December 22nd, 2018 | 8 Entries

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8 Entries for “gingerbread”

  1. christmas, sweet, traditional, kids, love home christmassy environment, decorations, cake, creat

    By Enid Vadeanu on 12.22.2018

  2. Let’s make a blanket fort in the living room. Let’s set up thirteen Christmas trees, string up so many lights that we’ll glow like a multicolored sunrise. Let’s build a gingerbread house, laughing at the fact that we certainly couldn’t be architects in the real world, but hey – gumdrop roofs are a great aesthetic in Winter Wonderland Real Estate. Then let’s make tea and cocoa and watch the classic films again and again.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.22.2018

  3. The gingerbread man showed up early. He was hungry. Slobber was dripping from the corners of his mouth and dribbling down his chin without his notice, he was spent. All of my friends split fast without notice and ran back into the woods. Except for me. I had to see what may show up.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 12.22.2018

  4. Gingerbread houses are a waste of good food. Putting world class wine into gravy is a waste of good wine. Not saying one word to me through dinner was a waste of a golden opportunity. I’m home now. I’m wasted.

    By Joanna Bressler on 12.23.2018

  5. The gingerbread man is in the gingerbread house. He is made of ginger, flour, milk, eggs, and sugar- all the good things in the world. He has a grin on his face. He must be the angel that Santa send to us for Christmas!

    By Daylily on 12.23.2018

  6. The gingerbread house I live in started to melt at the sugar seams last night. I lay in bed missing you, and as I missed you, my body temperature spiked to mythic heights, and the icing that held my room together began to drip, drip, drip –

    By Fox Hedgehog on 12.23.2018

  7. I would like to build a gingerbread village with stores that I love, filled with books, toys and
    colorful clothes. I would like people to move in and our of candy cane doors nd there should be snow everywhere and music and everyone should be happy.

    By Robin Stein on 12.23.2018

  8. nick knacks pound
    on a brown bus
    gingerbread gingerhouse
    baken browned is their town
    little sugar men with their backpacks
    that was not our intent
    as they entered the little makeshift ovens
    they ain’t never comin around again

    By matt m on 12.23.2018