March 8th, 2014 | 42 Entries

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42 Entries for “handsome”

  1. I am handsome. This is a fact. When I prance around high street dressed in a cow costume all the little old ladies take turns to pinch my cheeks and tell me so. Then they give me candy. The candy is not so good. It makes my belly hurt, but I eat it anyway.

    By Acid URL on 03.08.2014

  2. He wasn’t handsome in the “usual” sense. He cad a cute button nose and sparkling eyes, and a crooked smile that you couldn’t help but to smile back at. He was my best friend at the time, and I always thought that if there was someone I wanted to marry, it would be him. No, he wasn’t handsome in the “usual” sense. But he was handsome on the inside; and that’s what mattered.

    By Leah on 03.08.2014

  3. Often we hear beauty is only skin deep and we most generally associate that phrase with the looks of a woman. It can also apply to men. Just because a man is handsome does not mean he is good looking or handsome on the inside.

    By NothingButAir on 03.08.2014

  4. He wasn’t handsome by GQ’s standards. He stood 6’5 with messy blonde hair, wearing a beat up old KISS t-shirt and jeans that looked like he had just left the ranch. I noticed him instantly when he walked into the room.

    He introduced himself to me as Adam.

    By Jordan Renee on 03.08.2014

  5. He didn’t believe her but she always smiled so wide he’d think she had to be telling the truth. In the evenings they would sit out on the back patio and she would stick her toes in the rain beneath the canopy hood, nails mottled by the warm summer mist.

    By DMM URL on 03.08.2014

  6. the light silhouetted your face
    and illuminated the eyes that bore
    such depth that no ocean bottom could compare too
    and i traced along the laugh lines on your face
    with my eyes and heart.
    paralleling my own to yours
    how handsome you are to me.
    and watched as every step you took
    even those you took back
    just kept in line with the beat of life.
    like footprints in the snow i followed
    stumbling myself with not the ease you have
    but i found myself along side you hand in hand
    and nothing felt more warm in my heart.

    By Lovelysunnyday on 03.08.2014

  7. He was tall and handsome. He approached her so quietly that she had no idea he was beside her until he began speaking. She was immediately charmed by his eloquence and bright smile. Little did she know he had just escaped from the state prison, where he was being held on manslaughter charges.

    By 1word2wordsredwordblueword on 03.08.2014

  8. “What about, oh, what’s his name…Lord Hamish’s eldest son? Now, THAT’S a handsome young man,”
    Sabrina made a noise of agreement in the back of her throat. “Oh, yeah. His boyfriend thinks he’s handsome too,” she supplied dryly, watching as her mother tried to cover her embarrassed expression behind the rim of her teacup.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 03.08.2014

  9. “He’s very handsome,” Vinigin remarked with his upper lip close to his tankard, watching as the pilot of the ship traveled around the round tables, looking for a spare napkin.

    “Yes,” replied Grashi, smiling in between sips of honey ale. “He is. He is also married. With three kids. And he is not expecting to have a fling any time soon.”

    “I wasn’t saying I was going to do anything,” scoffed Grashi. “I’m only looking, not touching.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.08.2014

  10. “How handsome!” she exclaimed, but I wasn’t convinced. This tie was terrible, as was everything I was wearing. I’d never be able to impress myself, and I had a face only a mother, my mother, could love.

    By Cecilia on 03.08.2014

  11. He was handsome, in the way that only a mother could see, and his gait reminded her of a giraffe, but there was a certain something in his eyes, a confidence, a certainty, that attracted her to him in a way she had never experienced before. She had planned on getting a smaller dog, a puppy even, but now that she had seen the Great Dane, her mind was made up.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.08.2014

  12. Shiny coat, big brown eyes and a winning smile; he was a handsome boy. Alice loved dogs but Tank was something special, the kind of dog you wanna wrap your arms around a cuddle, even spend the rest of your life with. That kind of smile.

    By Devon Michele on 03.08.2014

  13. A man meant to seem appealing, and instead he worships mirrors. How frequently I lean on the lack like a crutch, to escape from my bad luck. As luck would have the gene split, I wonder what may have been. How silly.

    By Sean on 03.08.2014

  14. “He’s so handsome,” Penny gushed, eyes beaming at the sight of the newest addition to our school, aka Jason Whitaker. I turned my nose up at her antics, wondering that if she’d ever learn the truth about him.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 03.08.2014

  15. He had been handsome, once. Before the night-terrors came. Before the claws ripped at his face. Before the cold stole his soul and strength away. He had been handsome, once, before the darkness crept inside him and made him into its slave. He had been human once, too. It didn’t matter anymore.

    By Kelsey Williams on 03.08.2014

  16. His cheekbones were the first thing I notice; the natural light illuminated them, and shadows gently fell upon his face. He had wide shoulders and a tall back, only slightly arched, and perfect posture. He looked like he had been raised by an early nineteenth century warden, rather than a middle aged football fanatic, but somehow, here he was.

    By Sophie URL on 03.08.2014

  17. A very handsome will attract the attention of women who catch his eye.

    By Deb on 03.08.2014

  18. “He’s handsome. No, forget handsome. He’s smokin hot!” Alicia exclaimed, practically drooling at the various Google images of Chris Hemsworth on my laptop screen. I rolled my eyes, snatching the computer away from her. “Get him off my screen. We’re supposed to be studying.”

    She nudged me in the side. “C’mon, you know he’s gorgeous!”

    I bit my lip and shook my head. “Not really.”

    “What? How can you say that?”

    “Because I like girls,” I wanted to say, but I didn’t because she’d freak out. And she’d really lose it if she knew I was in love with her, and had been since we first became best friends.

    By Ana's Bananas URL on 03.08.2014

  19. handsome is weird when its used to describe females for whatever reason you said it was because I didnt agree with it and guapo means handsome and ur guapo and would be cool if handsome was ur mom instead of fish sticks and sausage

    By Colton on 03.08.2014

  20. The infamous Dorian Gray; as handsome as he was known, the only tell-tale sign of what lay beneath his flawless facade was a lone painting lying dormant beneath his home.

    By Che on 03.08.2014

  21. The infamous Dorian Gray: as handsome as he was loved, the only tell-tale sign of what lay beneath his flawless facade was a lone painting lying dormant beneath his home.

    By Che on 03.08.2014

  22. Handsome might have been the perfect word to describe him. Not because he was beautiful, a pretty face was not his best feature. He did act like a gentleman, worrying about you before himself. He acted like a clown making you laugh out loud every three minutes. He acted like a lover making you want him more and more. When he told you he loved you, you knew it was true and that’s what made him handsome.

    By IsaPinaud on 03.08.2014

  23. Now the butter and the knife.

    Where’s the cracked pepper?

    Now the freshly-grated cheese. I’ll take two and half turns of the wheel.

    I’ll have a lemon in my water too.

    Before you go, let me just check out my plate to make sure the whole order is here. Don’t want to forget anything.

    — I mentally cataloged each of my blind date’s commands to the waiter, but it was the waiter who’d caught my eye while “Mr. Bossypants” seemed busy inspecting the quality of his meal. I mouthed “douche bag” silently, eye-rolled, and shrugged. The guy smiled at the gesture. I knew I was going to have to tip handsomely for my half of this meal to make it up to the dude. And probably because bossypants here would tip the absolute minimum required at this trendy, upscale place. Still, no one deserves to be treated like a doormat for 15% + maybe $2-5 an hour. Who really knows how these places actually pay their staff, either. But that’s not what is imperative now. It’s how to gracefully exit from this terrible scene without it going completely down hill.

    By Intuition on 03.08.2014

  24. handsome is not a word
    that should describe myself
    as it should be:
    scared, small, unseen.
    and i worry
    for those who believe
    the lies i bathe in
    to say that i am
    as handsome as described

    By rhys on 03.08.2014

  25. Handsome he now stands, moulded and shaped by fire and time. In like to the perfect blossom of a cherry tree. No effort of self, no pruning, no hoping, only being what it was designed to be. Handsome is the man who takes on life, smiles with courage, and dances a dance that is absent of fear.

    By Jose on 03.08.2014

  26. i see his sea green eyes
    blond locks draping just above his brows
    an earthy look
    makes me see him as human
    although i see him
    as wisps
    at books

    By Aya Dajay on 03.08.2014

  27. He watched himself in the mirror, slick oiled, middle-parted hair and and big ugly glasses on a big, fearsome nose. His crumpled but freshly washed school uniform sat loose on his frail body, like someone had made ‘hang man’ wear clothes.He optimistically searched for some trace of hair over his thin,barely-there lips. His protruding, ape-ish chin had a deep cleft, his trophy and only inheritance from his father. It was going to be another hellish day at school; where the big bullies would drag him out, isolate him and tease him for his ‘other-worldly’ looks. He wondered why he was still looking forward to going to school today.
    Mother came rushing from the kitchen, glassful of milk in her hand, ‘my handsome baba,my sharukh khan, come drink your milk’ Handsome…he mused.

    By inkyveins on 03.08.2014

  28. Have you ever seen a man like him? His appearance made women woozy and made them swoon as he strolled past. Such a shame that he’s just a figment.

    By Nicholas on 03.09.2014

  29. He was a handsome man in the strangest way possible: short, by society’s standards, and with hair lighter than what most women liked. However, there was undeniably attractive in the way he held himself, in his ever-smiling mouth and snarky sense of humor.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.09.2014

  30. He was always such a head-turner, and he knew it, when he passed women, he could feel them starring at him, and he loved it… he didn’t even turn around to check, simply grinned and continued doing whatever it was he was doing…

    By redeye on 03.09.2014

  31. He gave nothing to her in order to show his love to her. I ate some carrots. His muscles rolled like oil on fish. I hate that tree. I feel stupid making a mom snort.

    By Jennifer Cocoa Fulk (@Jennifer_Fulk) on 03.09.2014

  32. never thought prince charming was this good looking
    i thought he was just charming
    hence his name
    he was
    on some hand
    he never looked quite
    like how i imagined him
    he’s better in looks
    i suppose

    By emma on 03.09.2014

  33. he was a very handsome man, i could tell, but there was something more in his oh so green eyes. Sorrow. Grief. those eyes were dead inside, hurt and broken, and empty vessel. i felt sad for that man, but in the ends, aren’t we all empty?

    By Maggy URL on 03.09.2014

  34. dear oneword,
    i don’t know what i write, but i need you to help me with my presentation

    By shomoukh on 03.09.2014

  35. He was no longer handsome. War, time and worry had put their marks on him, with lavish, heavy hands. The lithe boy was gone, and in his place was a somber, stooped commander.

    By mrsmig on 03.09.2014

  36. wow, he does look like no one at this school. compared to the rest of the boys, he is the most handsome, in fact he is the only one of these boys that even merits the word. handsome is such a grown-up word and these idiots are such little boys, right?

    By Lee on 03.09.2014

  37. handsome is as handsome does. why does it bother, young tadpole? you will answer every question with a squirt of vanity and eventually it will transform you into something grotesque. there, there. we all do it. sickening little creatures.

    By Hali Brooke Mason on 03.09.2014

  38. It was the hands that made him handsome, strange as that sounds. When I say that, you might think the opposite, that I’m grasping in the dark for anything nice to say, but it’s true. He smiled as nice as nearly anyone else and his face wasn’t more crooked than anyone else. But his hands. They tore the attention from the rest of him, and I can’t even quite say what it was about them that was so.

    By Yona on 03.09.2014

  39. The handsome officer stepped into the room very stoic, not directly making eye contact with anyone. I appreciated his lack of ego, and focus on the situation at hand. It was obvious to me that he cared more about his job and doing the right thing, than making himself look good, and getting a number or two. I was drawn to him, yes.

    By HVH on 03.09.2014

  40. Her husband was very handsome and she thought herself very lucky to be married to him. However, little insecurities were creeping in as to whether he only had eyes for her

    By Alexandra on 03.09.2014