February 25th, 2017 | 31 Entries

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31 Entries for “gorgeous”

  1. Vincent Hahn was drop dead gorgeous, though his hands were quite enormous. Every night, he’d wear a tux, and for each meal drop sixty bucks. He drove a Jeep and smoked a pipe and liked to gossip ’bout his wife. And Vincent Hahn one evening, see, said that he’d love to sleep with me.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.25.2017

  2. Bleach blonde, her voice said, with hips like Venus’ and skin the color of bronzer-dusted office wallpaper. Her lips were dress sizes too big for her face.

    By Riannon on 02.25.2017

  3. Your weight is fluctuating.
    I can see it in your arms, in your cheekbones that seem to shrink back behind your cheeks.
    You ruffle through your hair. It too has grown.
    We both know it’s temporary. The bones in your skin will assert their claim under your skin once more with the flowers.
    But for now, this is the you that you are.
    I see the color in your cheeks. The force behind your laugh you no longer tame.
    A smile stronger than a kiss.
    I can finally pick out every color in your eyes, while they hold mine, speaking while you are silent.
    Your weight is fluctuating, my heart grows heavier where you sit.
    I can’t get enough.

    By Ai URL on 02.26.2017

  4. The biting cold and flurries of snow that passed between the two of us should have been enough to numb even our expressions . The vicious winter winds were unrelenting – and yet not even they could steal the warmth from her face. I hid my frostbitten fingers behind gloves, and prayed my spine wouldn’t give way to the chills that threatened to shake it – and yet not even this could take away the warmth she gave me with a single smile – a smile stronger than any kiss. As snow fell on the crown of her head, I moved to put up her hood. She looked down, laughing, smiling – and I felt myself melt where I stood. Skip Spring, it might as well have been Summer.

    Pulling myself away from the moment, I finally said my proper goodbyes and made my way home through this veritable blizzard. My eyes were lost in the beauty of freshly fallen snow while my mind wandered elsewhere.

    I moved my hand toward to center console, and turned the heater off.

    All I needed was that gorgeous smile.

    By mistyfizz on 02.26.2017

  5. I stared at her for what felt like forever. All I could say was, “You’re gorgeous.”

    By Brooke on 02.26.2017

  6. “You look gorgeous,” Mike said to his Wife.
    “Thanks,” Lin said, “I have to look good for today’s event.”
    “Well, Let’s go,” Mike opened the door, “We do not want to be late.”

    By echuaco URL on 02.26.2017

  7. My wife, my life, being present, being a Dad and my kids. I just have to have my focus today be on all of that so my day is gorgeuos.

    By Mark on 02.26.2017

  8. Sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous. A plethora of colors, from cotton candy to pastels, to bright oranges and purples. Love to see them when I can.

    By Care on 02.26.2017

  9. She flipped her hair over her shoulder. She knew she looked good. She knew she was the center of attention. I watched her from the other side of the room and my hands instinctively rose, my arms crossing over my middle to protect my body. I glanced down and tried to ignore the voices in my head.

    By Bridget Grace on 02.26.2017

  10. My Gal
    Yearning for her, I can not help

    Graceful and gorgeous girl
    An athletically agile Angela
    Lissome, loving, and lovely Latina.

    By Renzo Saggio on 02.26.2017

  11. He looked down at the gorgeous view, drinking in the colors. Behind the closed window, he could imagine the flow of air and the smell of grass in the hot sunlight. He didn’t dare to open the window, afraid that what would enter the room would not meet his expectations.

    He closed his eyes and when he opened them, there was another view, of mountains, replacing the green fields. He liked this view as well.

    When the scene changed again, he could briefly see what the views were hiding, an alley filled with discarded scraps and overfilling garbage cans. He closed his eyes again and opened them to a seascape.

    By chanpheng URL on 02.26.2017

  12. She was gorgeous. When she walked into the room, everyone stopped and stared. Nobody could believe it was her, she looked better than anyone else at the dance.

    By Wendy on 02.26.2017

  13. You are gorgeous. Do not let anybody tell you otherwise…

    By Lauren on 02.26.2017

  14. She was standing there as the most pure and gorgeous person i had ever seen in my life. Her hair settled gently on her shoulders, framing her face, highlighting her silver eyes. But, when I looked down, her hands revealed something horrific…

    By Daisy Leason on 02.26.2017

  15. everyone i see everyone ev e r y o ne e e ee let me touch lets have an orgy lets have a buffet a butt feheeee the world is falling the world is gorgeous the world is ruined the world is gorgeous the world is destroyed the world is gorgeous

    By Colton Adrian on 02.26.2017

  16. the girl approached the ball in her gorgeous gown as she stepped towards the prince she fell inyo his warm arms and danced the pure night away.

    By emma gardi URL on 02.26.2017

  17. There are times I do not feel gorgeous, but I always believed that I am. That is what mattered most and has made a big impact in the way I saw myself. I am a strong, independent, caring, and intelligent woman.

    By Rizza on 02.26.2017

  18. I do not always feel gorgeous, but I always believed that I am. This belief has made a huge impact

    By Thumbelina on 02.26.2017

  19. She was gorgeous. Blue eyes, red hair and those lips that curled to reveal the ugliest grey teeth. I wanted to lick those teeth and taste their greyness, revel in the ugliness of beauty.

    By Helen on 02.26.2017

  20. Walking out the door, she listened, looked up, and there it was. Sitting on a bare branch, gorgeous red head gleaming in the sun. There he is. That damn woodpecker.

    By Christie URL on 02.26.2017

  21. The scenery was gorgeous. To the left were hills filled with green trees, they absolutely covered the mountain. Then there was the ocean in front of her, just past the white sand beaches. I’ve never seen anything like this in real life.

    By dhanegl on 02.26.2017

  22. his dark hair, always styled perfectly and messily at the same time. his dark eyes, like a swirling sea of emotions. you can always see what he’s thinking and feeling by looking at his eyes. there are many ways to describe him, paragraphs, sentences, nothing does him justice. If I had to choose one word it would be Gorgeous.

    By sammy on 02.26.2017

  23. Gorgeous. A gorgeous man. A gorgeous woman. A gorgeous sunset. A gorgeous drive. A gorgeous bar. A gorgeous dress. It’s a word tat is getting worn from over use. We are so apt to want to convey that our own experience is so much more, so much better that we fall all over ourselves to use adjectives like this.

    By Alia on 02.26.2017

  24. It was a gorgeous dress, but Anne was not really one to wear them. She looked at herself in the mirror like she was looking at a stranger.

    “So…you like it?” Asked her mother who was lending it to her.

    “Er…yeah…” said Anne with a fake smile. She liked it, she really did, but somehow it didn’t feel right for her to be wearing it.

    By Brianna L on 02.26.2017

  25. What a gorgeous night!, thought Ryan as he laid on the hill and gazed at the stars. It made this whole camping trip worth it to be here, able to enjoy something so beautiful. It made him forget the small annoyances that happened today…like maybe he will make it out of this if he gets to have a view like this one every night. Maybe, he thought, camping ain’t so bad after all.

    By Brianna L on 02.26.2017

  26. gorgeous means pretty, stunning, amazing, just gorgeous.

    By hannah on 02.26.2017

  27. She’s gorgeous. His head snaps around as soon as she walks into his Geometry class, and all he knows is that he wants her hand in his and her lips on his and well-
    He stares. Can’t help it. Every day. His friends tease him about it, but he doesn’t mind. He’ll show them one day, when he shows up with her on his arm. So he asks her out to prom, with a dozen roses and his heart on his face clear as day and on bended knee, and she laughs, kicks the flowers out of his hand, turns and kisses the star basketball player and something breaks inside.

    By SentientExistence on 02.26.2017

  28. Couldn’t touch it, but that I didn’t mean I wasn’t going to look. The way her long locks of hair shifted over her shoulders and caught a breeze, I imagined she was a lady who’d stepped out a fairy tale.

    By Acin URL on 02.26.2017

  29. “Gorgeous” she shrieked. With her little bobbing blond pig tails, Kim bounced around in her play pen. Just over the rim of the pen she could see the bright colours, the fluorescent lights and the moving pictures. Max and Ruby were hitting it like never before.

    tv is every kid’s life

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    By bb on 02.26.2017

  30. You are gorgeous my darling,
    your eyelashes,
    your smile lines,
    your teeth,
    the way the sun dances through your hair,
    the way your arms move with purpose,
    they way your eyes squint

    By Anima on 02.26.2017

  31. I saw a girl at the grocery store and man she was beautiful. I couldn’t look away. I couldn’t even blink. My eyes were getting drier and drier like sawdust was collecting in the corners. Finally I blinked, opened my eyes, and she was gone. The gorgeous girl just gone.

    By Anonymous on 02.26.2017