April 13th, 2017 | 53 Entries

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53 Entries for “glow”

  1. Brilliant light that swallows darkness. It overflows with fashioned ecstasy. Wonderful vapors fill the air that embody all that is good in the world. You smile from the warm and it fills you fully inside. I Iove to see that smile.

    By Kprowess on 04.14.2017

  2. With stars in her eyes, when she saw him… it had been too long since she’d seen him in person. “Ooo, what FUN this weekend will be,” She thought. And then he sneezed.

    By KammeO URL on 04.14.2017

  3. I walked through a field of spoons under a moonlit night. I don’t know the significance, but I can still feel the smooth ambience caressing my skin. In a dream I woke up to a cacophony of laconic words strung together like a wraith on the wind. Puppet to that which I did not seek out. She found me in a mood alright. Complained he didn’t treat her right. I leaned over, cupped and lifted, in her seat she shifted. I knew that dance well, I did. And so between her legs I slid. Bent down and whispered into her lips, “No, dear, not us, not tonight.” But it was enough to set her alight. She crested. Peaked and swelled, billowed and fell, she smiled, and drifted off into a dream of a once perfect lover.

    By London Bridge URL on 04.14.2017

  4. This is what will happen. There will be a flash of bright light, eye burning. But it will happen so fast, you won’t know it. You will be ashes within seconds. If you’re lucky enough to be in the center of things, that is. If you’re 100 miles away, it will be worse. I don’t need to tell you that. You can look it up on Google and see what happens when a major nuclear weapon detonates and you’re within 100 miles of it. Not pretty. There will be radiation everywhere; radiation poisoning. Whole territories will be places where no one can live for years and years and years. People will be cut to bits from the breaking of all the glass everywhere. If you look for someone to treat you, a radiation victim, you will find no one because there is almost no one who knows how to treat it. If you don’t think about these things for yourself, think about them for your children. And as world leaders rattle their impotent swords and shout their threats, remember: They’ll be protected from all of it. And at the end of it, they’ll be sitting at conference room tables in Paris, signing peace agreements that won’t last for too long. While your life, the lives of your children, my children, all of it, will be lost because no real solution, no cheap solution, no solution that worked for those who profit, could be found. This is the glow we will all bask in.

    By ruby on 04.14.2017

  5. The gown flowing around her body shimmered like gossamer in the night. She was a pale, ghostly, powder blue, a beacon in the moonless sky and a lantern in the all-consuming dark. My eyes fixated on her as she pulled me after her, and the vision of her overtook most of mine as we went down, down, down into the abyss.

    By Nick URL on 04.14.2017

  6. Well, you could say something like his face glowed as we strolled down the moonlit path or something like that which is clichéd bullshit. I don’t have any desire to write for a while now. It all burned away along the path. Somehow caught in the mayhem. The unsettling feeling of anguish glows every now and then in my mind?! Well, it is grammatically incorrect. And that’s it. Adios

    By Sheftha Bukhari on 04.14.2017

  7. The sun was glowing tonight as it set over the ocean. Rain clouds hung above it and their gray enhanced the orange below. The woman stood looking out past the Waikiki shoreline. Canoes, kayaks, paddle boards in the near distance, sailboats, a dinner ship, a barge in the far distance. One sail, a glowing aqua green, like a stained glass window, was particularly lovely. Who owns that boat? Who designed that sail? What kind of life does that person live? She thought artistic, stylish, imaginative. She thought happy. As she watched, a fierce wave came out of nowhere, broke over the sailboat, and when it diminished still far from shore, no boat was to be seen. Was it a dream? No, people were pointing and crying out and dialing cell phones all around her at the terrace. She corrected herself now: what kind of life did that person live?

    By Joanna Bressler on 04.15.2017

  8. Glow in the darkness like a ray of hope.

    By Amit Kothiyal on 04.15.2017

  9. The lights glowed in the distance but the road ahead of me just seemed to be endless. The more I kept driving I was thinking the lights should be closer but they appeared farther away. Am I going in the right direction I wondered? Is this the right way to go? I kept driving as the lights continued to glow.

    By Mary on 04.15.2017

  10. The world felt warm and safe in the glow of the streetlamp, even as the evening breeze picked up and crawled over her skin. She barely noticed. She walked along, slowly, relishing the feeling of freedom that washed over her in these moments.

    By Bridget Grace on 04.15.2017

  11. It was the glow of a pure soul which was betrayed and corrupted long time ago. Which lost innocence in the cruelest way. If it wanted revenge? No. Just a safe place to stay and heal. Heal wound that may could never turn to stars. But the glow was still there, trying to show that a life that was safe and sound wasn’t that far away.

    By CA TFA lover on 04.15.2017

  12. She was blown away by the sight that was shown to her. The glowing stone in his chest – there was nothing comparable to its colour and aura. Carefully, she approached the sleeping man to take a closer look at this magnificent sight.

    By Industry on 04.15.2017

  13. She was blown away by the sight that was shown to her. The glowing stone in his chest – there was nothing comparable to its colour and aura. Carefully, she approached the sleeping man to take a closer look at this magnificent sight. His was was weary and he seemed far away in a deep slumber. Not able to resist the temptation, she reached out a trembling hand to touch the wonder in front of her.

    By Industry on 04.15.2017