July 25th, 2012 | 275 Entries

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275 Entries for “gum”

  1. jimmy walked faster as the bullies followed, he took his usual shortcut but this time he didnt stop and kick over garbage cans. no, today jimmy had bigger things on his mind, he stole his first bag of grass, and he was about to experience adulthood.

    By derp on 07.25.2012

  2. This word makes me smile so much. All kinds of crazy memories with my best friend are attached to it. Kurt and the mysterious, weightless rock are my favorites. Ahh! The pleasure of inside jokes!

    By khakicat URL on 07.25.2012

  3. Stuck. To the bottom. And when I pull it latches back and clings me down. But with a scraper mobility becomes possible. But I soon miss the stick- the feel, the sound- but I rather like where I’m going. So I’ll leave that chewed piece behind.

    By Dylan on 07.25.2012

  4. I star chewing gum, as my mind remains empty, and my words stuck. I keep wishing I culd play that part. Still, I can’t let go this role I’m playing. Guess I’m just lost…

    By Edna Paulet URL on 07.25.2012

  5. Gum is particularly chewy. It comes in all different flavors like bubble and cherry and lime and i dont know a bunch of flavors. High schoolers ask for it frequently. Usually people lie about that being their last piece when you know deep down that they are just saying that because they want more for themselves. Gum you put it in your mouth. You can step on it and it is really hard to get off your shoe.

    By Alanna on 07.25.2012

  6. Gum is the best thing, it always helps me when I’m stress. My teacher told me that I should chew gum while I was doing a test, and since I used to get very nervous about maths test, that was a great advice for me.

    I still used it sometimes

    By lili on 07.25.2012

  7. Gum can be two types. Chewing gum or they sticky gum. Chewing gums are also sticky. But gums that are used to stick paper are the ones I am talking about. It is a very useful tool.

    By Sajneesh on 07.25.2012

  8. gum is something people like to chew with their mouths. They may smack it, bubble it, or pop it. I like to use gum to have tastey fresh breath and also so i have something to occupy my mouth. I think it makes me look really cool and collected and chill. I like mint gum, thats the best type their is!

    By Sarah on 07.25.2012

  9. it is tasty chewy and weird many colors lots of flavors its three letters yummy refreshing. enjoyable and an anxiety re-leaser. i like gum a lot it tastes good but can be annoying at times.

    By Lacey on 07.25.2012

  10. chew me up. spit me out. throw me away. use me for as long as you want. But you can’t swallow me. I’ll find my way out eventually, no matter how long it takes.

    By Bekah on 07.25.2012

  11. i can feel my tongue on your gums because i think i love you, when you said you cried, i could feel it and it didn’t feel good. but you feel so good. you’re going to leave, and then i’m going to leave and you said that’s kind of sad. i think i should stop.

    By Nina on 07.25.2012

  12. I don’t want to write about gum. Gum is sticky, clings in the worst of ways and hugs filthy cement like adhesive. Like the glue holding braces to crooked teenage molars. Unfair and unwanted. Keep your gum; I’ll write free.

    By Maddie on 07.25.2012

  13. i had a smoking gun on my hand, i didnt know what to do with it, probably I could blame Marty for the crime, he was dead already, he wouldnt mind. On the other hand there was Martys dad…

    By Sebastián on 07.25.2012

  14. The biggest lie in the world is ‘that was my last piece of gum’. I can’t count the number of people who have said that to me. Next time one says ‘that was my last piece’ I swear to all things good that I will jump them and go through their purse or bag. Sure, they might call the cops and I might be arrested for physical assault, but it will be worth it because it’s not okay to lie. A piece of gum shouldn’t be that difficult to part with. No stick of gum is that precious. I don’t care what flavor it is.

    By Jennifer URL on 07.25.2012

  15. I looked around the bus stop once more, eyes settling on the woman across the isle from me and unleashed my strongest glare on her. I stood up, clenching my teeth, if she didn’t stop smacking her gum like that, I was going to punch her.

    By Chelsey on 07.25.2012

  16. ther was a piece of gum and a person walked over the piece of gum the gum said HEY

    By CB on 07.25.2012

  17. There was a piece of gum… she was chewing and chewing and those bubbles, they were really getting to me. I dont know what happened, but something went smack, it might have been the gum, it could have been something else. I gues we wil never know, sShe isnt around anymore… and neither is that darn gum.

    By CB on 07.25.2012

  18. the gum got stuck inn her hair and she screamed, ran away in terror……running running as fast as she could till she found a bucket in someones backyard and she drenched her head in and rinsed and held her breath

    By Courtnee Martinez on 07.25.2012

  19. So, i started to eat this piece of gum the other day. I thought it was going to be bubblegum flavored because it looked pink. The only problem was that it tasted like brains. Like brain BRAINS! BRAINS!!! It was actually kind of good. Not going to lie..

    By Jon on 07.25.2012

  20. its sticky like something youd find in a glory hole or something…too bad i always eat it, it tastes so good how could you not? i mean, the indians had gum..righ? indian gum? ever heard of it? i think its actually bark or whatever is in the center of branches…its like tree marrow…what? can trees have transplants?

    By Jason URL on 07.25.2012

  21. Worthless. Elastic…stringy. Why do you plague me? The question still remains unanswered. I can change you, but for what end? Why would I. You are trivial, inconsequential. You mean nothing. I should change you. I can…But I wont.

    By Tudor Iancu URL on 07.25.2012

  22. taste goos comes in different colors i could eat it all day lon kids love it i love it my grand ma loves it i wan gum right now, i can make bubbles i cannot swallow it but i usually make it last for an hour

    By CARLA on 07.25.2012

  23. This sticky, gu-ey substance. What is its power over us? We constantly ask for it, often think about it wanting it, but rarely ask… what is it? We give it to friends, we give it to strangers, but do we really know what we’re handing out?

    By Shelby on 07.25.2012

  24. Gum, it’s always so sticky, and I don’t get why everyone at school HAS to have it. It seems as if it’s a drug to them, and I feel I’m the only one who doesn’t finish a pack of gum a day like everyone else. When did it even start happening? Did they put new addicting ingredients?

    By Dylan Roberts on 07.25.2012

  25. I chew gum as much as possible. It’s so great to have a piece of gum after a long chat, a delicious meal, or a tiring trip to the mall. It’s refreshing and relaxing to exercise your jaw and get fresh breath all in one step. Chew.
    My favorite gum is 5. Cobalt, to be exact. Mintiest of them all, any by far the most refreshing. Just like a good scrubbing of the teeth, minus the toothbrush.

    By Austin Ream on 07.26.2012

  26. She tugged at the wad of bubble gum stuck in her hair and sighed. That was stupid. Why did she have to experiment with everything she heard? Don’t put bubble gum in your hair, they said, and sure enough, they were right. The scissors clipped dully at the pink mass of tangled hair, fraying slowly at the edges just like her faith in herself.

    By naturemummy on 07.26.2012

  27. Gum is actually pretty messy. You always see it on the underside of tables and occasionally you ever touch it. I hate stepping on it, too. It’s the worst thing ever, because then other things stick to your shoes and it just causes a huge mess. It’s not worth the trouble. Gum is good, too, though. It’s full of flavor and everything. I hate when it looses it’s flavor because then you’re just stuck with some rubber tasting thing in your mouth. Maybe I should just stick (get it??) to eating hard candies. Once the flavor runs out I’m not left with a gross wad of something in my mouth.

    By Kendra on 07.26.2012

  28. Gum is put in your mouth. Is it pink. Sometimes, sometimes green or blue or yellow. All these colours are fake. They are not a real representation of our colour spectrum. They are simply for the kiddies. Kiddies enjoy such colours because it stimulates their fun glands. Fun glands are located at the bottom of the phrenum. I bet you dont know where that is.

    By Eva on 07.26.2012

  29. he chews the gum slowly. walking along the quiet street. alone. he’s lonely. he misses his friends a lot. living in a foreign country with no acquaintance is suck. homesick’s driving him crazy.

    By lance on 07.26.2012

  30. Walking down the street just stridin’ with pride. But what do I need – it’s my brand, babies. I live for moments like these, when one word sound bites taste so fresh and so clean.

    Clean, cause I only chew Stride. It’s a little bit epic so that now you know, string a bow, shoot a star off a flower, because this knowledge tastes a little like power.

    So I’m chewin’, too busy to be stewin’, and my minty fresh ode is killin’ those Double Mint fauxs. Cuz when I poppity-pop-pop it’s all I hear are rockets in stereo.

    By Trident on 07.26.2012

  31. gum is sticky. it sticks to everything. it didn’t have any friends at first because it would get way too close to people, way too quickly. then it saw a counselor for attachment issues. and then it killed itself. gum is a metaphor for socially inept kids.

    By Zeffy Yeo on 07.26.2012

  32. Gum. You chew it, for a while, then it loses its flavor and you’re throwing it out your car window or sticking it under a table. But for a few moments, it satisfied you. It gave you something to do, if for an hour or 30 seconds.

    By Emmy on 07.26.2012

  33. We were in high school, I always brought gum and you always
    asked for some. Everyday, between the time you were asking and I was giving some gum,
    we had those small talks. Until one day, I ran out of gum and you told me that you didn’t really care and asking for some gum was just an excuse to talk to me :)

    By Franchesca on 07.26.2012

  34. Used to stick something together for ever.

    By utkarsh bajpai on 07.26.2012

  35. “By gum,” he muttered,” this is a bit of a mess.” Leaning forward, he gingerly fingered the cloth, noting the rips and tears. He picked at a pale blonde hair attached to the lower edge and putting a jeweller’s loupe into his eye socket, determined that the hair most probably belonged to a dog, possibly a spoodle similar to that which he had seen in the vicinity earlier.

    By Betty Barker on 07.26.2012

  36. chewing it all day, before kisses, after beer, sticky desk bottoms in boring classrooms and gooey on the bottom of your shoe, bubble mint magic

    By Anne on 07.26.2012

  37. Sitting in class, while I tried to prop my head up with the palm of my hands so that if I did, at least, close my eyes, no one would suspect too much. I sat there while I felt my head become too heavy to support. I decided to lean back and set my hands in my lap, maybe if I had something supported my back, I could control my exhausted eyes from closing all the way. Just as my eyes had started to glaze over I heard the bell ring; startling me, my hands shook and hit the bottom of the desk. Gross! I thought, I had just touched someones stale gum.

    By one shoe on 07.26.2012

  38. snap pop fruity minty chewy the best friend in your mouth you can always take with you its the rebel in your pocket the pep in your step and the calm me down factor everyone pops from time to time

    By dessi on 07.26.2012

  39. ‘ew!’ She leaps back up again from the chair, knocking it over as she does. Trying to peer over her shoulder, she wipes her hand across the back of her skirt and shudders in recognition of the sticky texture she feels smeared across her backside.

    With horror she sees him enter through the restaurant door.
    ‘Great’ she thinks.

    By Sam on 07.26.2012

  40. its very sticky. And it is the last thing i would want to eat. I remember an incident when i was sitting on a bench and i accidently put my hand beneath it and there was this sticky gum in my finger, yuck. I hate this thing. But yes it can be great to chew and play pranks on people.

    By Gaurav on 07.26.2012