July 25th, 2012 | 275 Entries

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275 Entries for “gum”

  1. The plastic that is semi edible and chewed with artificial flavors and sugars. It is the most useless thing in the planet to put in ones mouth. It is simply done to get ride of a nervous tick. To remove that thought and divert our attention form the world to the meaningless distraction.

    By River Ranter URL on 07.25.2012

  2. I leaned against my locker, waiting patiently. Teenagers walked by, noisily chewing their gum, not paying to anyone but themselves. They went on talking and chewing, and I sat there, blank and lonely.

    By Unknown on 07.25.2012

  3. i love gum so much please you like gum to so what is so about gum well it is so sticky and chewy i love it so much just think about it makes me want more gum.

    By kittymeow URL on 07.25.2012

  4. I’m stuck here on the side of the road with this damn gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe. I just want to go home. This day has been hell for me. Devin said no, my boss said no, my parents said no. Everything is no. Sometimes, life throws crap right in your face… and there’s really nothing I can do…

    By Amy URL on 07.25.2012

  5. In the corner of the cafeteria stood a man, who was chewing gum, and had a brief case. His eyes hawked across all the nibbling mice. He saw them eat. He saw them save seats. He saw them text, rest, and laugh. The gum was degraded to a flat carpet in his mouth as he watched.
    The man thought, “Why would anyone come to such a place? They all purchase things they don’t need. With money they don’t have. To impress people they don’t like. They’re broken.”
    “I will fix them.”
    He placed his brief case on the ground, releasing both tabs from their own bars, giving the brief case a moment to breath. He pulled out another piece of gum, replacing the one in his mouth.
    And then he pulled out a gun.
    He could not hear the shots and cries over the sound of his own chewing.

    By Tyler G. URL on 07.25.2012

  6. I chewed on my piece of bubble gum for about as long as the flavor remained before spitting it out into the trash can. I was never much of a gum person, really, because I get addicted to the motion of my jaw and then I feel it in my mouth the rest of the day. It’s a petty reason, but I feel like I am slightly more independent than other people I know where they are always having to make false friends to bum another piece and I can just go without.

    By Julia on 07.25.2012

  7. sticky and freaking gross. i hate when people spit it out on the floor and i have to clean it up. is it seriously that hard to just spit it out in the trash can? pop mints. i’ve always been a mint lady. they smell better anyway. take a hint. and a mint. no gum. please. for us all.

    By quinn. on 07.25.2012

  8. He was pulling up my lips to see my teeth and my gums. It was sickening. People selling people as slaves. We were treated like animals. In fact we were treated worse. He moved on to looking at my muscles.

    By Creativity is my middle name! URL on 07.25.2012

  9. Thomas searched the classroom, eyeing each individual student and seeing Ms Jacobs turn to sharpen her pencil. Finally, determined that no one could see, he placed his worn, tasteless Bubba Hubba under the desk, where it found a crowded home among other unwanted gum pieces of the lazy. If one were to turn that school desk over in order to examine the lengthy mountainous range of gum mounds, disgust would probably overwhelm them. However, once such disgust subsided perhaps wonder would flood in… When did this epidemic start?

    By Hanna on 07.25.2012

  10. sticky ewey gouey oh so good. stick it under a desk. GROSS!!!! MacGyver uses to it. Stop a killer with one piece of gum! Who knew?!?! Its gum thats all, oh so many uses.

    By Emma on 07.25.2012

  11. one of my favorite stories i’ve heard was when you told me how often your sister would get gum stuck her hair when she was young. you told me that she got it stuck in her hair right before you went to visit your mom in the metal hospital. i didn’t ask why she was there, because i already knew. i miss your stories more than anything.

    By erin on 07.25.2012

  12. I will kill everyone – all the sinners will perish. The righteous will one day rule again. The decadence of this age has produced a society devoid of morals. I will lift the veil that covers your eyes, and I will reveal the degradation of your world.

    By Lucius the Prophet on 07.25.2012

  13. gum gum gum ho bubblegum, how to walk with you on my feet, it´s impossible to look when you screw my view with your purple look

    By david ellmer on 07.25.2012

  14. Gum is sweet and sticky, it is chewable.
    Some gum is icky and hard
    Some gum is full of flavor
    Some long lasting
    Some short lived
    Gum in hair is bad
    Gum on shoes is gross
    ABC gum is not a nice thing
    Dogs shouldnt eat gum
    To get gum out of hair you should use skin be soft not scissors.

    By Simone on 07.25.2012

  15. blue
    pear pressure
    plastic world

    By roven on 07.25.2012

  16. Stomach acid, chewy, hard, plastic, benevolent smell, great taste often times, artificial flavours, relaxing.

    By Valentina on 07.25.2012

  17. I love to chew gum. However, I can’t chew any right now as I do have a toothache. Damn toothache, I forget to floss one night and this is what happens. Maybe it’s mental, I was told that. Yes, Gum, it’s my alternative to candy. It

    By mae on 07.25.2012

  18. she laughed and chatted
    I sort of mumbled
    there wasn’t a lot else to do really
    finally she said
    “it looks like you have been
    taking good care of your teeth and gums”

    By Valkyrie URL on 07.25.2012

  19. “Uhhh, ewwww gross!” Stephanie squealed for she had just stepped in a big pink wad of gum.
    Her friends laughed, while Stephanie was scraping her foot on the sidewalk, and walked away. They didn’t know what would happen next.
    That gum saved her life. The group of friends that had abandoned her were killed 5 yards away from where Stephanie was. An assassin had chosen that day and location for a bomb.

    By Gaia Serene URL on 07.25.2012

  20. Stuck everywhere. You know those black splotches on the sidewalk? Really old gum. Yeah. Chomping away, for what? Distraction? Whetting your hunger? Who knows? But don’t chew it all day.

    (The way that a cow does~)

    By D. Chan URL on 07.25.2012

  21. It’s sticky, it’s annoying, people chew it to excess. I don’t understand the human fascination with the mouth always doing something, whether talking or chewing gum. The devil’s tool.

    By Deidre on 07.25.2012

  22. I have a love-hate relationship with gum I like the taste, but my jaw gets tired of chewing. I hate watching people chew gum with their mouth open.I don’t need to see what they’re chewing.

    By Jean on 07.25.2012

  23. Gum is yummy, today I had a whole pack of gum to myself I chewed it all day and made a ginormous bubble out of it. I then turned it into a balloon and flew high into the sky overlooking everyone. This was a fun and magical journey that tool me all over the world to see many wonderful sights.

    By Gina on 07.25.2012

  24. can i have some? do you have piece? i know you have some, and fuck you, no because you’re a douche.
    you ask for something from a stranger, sure you said i’m being rude. but i’m not going to give away something sweet that i only bought for me and my friends. you’re not even my friend. so no,
    but i always chew one, and i always offer her a piece. she takes it. it’s the only thing i ever offer her that she’ll take. it’s such bitter sweetness that is as short as the flavor of a gum when ever i offer it to her.

    By a boy named francisco URL on 07.25.2012

  25. chewy delicious goo, its like juicy and comes in a lot of flavors, I like juicy fruit the zebra stripe kind but it loses its flavor really fast i also liked the big league chew and i like spearmint a lot of people dont like spearmint but i do its like peppermint but sweeter. i found out you can use peppermint oil to ward off spiders in a boathouse, i’ve been thinking about putting it in spray bottles and using it at our boathouse i dont know if it would really work but its worth a try.

    By kayte on 07.25.2012

  26. Bubble smacking pink. I always hated that color.
    Why would I choose to subject myself to that horrid flavor at the dentist?
    Not that the other options were at all better.
    It’s bad enough that my childhood bedroom was puke purple and putrid, pretty princess bubble smacking PINK.

    By hollymarie URL on 07.25.2012

  27. clear sky will come, it’s the dark undone. all your wishes:
    work towards you
    towards you.

    clouds will move on, may your gray turn blue. your intentions:
    work towards you

    – poem of a dead song by: Broadcast.

    (l love this song, listening to it right now)

    By Someone Else URL on 07.25.2012

  28. chewing chewing chewing, I just keep on chewing! flavors gone, lasted all day long, time to get another one!

    By Biscuit URL on 07.25.2012

  29. Gum. sticky, stretching. The joy in the forbidden chewing in classes. The fold of your tongue as you slip it under hiding it from the authority. The rush from the rebellion, the disobeying. Savor it.

    By sevenwords URL on 07.25.2012

  30. Spit at my kindness, you’ll die. Cower when I kick up dust. Flee when the blood flows. The clouds fall to the ground like gum smeared across the pavement and fried by our Son’s undead furry.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 07.25.2012

  31. “Snap. Snap.”

    Heads turned to look at the little boy sitting alone at the table, chewing and popping bubbles of gum. His arms held a colorful book close, shielding him from their silent disdain.

    Besides, he was too busy fighting dragons, winning epic battles, and becoming a hero to care.

    By lscaton URL on 07.25.2012

  32. Gum gets stuck in your hair if you sleep badly
    used to stick it under my desk when it made my jaw wiley
    Gotta get some for the old stank dragon
    chew a thousand times then then spit it on ya pops wagon
    doublemint, triple play, quadruple the flavor
    pass it out to all of my yes friends neighbors
    they love it when you pop a big ole bubble loudly
    grape flavor my favorite when it
    if it been in ya mouth for too damn long
    it gets stiff and rigged as bud bundy rap song
    Gum make everybody happy for a moment
    so share it next time you crack a pack open
    nowadays theres just too many unnecessary flavors
    banana mixed with lime and avocado aint major
    i stick to my roots rome chew on the classic
    but bazooka comic strip gum tastes like plastic

    By rome on 07.25.2012

  33. Chew, chew, chewing. Up down and around. Pop, pop– suck in, oh shit did the teacher see? Mint, ugh, this is dead now. What a waste of three dollars, longest lasting my ass.

    By Chelsea URL on 07.25.2012

  34. She was chewing her gum staring out of the window. She looked distracted. I could tell she was worried. Something was wrong. There, next to her i saw something shimmer. I stared and felt something look back at me. Then, suddenly the train erupted into screams of anger ad chaos. I tried to get up but i was unable to. I looked down the hall and when i glanced back, the girl (and that eerie presence) was gone.

    By Missa on 07.25.2012

  35. gum was the first candy i ever had, it was chewy, soft and bursting with flavour. i never thought that something so simple as a peice of gum would be so amazing. there are so many different flavours, cherry, blue raspberry, coca-cola, lemon, and of course the original, buble gum and so many other favours to explore!

    By Victoria URL on 07.25.2012

  36. Gum is a marvelous invention. It gives people with an oral fixation something to do, and it’s cured halitosis many times over. Smokers are fond of gum. They often use it when they’d like to quit smoking. I should have quit smoking. Maybe then I wouldn’t be sitting here with a poison IV in my arm to kill off the rogue cells in my lungs.

    By Allie on 07.25.2012

  37. gum. sticky. chewy. the taste of forgetfulness. do you feel that? every time i chew gum, i forget everything. and i kind of daydream. or i forget im chewing on the gum. i can’t pay attention to both. only 1. its kind of weird.. showing us that we can’t control everything, and some things just aren’t our fault

    By Grace Gius URL on 07.25.2012

  38. As I was sweeping the floors of Monsoon Noodle House (the restaurant that I work in) I looked down to see a piece of already chewed up gum. It was bright blue. Why wouldn’t a person pick up their piece of already chewed gum. I can see leaving some food on the floor that you dropped but gum? Really? Pick that up.

    By Anna Felmet URL on 07.25.2012

  39. chewy soft. hurts my jaw to chew. i hate when it loses flavor. i love bubble gum. it smells amazing. i buy a brand new pack every time i go to an airport. chewing helps your ears not pop.

    By Celeste on 07.25.2012

  40. She smacked her mouth – open, closed, open, closed – as she chewed on the bright pink bubble gum. She was trying to get attention from her parents, but they only looked at her with a scowl, insisting that she stop. At least they looked her way.

    By Marie URL on 07.25.2012