November 22nd, 2017 | 10 Entries

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10 Entries for “general”

  1. The soldier fell in love with the general, and the general fell in love with her. They both knew it would be forbidden, so they met in secret on Vane Hill, just as the sun crested over the top before making its descent. They held hands and kissed under the same elm tree, and every day, the general would promise to end the war as quickly as she could, so they could both go back home, build a cabin together, and live happily ever after.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.22.2017

  2. In general, my life was pretty bland. Day in and day out it was the same thing. Eat, work, clean, sleep. That was it. But today, today was different. Today I learned something new. Magic exists, but not how one would expect it to.

    By Asher22 URL on 11.22.2017

  3. in general, he didn’t know what to do. In this moment of fear and threat, he was completely dumbfounded by the pressure of the situation. The privateers that surrounded him looked up at the podium he was about to walk up to with eyes full of hope and expectancy. Like the far-off sound of motorcycles drive by as you sit in your car, the announcer proclaimed his name with a dignity he didn’t feel he deserved.
    “and now, the general.”

    By Siddhartha URL on 11.22.2017

  4. In general, Lizzie Newman found it difficult to get along with her roommate. The other girl was loud and crude and violent, and, even in her brief moments of kindness, she seemed on the verge of eruption. It frightened Lizzie, and so she stayed away from her as much as she could.

    By annie on 11.22.2017

  5. A new general order ordering all furries to register online before deporting

    By G URL on 11.22.2017

  6. general pepper, major salt
    take the command, lead the assault
    do best when my lasers are colored cobalt

    By omqwat URL on 11.22.2017

  7. I would not want to be a general! War is bad and a lose-lose situation

    By anniegirl6 URL on 11.22.2017

  8. Have a general life is my goal, I don’t want life too complicate.

    By Wendy on 11.22.2017

  9. The general idea of the massacre was that Sisyphusian euglenids became fed up with being Sisyphusian. They wanted a meaning and a real goal for their life. They were tired of aimless phagocytosis and substrate-gliding. Time has come for them to be idealists and to start a real fuckin’ evolution.

    By cup URL on 11.23.2017

  10. he sits on the window still and kicks mindly in the air with his foot, staring at the gray clouds over the all-boys school. he can almost see the london carriages from here, yet it seems all too generic.

    By Gee N. URL on 11.23.2017