June 1st, 2010 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “gong”

  1. aha!! time to go home.. i am sooooo bored i am glad the word isnt something hard to understand or something you have think about. sooo bored gong its time to go home

    By Hnd on 06.02.2010

  2. One of my favorite places to eat when I go Up North is Khan’s Mongolian BBQ. When we eat there and leave a tip, the kids get to clang the gong.

    By Mary Ihla URL on 06.02.2010

  3. The gong was struck. Struck silently. Strongly. The gong was struck forever.

    By Steven Berkowitz on 06.02.2010

  4. The gong rings that time is gone and so few know that thought and emotion are the same energy…

    By Mentalistacer URL on 06.02.2010

  5. The Premier banged the ceremonial gong to open the torch relay ceremony. “Is that really necessary?” asked the aide. The Chief of Protocol nodded seriously.

    By Shae on 06.02.2010

  6. the gong bellowed across the emerald fields. The dynasty nears its end. A new kingdom dawns.

    By Eric Hennison on 06.02.2010

  7. Gong, hm, it makes me think of a thong, yeah the underwear. haha. It makes loud noises and some people I know say bong in front of a teacher when they mean gong, oh boy what fun a gong and a bong can be. woohoo. let’s dance to the sound of thsi gong

    By Darrian URL on 06.02.2010

  8. Shin hit the gong as hard as he could, and the sound rang out through the hall. It was the signal that everyone was to move into the dining hall for the feast. It was a great banquet for the Emperor, and it was always very grand.

    By Kendra on 06.02.2010

  9. The gong rang loud and clear throughout the hall when it was struck. It startled many a servant in the palace, as it always has. Nothing was different now, and nothing was going to change for a long time. But it would come. There would be a revolution.

    By Kendra URL on 06.02.2010

  10. The gong is a sound instrument that is sometimes used to signify a important person coming into a room.

    By Judy on 06.02.2010

  11. loud big piece of metal that makes you stop and listen. It calls for attention and to be noticed. takes a strong person to make it come to full voice.

    By Crishawna on 06.02.2010

  12. The sound rang in my head. He stood there, looking absolutely moronic, with that dazed look in his eyes as he grasped the enormous golden circular disk shaped object. Damn, I swear if not for the law, I would’ve chopped his head into six pieces. Remind me to buy an alarm clock to wake me up or maybe hire a bounty hunter to capture my crazy little brother.

    By Haha, whatever. on 06.02.2010

  13. the sound rings through my soul as I strain to find meaning in the reverberations

    By Bruce URL on 06.02.2010

  14. The church gong rang, as it did every day at noon. However, it was not signaling an hour of the day, this time. As the city frantically packed their bags and left their homes, the reverberating sound was more hostile than it had ever sounded before.

    By Steph on 06.02.2010

  15. In the distance you can hear it.
    Not a stupid bell.
    No frilly whistles.
    But a deep, bellowing
    blaring signal to the end of a day.
    An end of an era.
    The end of the line.

    By NuSol URL on 06.02.2010

  16. then he banged the gong like a mad man. over and over again, until blood poored from his ears and from puss spewed from the blisters on his hands.

    By Tom on 06.02.2010

  17. gong. i would not like to be named gong. that would be terrifying. thats the kinda name that will get pennies thrown at you every morning on the way to school every morning. gong. ha.

    By dely on 06.02.2010

  18. GONG!…it rang again…GONG!…Lydia looked up at the clock, stared in agony, was anyone coming? she didnt know, but she hoped, hoped so much, she wanted to live. she didnt want this to be her last day, she new so much, too much…but death wasnt going to beat her.

    By Frankie Crewe on 06.02.2010

  19. it was loud, even though it was so far away. when she hit that gong, birds in all the trees lifted up into the sky.

    By izzy URL on 06.02.2010

  20. Hit it as hard as you can, whilst wearing nothing but a big nappy, and then the film starts, but you can’t hear it, because of the ringing still in your ears, but it was worth it for the baby oil.

    By Steve on 06.02.2010

  21. He banged the gong to awaken his fellow villagers. The gong rang out loudly across the valley. The morning had arrived safely. The gong marked its arrival.

    By Aaron on 06.02.2010

  22. It pounded. Time was up, and the war was done. Everyone stopped, mid-blow, and looked to the sky. No one knew what to do, who to look to. I stepped forward, and offered peace.

    By Molly on 06.02.2010

  23. song long it reminds me of china but im not really sure why i wrote song. gong. reminds me of dong which is kind of sexual but i dont mind it. my mind is running blank. gold black silver red. ancient!

    By taylor on 06.02.2010

  24. haha, it made me laugh when i first saw it. it makes me think of drugs and China. oh wait, i just remembered what it is… a think that you hit to make music. they are super loud and annoying. It’s one of those things you use

    By John on 06.02.2010

  25. The gong sounded once. Twice. The sound echoed in the air after, but it meant one thing only to the boy in the tree: dinner time!

    He raced toward the temple, calling as he went.


    By Boy Wonder URL on 06.02.2010

  26. i bang the gong and the gong goes bwhaaaaaaaaaaa. i love the sound, it makes me feel like an emperor penguin. BANG THAT GONG YOU BLACK AND WHITE WADDLER! BANG IT THEN SWIM WITH THE FISH!

    By Logan on 06.02.2010

  27. Tibeten soft threads silken and fine. Wrapped around her bleeding heart. It was late and she felt like nothing but sleep. Alas, no sleep came.

    By JD on 06.02.2010

  28. I entered the temple – the country was full of them but the sound of the gong, calling for prayers attracted me to this one. An adventure…

    By Daniele on 06.02.2010

  29. the sound of the gong reminds me of wind symphony rehearssal which i love because of the way it makes me feel–important and cared about. gong also reminds me of china and highschool which i really didn’t like. the stupid racism or maybe it’s just my own insecurity about the way i looke and feel around others

    By laura on 06.02.2010

  30. Symbol. Entrance. Here he comes. Light on his feet, but bold in his measure. Quick movements. Proud face.

    By Brittany on 06.02.2010

  31. a gong. thin and gold, vertical and circular. it hangs ready to vibrate and resonate a sound of one tone.

    By Nicole Jones on 06.02.2010

  32. The gong was th eonly sound in the room. The crowd of nearly sixty people was hushed completely as the gong rung. Then, the fight was on… and everyone held their breath to see the coming slaughter.

    By Aeren URL on 06.02.2010

  33. I wish I had a magic gong. If I had a magic gong I would use it to freeze people in time so I could talk to them without them interrupting. Now that would be magic!

    By freeme URL on 06.02.2010

  34. Going, Going, Going. i am constantly going. i can no longer stop. My breaks have been cut, a brick has been placed on my gas pedal. I keep going, spiralling- down , down, painfully down. I will always be going

    By Reba Mastrom URL on 06.02.2010

  35. she hit it, and the gong rang forever and ever, an unbroken note sounding throughout the whole village. everyone stopped and looked in the direction of the holy place, but nothing could be seen. still, they all knew, and a sense of unease was thick for the remainder of her stay.

    By Rebekah on 06.02.2010

  36. the gong show. an incredible chance to show off my skills and all I have is this duck. in a hat. a hatted duck. what the hell am I going to do with a hatted duck?

    By Jared Davidson on 06.02.2010

  37. IT was close to midnight. Everyone knew the plan but none would admit it. Suddenly the peal of gongs in the distance propelled the insurgents into action.

    By kmc URL on 06.02.2010

  38. gong sounds like Bong. weed weed weed and some ecstasy. Gongs are from asia. Opium is from asia. Pearl harbor. Neucular warfare. satan.

    By Josh on 06.02.2010

  39. Gong.thats the sound my head made as i slammed it on the counter top. i was bending down to pick up the cupcake that i was frosting that had just dropped to the floor. frosting side down of course. things like this always happen when i am in a rush.

    By LynnNolan URL on 06.02.2010

  40. A gong makes me think of an old-style, maybe Chinese gong. In one blink I see a man in red arabian style trousers beating the gong with a giant stick. I’m not even sure what the beater is called… In another blink, I see a waiter in black suit and white shirt pinging a mini gong, ready to call some beautifully dressed diners to dinner.

    By LittleOwlSki URL on 06.02.2010