August 19th, 2018 | 10 Entries

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10 Entries for “hairline”

  1. The golden streaks on his head occasionally revealed hints of silver. The receding hairline was apparent. It was testament to his time on earth, and also a physical connect to his father he had respected deeply. His banana farm he had once toiled over and lost countless years of his life from, was now his shining beacon of joy and prosperity.

    By Issie Kay URL on 08.19.2018

  2. there’s a hairline fracture in my heart, a tiny soft swaying line like mountain ridge lane across the mountain, dips and dives, bear cub running right in front of my car, little black ball of fur and gristle, it was so fast i didn’t need to slow down, wonder where its momma was.

    By Mary Haller on 08.19.2018

  3. She ran her fingers through his hair. It was surprisingly soft. He kept his eyes closed and she wasn’t sure if he was asleep. She traced his hairline with her fingers, continuing to stroke him as his body relaxed into hers and his breathing slowed.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.19.2018

  4. The funniest cut was made into his hair… A style I hadn’t seen before… I wondered what men’s inclinations were, for choosing certain styles, aside from sexual ones…

    By Zoe on 08.19.2018

  5. He felt his hairline receding – well he felt where his hair once stood. He looked in the mirror and sighed at himself. Lamenting his lost youth. Where did the time go? A timeless questing every aging male asked themselves at this stage of life. Where did his time go? His routine had blinded him to what was important – calculating the measure of time and securing the refined happiness distilled from every moment.

    By Michelle McGrew on 08.19.2018

  6. His hairline was receding. He could no longer ignore it. Cut his hair very short? Shave his hole head? Or even give in to his vanity and get a toupet.

    By Silke Seßler URL on 08.19.2018

  7. William had a receding hairline, just like his father before him, and his father’s father, and his father’s father’s father. Still, he did his best to groom the rest of the locks he had. He’d obsessively comb each clump of strands, using the finest gel to slick it back. Still, his forehead now resembled a car’s windshield catching the sunlight. There was no way around: Alopecia was a real b****.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.19.2018

  8. if you keep receding i’ll zone
    the dime store remedies ready
    i don’t like the tone of your conversation
    the thinnest excuses as you reseed
    rogaine, propecia, bonerless
    hairline outline depression
    let it go
    let it all float away

    By matt m on 08.19.2018

  9. you are old now
    in ways i don’t know
    your hairlline is
    a receeding reminder
    of the time that has passed
    and the time we have left
    is the memory
    of your hands in mine
    the love we shared
    when we were young and beautiful
    without the weight of the world
    it is the memory
    of it all fading away
    when the time comes
    for us to pass it on

    By Helen Wang on 08.19.2018

  10. Everything’s in recession right now, especially my hairline. It’s as if it’s afraid of my eyes and/or nose. Or maybe there’s some unwritten facial hair law that says crazy scientist eyebrows and hairlines need to be separated by as far a gap as possible. And my brows aren’t going anywhere…

    By Fallon URL on 08.19.2018