April 25th, 2012 | 155 Entries

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155 Entries for “gladiator”

  1. Bad. Mean. Killing. Death. Bloody. Scary. Shouting. Fights. Hate. Cheering. Dying. Weapons. Armors. Metal. Muscles. Past.

    By marion URL on 04.26.2012

  2. Her skin was golden brown, her nails were fire red, her hair was a dark auburn color. Her eyes flashed with intriguing delight, her lips formed into a pout. As she tapped her gladiator sandals against the sidewalk a black mercedes pulled up to greet her. Smiling melencholy she glanced my way for just a second before she pulled the door handle. My heart stopped, her eyes dropped. If only she knew that everytime I saw her with him, my heart ached.

    By Mellanie N. Covell URL on 04.26.2012

  3. He is a gladiator. I am simple. He is strong. I am weak. Why do I love him? Because he is, and will always be my gladiator.

    By The Third URL on 04.26.2012

  4. me and my brother like to fight like gladiators! its so much fun!!!!!!

    By dancingb4fim URL on 04.26.2012

  5. me and my brother love to fight like gladiators! its so fun!!!!!

    By dancingb4him123 URL on 04.26.2012

  6. its qa fighter
    eat meat
    eat veal

    By Kopsen on 04.26.2012

  7. Two.
    Stare into each other’s eyes.
    Only one comes out.
    The other never sees the light again.

    By Sally on 04.26.2012

  8. A gladiator is a type of warrior that fights for their master.
    They fought to the death and are very courageous men.
    They were sometimes associated with slaves.

    By Samantha Drye on 04.26.2012

  9. A strong fighter. A warrior. A man with a lion’s heart. Strong precise. Masculine to the max. Soldier without fear. A fighter. A monster in combat.

    By henreeG URL on 04.26.2012

  10. The sun beat down mercilessly upon the two warriors. One, in the traditional style of a Murmillo, blocked the blows with the metal fish scales strapped to his arms. The other, dressed as a Secutor, dodged his opponent’s net and made a parry with his dagger. A bead of sweat dropped from below the helmet of the Murmillo fighter, but the other gladiator showed no signs of strain or exhaustion. His pallid complexion mirrored his calm facade, and he spun gracefully before landing a fatal blow to the gut of his opponent.
    The program terminated just as the roar of the crowd grew unbearable, replaced the the applause of a single shipmate.
    “Well done, Data!” Picard smiled from his observational stand near the holodeck’s entrance. “That was an excellent fake-out, sure to fool even the hardiest of ancient Romans.”
    Data tilted his head. “Indeed, sir, I have found these warriors to be lacking in any form of challenge. Perhaps I should move on to the next era.” He removed the crested helmet he’d worn for the purposes of the simulation.
    “I think nobody would fault you for that,” Picard agreed, and held out his hand for the helmet, “But before you switch programs, I’d like to have a go myself.”

    By floppybelly URL on 04.26.2012

  11. I can do this. I will walk out into that arena like a gladiator. Confident, cruel. I have the brute strength of my convictions. Outside, I hear their baying. The crowd of critics. But it doesn’t shake me. I have learned to stare fear in the face and not be brought down by it. I have learned the steel of resolve. The pride of honour. They will not topple mine.

    By siobhan347 URL on 04.26.2012

  12. The word gladiator makes me think of the big, huge guys yelling “THIS IS SPARTAAAA!!!” :)

    By alliekaley URL on 04.26.2012

  13. big harry man..:)

    By heaf13 URL on 04.26.2012

  14. in ancieant rome gladiators would fight for amusement
    he made gladiator mice and had them fight

    By cougars8 URL on 04.26.2012

  15. Gladiator… A gladiator is a prisoner or a criminal in Ancient Rome who fight to the death for entertainment…. A gladiator fights other gladiator or Lions…

    By poseidon619 URL on 04.26.2012

  16. ummmm……… , i honestly don’t know what a gladiator is but I think it was a fighter is Rome and ya , but other than that idk.

    By Mario URL on 04.26.2012

  17. He isn’t super strong. He doesn’t have tons of muscles (though there is some). He is super handsome, in his own way. He is even more handsome on the inside. Though all of these things are true, he is still my gladiator.

    By The Third URL on 04.26.2012

  18. He said he’d never done it before. Said he felt kind of queasy with the thought of it. As I pointed out, he’s never worried about her feeling queasy when she’s doing it to him. Whether it was on the bed, in the alley, in the club, or even when he’s driving; he never spared a thought for what she thought (I only know about it happening in the car because he always gives me rides everywhere. I know that smell and it’s not ‘new car’.)

    I told him if she wants it, he needs to give it to her or risk being an unadventurous old man-olith. Plus, if he could get his head around it; if his mind’s spine could bend just that little more, she’d be so grateful. Hell, after an 8 year relationship, I wouldn’t be surprised if she bought him a giant blimp with ‘It’s about damn time, d*ck!’ emblazoned on the side.

    It had become too much. He’d heard it from her for nearly a decade and now he’d heard it from his best mate. He simply HAD to do it. Presently, he pensively meandered home to see her.

    The next day he didn’t look too happy. Of course, I imagined as much. He is, apparently, a poor example of a 21st Century Man. But even though his voluble complaints of the coarse hairs that were lodged in his throat became more and more insufferable…I’m Gladiator.

    By Andrew Lee Bowen on 04.26.2012

  19. annoying boots that used for fashion only..
    but in ancient times it is also what they called for the fearsome warriors…

    By lalalala on 04.26.2012

  20. Hi, I’m gregor, the roman gladiator. I killed the lion and therefore survived the challenge. I was convicted of murder, but I didn’t do it. This is stupid.

    By Dino Dragonrider on 04.26.2012

  21. fighter probably from italy – supposed to be valiant/brave and perhaps now a days seems a little ignorant about death – or perhaps death did not matter as much to them then. Alternatively,death may have been thought about differently then.

    By pat george on 04.26.2012

  22. I cheered in the stands with Ellen. We had made signs only minutes before. This was my first arena football game and I was having a blast! I was so greatful that Ellen had invited me. Go Gladiators!

    By Morgan on 04.26.2012

  23. He was the gladiator, the king of the sand. He stood like a battle-torn warrior over the corpse of the beast, laying his weapon down on the blood-soaked floor. The spider was vanquished, the battle over with one stamp of his boot.

    By kate on 04.26.2012

  24. The seduction of the ice cream truck tune droned out as it whizzed down the street. He clutched the money his grandmother gave with such pressure, it had ripped a bit. But he didn’t care. The ten-dollar bill was sword, the ice cream truck his foe. He wasn’t going home without that sundae his grandmother’s been craving.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 04.26.2012

  25. A gladiator once changed my busted radiator,
    Ripped clear it clear out of the wall, screaming, “THIS IS SPARTA”

    By Lord Jim URL on 04.26.2012

  26. Still in wait, a moment of pause before the fight begins. He heaves a breath, awaiting certain death, and knows that if nothing else, he will put everything he has into this fight. His breath is steady and strong, his eyes lowered. The bell rings. He looks up.

    By emay URL on 04.26.2012

  27. nkjnhlkjnlk

    By test on 04.26.2012

  28. The golden armour may reflect the sun’s rays, however the heat of my body is reflected back at me. The clash of metal to metal, metal to flesh, metal to bone scream around me. I look at the beast in front of my, already with the blood of twelve others down its mane. I look deep into its eyes and I can see it’s as scared as I am and does want to kill like this either. But we have no choice in what we wont to do. The crowd want a show, and that is what they get.

    By Billy on 04.26.2012

  29. The knight in shining armor stood at the door waiting to go out to the arena and fight the lion. He was afraid, but not too afraid to try, since the lady he most wanted to impress would be sitting on the front row, ready to throw her hankie into the ring at the first sign of blood. He hoped there would be blood. Just not his.

    By Robin Langford on 04.26.2012

  30. Spartan – muscles –strength abounds in this specimen – violence and truth combine into one well-oiled package of masculinity

    By Anna on 04.26.2012

  31. Gladioators are bravest people of the past. I don’t know a lot about them, but they’re really brave and they should be honored of who they were, even tough there aren’t any of the gladiators left. Let’s praise them.

    By est on 04.26.2012

  32. Once upon a time, placing a mink coat on Laura, Jade slowly stepped back after giving a long kiss. “Please, don’t take it off – it looks beautiful on you.” That evening, Laura was dead. The mink had actually come alive. Soon after that it died because some gung ho gladiator accidentally set the world on fire playing with matches.

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    By URL on 04.26.2012

  33. Gladiators remind me of ancient rome which I used to learn about in year 8 and 9 and a bit of 11 and 12 because I did ancient history in year 11-12 and SOSE/English in year 8-9. I never understood much about it but in year 12 I started to learn more about it and I now understand almost all there is to know about Rome and Gladiators. The collosium is where they used to fight.

    By Jacksun Corr on 04.26.2012

  34. A man of multiple talents, master of his trade and departer of life. All he needs is his insturments of destruction and he id ready to take on the next challenge. Whether those the tools of his trade be a spear and a sheald, or a mop and bucket; either death is on its way.

    By Joshua best on 04.26.2012

  35. The Stadium roared with excitement. The yougn gladiator could feel the sweat drizzle down his face. The gate lifted slowly, revealing the face of the horrifying beast. The golden-maned lion. He has met his foe before, and was successful in escaping a claw-filled fate.

    By Sara Cottrell URL on 04.26.2012