September 8th, 2012 | 262 Entries

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262 Entries for “headphones”

  1. Ich konnte keine Kopfhörer mehr ertragen. Seit er es getan hatte nicht mehr. Seine Stimme, das Knirschen, das Brechen der Knochen, das Platzen meines Trommelfells schienen auf diese Weise noch einmal in mich einzudringen, auch wenn es noch so sanfte, harmonische Musik war. Der Arzt sagt, es ist alles wieder anstandslos verheilt, ich solle mal Urlaub machen, ich könnte ja daran sowieso nichts mehr ändern.

    By Lisa URL on 09.09.2012

  2. One word. That’s all it took. Love. Why is that so difficult to get your head around? Why is it such a powerful emotion? These are the thoughts I ponder at night. Being alone is horrid maybe I get why people love now.

    By Enya on 09.09.2012

  3. The booming beats came bursting out it was love. The new Dre beats had add to my life. Possibly the best headphones ever!

    By Ryan Ki nney on 09.09.2012

  4. Headphones are the key to life. Why you ask? They allow you to forget the outside craziness of the world we live in and focus on the important…what is in your head.

    By D on 09.09.2012

  5. She put her head back and sighed. The bus was too crowded and too rowdy. Even her trusty headphones couldn’t make a difference in the sound level around her. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep through the bumpy ride.

    By Julia on 09.09.2012

  6. Headphones are a central part of my life. Whether it’s just while riding my bike, mowing the lawn, or passing the time while waiting for something else, there is nothing like having good music playing in my headphones. I like the ones that cover your whole ear, because of the sound, but earbuds seems to be a little more portable and convenient. Either way, though, headphones rock.

    By Greg on 09.09.2012

  7. I listen to music through them. They’re pretty awesome because I get lost on my own world the second I put them in. I love them. They may be life savers. But I don’t really know.

    By Jaymie on 09.09.2012

  8. the best ones are those inside the ears. actually head phones are great to avoid people.
    you can live in your own world , listen to your favorite songs and nothing else in the world maters. headphones are friendly

    By Dina on 09.09.2012

  9. you think i brought my headphones with me so i could ignore you my friend, i did not! i brought them so i may blast my music as i make art in your yard.. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE with my canvas of dirt!

    By Luchador Lavender on 09.09.2012

  10. covering my ears, the soft leather cushions act like pillows caressing me to sleep. The soft tunes sway back and forth and carry me off to worlds unseen. Love carries through these headphones.

    By James LaFarlette on 09.09.2012

  11. As I walk home from school, I hide the sorrows of my failed test as I start up my iPod and put the headphones into my ears and begin to walk home, thinking about how I am going to explain this to my parents.

    By Astrid on 09.09.2012

  12. music. world off.
    Dream :)

    By Nora on 09.09.2012

  13. A way to be in your own world, nothing can touch you, headphones a helmet that protect you from reality.

    By Daniela on 09.09.2012

  14. I’m hiding behind the music, inside the headphones again, walking the tracks, under the latest tracks and humming to myself. I feel the same way that singer does, and it makes me wonder if anyone else can hear the greatness and the sorrow. I tilt my head back the way they do in the movies, right before an orgasm, and I cry out loud, just the same way the train behind me does. I don’t hear it coming, I just feel it, under my feet, and I laugh, because this is what they don’t prepare you for in school.

    By Thirteen URL on 09.09.2012

  15. Headphones are a mode of escaping reality. They emerge you into a world of music and sounds that will fill your mind endlessly. They take you to a place where life is what you make of it. You’re in control and no one can stop you.

    By Alyssa URL on 09.09.2012

  16. I use them very often, especially when I call my mother. They are very useful and I wold like to buy more of them. I would need some for my phone and my laptop. It’s great

    By Purple on 09.09.2012

  17. The headphones dangled crookedly on the edge of the table. He wonders at what the years of accumulative damage, having thrown them about, has done to the poor souls of the music within. Ah well. Places to be, things to do, no time to curl up the headphones all proper and tight in their container. Papers to write. Words to spin.

    By Jules on 09.09.2012

  18. headphones blocking out the things you don’t want to hear
    but they can’t block out everything
    they can’t make you forget

    By paige URL on 09.09.2012

  19. headphones are things you put on your head and they are like earphones and earphones are things you put in yoour ears to listen to music or maybe a bible scripter on your Ipod or on your computer to watch videos that you don’t want anyone else hearing.

    By Meredith URL on 09.09.2012

  20. i love them when i listen to music while i run. I like the bright pink ones. Skull candy is the best. My cat tries to chew the marshmallows off the end of them. Fat cat. :)

    By Tammy on 09.09.2012

  21. Headphones are an inspiration. Waves of sound flowing through, perpetuating ideas, abstract imagery. Wonderful compositions or eccentric speaking.

    All is won, none is lost.

    Headphones for the peace it brings. A hush, and an isolation of peace, tranquil.

    By Mert Uşşaklı on 09.09.2012

  22. Her music was too loud in her ears. Maybe she just had rubbish headphones. I could hear her tinny beats over the tones of conversation on the bus. Several old women with small dogs on their laps talked in pairs about the weather and how expensive everything is now. They didn’t seem to hear it, but then old ladies aren’t known for their brilliant hearing. Maybe they didn’t care, their years of experience told them not to let themselves worry about such things. But I did. I cared and I worried and it was driving me crazy.

    By rhyme79 on 09.09.2012