February 20th, 2015 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “harness”

  1. harness the love that you feel in your heart-
    harness the feelings you’ve had from the start.
    harness the hatred you feel in your soul,
    harness the forgiveness and let it go.
    harness the happiness you know is inside-
    harness the ambition and don’t start to hide.
    harness the good and harness the bad,
    harness everything in life-

    By Alishia on 02.20.2015

  2. Grabbing the horse’s harness, Gaby held on for dear life while it rushed around the race track. She felt immense satisfaction and pride.

    By ashley on 02.20.2015

  3. “Faster!” the man yelled, lashing the whip again. “Faster, you lazy oaf, go faster!” The harness chafed at his neck and shoulders. Feet digging into the ground, sweat running down his cheeks, he pulled harder at the cart.

    By Riannon URL on 02.20.2015

  4. “Listen. I can’t stop you from putting on that harness, but I can do everything in my power to convince you not to” She whispered from beside me. I shook my head. For years, I’d been waiting to join the National Army. Now that the time had finally come, the one person I’d trusted my hopes and dreams to was discouraging my? “Sally, I’ve got to do this.”

    By Nelly on 02.20.2015

  5. How do you harness something that isn’t real? Look,I’ve been around horses my whole life, I can handle them. But this is a whole new category….it’s something that I never would’ve thought existed before today. Before I met her. Harnessing these feelings that I have could take years, if it’s even possible. What if I didn’t try to stop it? What if instead….I fell for her?

    By Alanna URL on 02.20.2015

  6. Harness your own potential
    Don’t make others do it for you
    Be strong
    Because deep down
    I know you are
    Put yourself into the world
    And the world will put some of itself
    Back into you
    Culture, experience

    By Kumquat URL on 02.20.2015

  7. The horses clopped steadily along the road, clip-clop on and up and over that dirt dust road. Manes limp, heads bent tired they’re lips scrambling around for even a blade of grass to keep them going.

    By Mr. Beagle on 02.20.2015

  8. Strapping the harness on she began her work on the side of the building wiring the lights onto the balcony. She hung on the side, and swung in the air feeling the gulf breeze in her hair, and loving her job as an electrician.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 02.20.2015

  9. harness the power that you have inside, it can not hide, and you should not lie. about possessing it, you rightfully own it. practice and perfect it, deliver it, hone it. believe in yourself. and there is nothing you can’t do.

    By grldg URL on 02.20.2015

  10. In order to harness something you first need to know what it is. It can be love, power, or knowledge. Anything you can imagine. I’ve always wanted to be able to harness my own potential. Instead I continuously squander it, wasting my time on useless and demeaning things. I allow other people to control me, to limit me, to harness me themselves. I no longer want this.

    I want to break free.

    By Radhan on 02.20.2015

  11. “I don’t think I could ever harness that much energy in one punch,” Henry remarked, a blatant tone of admiration in his voice. “How do you do it?”

    “Years of experience,” Amber replied, cracking the knuckles loudly on her right hand. Then she went off to test her fists on some more sandbags.

    Amber had been a member of the East Springs gym for seven years, and she was now the head boxing coach. Anyone who questioned her strength got to encounter it full throttle.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.20.2015


    By Daniel Damian URL on 02.20.2015

  13. sfgsdfgsdfgas

    By Skye URL on 02.20.2015

  14. He had never expected this. You were supposed to harness power, not the other way around.
    But he didn’t know that’s what what happen. So he stuck his hand into the glowing, blueish orb.
    And then he screamed.
    Screamed and screamed and screamed.
    The burning pain tore through his veins, twisted and turning inside him as his skin began to glow, shining brightly as the power overtook him.

    By Emy on 02.20.2015

  15. He quickly slipped into the harness and began his descent into the ravine. As fast his fingers and arms would allow he lowered himself into the dark expanse beneath.

    By Cyril on 02.20.2015

  16. We are harnessed by the world, caught in the ever-loving, ever-knowing sting of humanity, and life, and living. We are harness by wants, and needs; love, and kindness, and reality. We are lost if we break away from those we love, those we want, those that harness us to truth and honesty and life.

    By Daphne URL on 02.21.2015

  17. The shoulder harnesses were bright orange in color. Something akin to the hunter’s orange that so many people wore in the winter time. But it didn’t really stand out, not when it was next to the bright pink and green the rest of the coaster sported. Still, she was terrified of this supposedly “safe” color.

    By Samantha URL on 02.21.2015

  18. He strapped himself in and looked down. Idiot! So many people had warned him about looking down before jumping, and now he knew why. Below him, he could see the sea smashing into the rocks. His breathing rapidly increased, and then he jumped.

    By Callum URL on 02.21.2015

  19. You neglect many fascicles of your pitiful existence and I admire you greatly when I have the tongue for you but that is not to be of concern right now. I need your lungs, as so I can pump them out of your chest and inflate them for the world to see. Isn’t that marvellous? Just so I can harness that great balloon within you: it will be my pride and joy when you die and then I will take it’s air for my own.

    By Billy URL on 02.21.2015

  20. pilit kong pinaniwala ang sariling huwag, huwag, huwag mahulog
    muli dahil bakit pa? bakit ngayon?
    bakit ikaw?
    subalit, nakalimutang ikaw ang lubid na pipigil sa akin mula sa
    oo nga pala.

    By Maria on 02.21.2015

  21. “harness” she read. what the cookie could it mean. So she turned around smirked as she wanted to ask her neighbour. He was half-asleep on his table. She stood up and slowly pushed the book his head was relying on aside. When the book wasn’t there anymore, his head did some strange noise while falling on the table, he jumped up.

    By supadupachupa on 02.21.2015

  22. He secured the harness in place and stepped to the edge, as he’d done a thousand times. Only this time, it was followed by the sound of his wife crying and his father murmuring reassurances. Steeling himself under a mask of concentration, he tried to conceal his concern for her as the cameraman inched closer. It was time to walk the tightrope.

    By Soft URL on 02.21.2015

  23. attaching the bit to the wave, we try to tame the current. but the teeth and the jaw are liquid, so the mechanism of control passes right through. we are left bereft in our chariot, which now becomes our tomb, sinking amongst the billion other bullion inside the abyss.

    By dominguez URL on 02.21.2015

  24. Let’s harness my self motivation. Let’s take control of the situation. This depression can’t keep me down, I won’t let it. If it is a battle of wills, I will win. One week, one week is all I need of my old self before this depression creeped in and took over my life. Let’s harness my love, my motivation, my happiness, my joy; for one week, just one week.

    By Emma on 02.21.2015

  25. I try to grasp the harness,
    but it’s too slick.
    I try to grasp the harness,
    but away it whips.

    I look around,
    at the field,
    everyone holding
    the harness they wield.

    By Erin Jaspan URL on 02.21.2015

  26. Harness,
    reminds me of horses,
    horses remind me of my dad.
    Cigarettes and placing bets.
    Wanting to be like him,
    I loudly shouted out and put 10 dollars on number 7.

    By Laurie Burns URL on 02.21.2015

  27. The harness on the horse didn’t seem to fit right. Which was normal. I blew a strand of my hair out of my eyes, I would never learn to make harnesses properly.

    By Alibear on 02.21.2015

  28. I laughed and leaned my head against Charlie’s neck. Running my fingers through his mane, I sighed. Sometimes I imagined him as a puppy with a harness on, when he wore his bridle. He just didn’t fit into it so well.

    By Natina URL on 02.21.2015

  29. He rattled against the harness.
    “I know, boy,” I whispered, “Just a little longer.”
    I bit my apple and fed the piece through his bit.
    “I know.”

    By Cat URL on 02.21.2015

  30. I can’t. This harness is holding me back. Holding me back from all I desire, all I long to do and be and become. I want to see those skies, permeate the clouds. It can’t hold me back anymore. I am untying, letting go. Here I go. My Freedom, the future, is here.

    By Chelsea on 02.21.2015

  31. The only armor that the Centaur on the party could find was a scavenged work harness. His party was that cheap. He made it work though. Galloping fast from cover to cover, taking shots with his bow at a distance.

    By Jesca on 02.21.2015

  32. A harness is something you put on a horse. That’s all I know. I suppose someone could try to harness their urges, but something substantial is necessary. You know, like a yoke on your back which gets pulled when you’re supposed to stop.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 02.21.2015

  33. The way she looked at me was so wrong like she wanted me, and all I wanted to do was harness whatever feelings i had for her and send them into something violent and wrong as well. This would hurt her in all the right ways. This would hurt me all over again, and I’ll love it all over again.

    By Lex28 on 02.21.2015

  34. Harness that negative energy and make it something so beautiful it doesn’t matter what it is. Feel it in your hands or watch with your eyes and know it’s yours. It’s all about harnessing that to make it into something that matters.

    By Lex28 URL on 02.21.2015

  35. The unlimited energy was going out of control
    There was one way to stop it
    The Harness
    Without it, the humans were helpless
    Many people tried
    Many people failed
    Then The Harness was found
    And the world was saved
    Just barely

    By Brynne URL on 02.21.2015

  36. I smooth the oil into the leather, working it gently until it shines. Someday, I won’t be the one taking care of the trappings for the horses. I’ll be the breeder. I grin at the thought. Princess and Knight will definitely be ones I breed. The current breeder doesn’t realize their potential.

    By Grace on 02.21.2015

  37. Take this golden hold, hoard away let things pile, creep up the walls and bloom like grey mold, but dealer, fuller, waiting like a spore that smells deceptive, and sweet, like old friends, like smiles, like years, like an empty chair

    By Cj URL on 02.21.2015