his voice rich in terror. “It’s like a cycle you cannot avoid, like a lie you cannot untell. It’ll come back to haunt you, as it haunts me now.”

    He takes a big gasp then turns to me and I see a shadow move in his eyes. I scream.

    “Go now before it’s too late!”


    But his breath left him and his soul with it.

    By LifesGrey on 11.12.2017

  8. The Skeleton King never did very good in history class. He wasn’t wrong, he just couldn’t convince the teachers of his triumphant conquests of the past. The Skeleton King lopped Mrs. Summer’s head off with his cutlass.

    By Rover on 11.12.2017

  9. I miss you, and yet we have no history. Just abrupt moments connected by highways of fantasy. In The Church late at night, in tears. In my city, amongst books, in the sun, on the streets I dreamed you in. Now I miss you.

    By Ella Emma Em on 11.12.2017

  10. I’m still static-cold terrified
    of December; she’s tapping
    her red nails on the table,
    but she’s smiling and that’s
    a good sign.

    It’s not a good sign.
    It’s never a good sign
    when she comes knocking
    at my door, exposing the snowdrift
    of her teeth, and lashing out at me,
    flashbulb blinding my eyesight as I search
    with trembling hands.

    She leads me through mirth
    and peppermint streets
    before she deposits me
    down the valley, holds my head
    beneath the river
    near my backyard
    and I’m so close to home,
    to everyone I know,
    but no one hears me screaming.

    There are too many icicles
    hanging on the trees of my lungs.
    I’ve no more room for her
    gifts, her decorations, her reminders
    of my history.

    By Pandatry on 11.12.2017

  11. I hated history class when I was in school. I didn’t really see the point of it and I kind of still don’t. I understand that it’s important to learn from past mistakes and all that and if we don’t we’re doomed to repeat them and I understand that part is important is it really so important for me to know the NAMES of all the people who made the fucking mistakes? And the places and the dates and all that shit?

    By Hilary on 11.12.2017

  12. Claus gave up his job as an office clerk to be a YouTube star after his channel about Teddy bears became increasingly successful. All started one year ago when he uploaded a video about his torn teddy bear which he got 40 years ago from his mother when he was in a hospital for two weeks. And now, everything in his life was about teddy bears, teddy bear design, teddy bear manufacturing, teddy bear history, teddy bear collections, teddy bears all the way.

    By cup on 11.13.2017

  13. History is something interesting to somebody, but quite boring to the others. Some say that a knowledge of history helps build the path way towards future for the whole human kind, while others say that human make random choices anyway and its not worth it to learn from history.

    By Lumi on 11.13.2017

  14. Iäm just getting started on Oneword.
    It is weird cuz before my registration the system popped up “history” for me to write about, yet after registration, Oneword wants me to write about it again.
    It is obvious that Oneword needs to work on the History track of users.

    By Lumi on 11.13.2017

  15. History, now is the time , it is as recorded and written and sent. Where did all the stories go, what have they all meant?

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 11.13.2017

  16. They had history together, there was no doubt about that. But how much did that history affect their future? Some would say too much, some not at all. From her own point of view though, the history just made everything that much more poignant. Made her feel that much more strongly.

    By Tangerine URL on 11.13.2017

  17. She blew dust off the book like they did in movies and she felt a pang of adventure in her chest. “Let’s take a look.”
    “Aren’t you excited?”
    He ran a hand through his hair, “Honestly, it’s not that exciting.”
    “You’ve changed.”
    “I have?”
    “You used to find stuff like this fun.”

    By Bridget Grace on 11.13.2017

  18. salam mamnon alli boood

    By mina URL on 11.13.2017

  19. History reminds me of my Dad. He was my history teacher in high school.
    I really miss him and wish I could ask him so many unanswered questions I have.
    He was always so sweet and affectionate to me in direct contrast with my Mom.
    So history makes me think of him!

    By anniegirl6 on 11.13.2017

  20. history is a book that you read or a class that you take to learn about our past.

    By TEXAS!! on 11.13.2017

  21. History is a big thing. You learn about it in school or when you go to a historical place. everything has history be hind it. Everything you see or hear about has a reason of why it happened. You could be apart of history on day.

    By Chloe on 11.13.2017

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    By Berk on 11.13.2017

  23. Your past is nothing you can change. Control the moment and mentally prepare for the future. Live in the moment and stay present. Honor the Past, Respect the moment & prepare for the future!

    By Timothy Able URL on 11.13.2017

  24. Did you know that the word history actually two words put together? well yeah it is His and story are the two word that were put together. His as in God (Jesus) and His story He has put together. This is always so amazing to me because IT is so True He brought us here and has sculpted together this wonderful story. God made you and me to be wonderful people to bring past more of His story! so the next time you see the word history think of this little this HIS STORY!

    By Mikkala on 11.13.2017

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