April 28th, 2016 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “hamburger”

  1. At least once a week I give myself permission to go and get a meal for dinner from a local fast food venue. For some of those places, the only choice you really have is the sort of hamburger that they have. But when that is the case, there are some establishments that have a wide variety to choose from, just as there are places that have a very small choice.

    By Murray Ingram on 04.28.2016

  2. A type of fast food that is made by killing animals. If lucky enough, you may find vegan options, which won’t make you feel guilty about killing someone alive.

    By ozum URL on 04.29.2016

  3. something unhealthy. It has a burger in it. But we don’t know if it is chicken or cow. It is dangerous. But I like it anyway. It consist of one bread and meat and some salad. You can add ketchap if you want

    By burçe on 04.29.2016

  4. Delicious, bread, but somehow unhealthy. you can add ketchup if you want. sometimes I want to eat it because it is delicious but sometimes I remember it is unhealthy and don’t want to.

    By Burçe on 04.29.2016

  5. ahh hamburger, my delcious meal… I want to eat it now! But I don’t like the bread.s Because they are usually too big and a big volume. So it makes it ard to eat.

    By Emre on 04.29.2016

  6. Burber king. Tomato. The food that I love most. Meatball. Delicios food tat I eat when I go to Burber king.

    By Yağmur on 04.29.2016

  7. sitting on the sidewalk right across from burger king and watching all the people eating their juicy buns, the kid wonders if he will ever get to enjoy such a prestigious meal. times up?

    By Farah Matta on 04.29.2016

  8. Yesterday I went to burgerking to buy a hamburger.
    Last time when i went to burgerking, the burgers were only $5 but now, it turned into $546378.
    It was so expensive..

    By I on 04.29.2016

  9. Una hamburguesa grasienta y grande, la vi, y mis ojos lloraron, por fin tras un viaje de 2.000 km la tenia la nueva hamburguesa redonda

    By adrian URL on 04.29.2016

  10. Well, as much as I hate to admit it, Hamburgers are one of my favorite foods. haha But I like them with jalapeno, mayonnaise, and extra pickles. And sometimes I like onions in them too. But I try to not eat too many of them. It’s all that bread that’s the problem. I had a burger last night! ;)

    By Mistress Quickly on 04.29.2016

  11. She bit into the bun and felt all eyes on the room on her.
    Yes. She was eating a hamburger.
    And it was delicious.
    So what.
    She understood why they were staring. I mean, if any other member of her Vegetarian’s Book Club had eaten a hamburger, she would have fainted on the spot out of shock and horror.

    It didn’t even taste that good. What tasted good was the rebellion.

    By Bridget Grace on 04.29.2016

  12. we used to laugh about eating hamburgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    we used to laugh.
    we used to breathe slower, hold tighter.
    walk in silence, but it was alright.
    the air rang lullaby and we coveted the quiet.
    we used to laugh.
    before the silence grew angry.
    we never eat more than one hamburger anymore.

    By neala URL on 04.29.2016

  13. “Dude, did you honestly kill the man for a hamburger?” I asked as I stared at the body on the ground nd before me. “Okay, technically no. It was self-defense the burger was…just a neat side effect!”

    By Wandering Adventurer on 04.29.2016

  14. I don’t like hamburgers, I only like cheeseburgers. The cheese makes it all seem to stick together more and more flavorful.

    By Em on 04.29.2016

  15. I would love to eat me some hamburger but it is not really ham. It’s beef. Let’s call it what it really is…

    By trkstr67 on 04.29.2016

  16. I ordered an extra large hamburger and it still has not come out yet. Why not? Well sir the cashier said it may take a little longer because we just opened.

    By Caden on 04.29.2016

  17. A hamburger usually has a bun condiments and the the burger and the the bun again. Thats what in a usual hamburger.

    By Caden on 04.29.2016

  18. I tried to beat the world record of the biggest hamburger but I didn’t make it that far because I didn’t have enough meat and condiments and bread for the bun!

    By Caden on 04.29.2016

  19. Oooh, I love some hamburger. With tomatoes, mayo, sesame seed bun. Like to change it up with the cheese. Maybe Swiss. Cooked medium well or well. May be mushrooms.

    By KBird on 04.29.2016

  20. beef

    By luana on 04.29.2016

  21. That strange man in the year above me at school who thought that ‘burger’ was onomatopoeia.
    “You know…you pick them up and just eat them like…BUUUUUUURRRRGGGGEEEERRR.” He said, mouth pulled wide as he chomped theatrically.
    Only other thing I remember him for is being an absurdly good driver, even when high as a kite…only when high as a kite.

    By Snufkin on 04.29.2016

  22. hamburgers in apaper wrapper yum yum yum theyre best when youre hungry otherwise they’re not appetizing. late night hamburgers oh wow yes, best enjoyed at times you wouldnt normally be eating. never eat them from a cookout ew gross. hamburgers were meant to be enjoyed unorthodoxially. sdjfsdf

    By Nicole on 04.29.2016

  23. I love hamburguer with fried potatoes!! I use to put it with catchup, some tomatoes, mustard and lettuce!

    By Sandra on 04.29.2016

  24. As the boy bit into his hamburger, he spit it out and screamed like a girl. THERE WAS A FINGER IN IT!!!!

    By Katy on 04.29.2016

  25. hamburgers have been part of my life since i could remember. The one burger i have ate more times than any other burger combined is the western bacon cheeseburger from Carls Jr

    By Victor URL on 04.29.2016

  26. Carroll’s Hamburgers. 1970 something. Sitting in the parking lot with Ernie, who had a big heart until he didn’t like you any more. Then, he was a mean mother who could say some pretty terrible things to you. But this was before that, long before. When we were still in love, if you could call it that, and having sex at any time in any place possible. He had a thing for Carroll’s burgers and we’d go there all the time. Sit in the car, eat the burgers, drink the Coke and talk about whatever 17 year olds talk about, it’s been a long time since I remember that. So he’s eating his hamburger and not saying much and now I start to think, Hey, something’s not right here. I ask him, “Is something wrong?” He takes another bite of his burger, makes a face and says he’s pissed off because they didn’t put enough sauce on the burger. “Is that what’s really wrong?” I ask him. He looks at me with those green eyes, looks back down at the burger, then back at me. “I want to see other people. To tell you the truth, I’m just tired of the same old pussy.” That would be me. This was what, 30 years ago. And I’m as stunned by those words now as I was then. I still have no answer. Still.

    By rubylubh on 04.29.2016

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    By senih on 04.29.2016