August 8th, 2009 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “geese”

  1. i dont know what it means

    i am from romania

    here is not very good

    liverpool si the best

    i shit on your face

    something that rhyme


    By adrian on 08.09.2009

  2. There was a flock of geese which crossed the river on a clear sunny day. The water was calm and the the farm had never looked so peaceful.

    By Brandon on 08.09.2009

  3. I had an encounter with a goose as a child it attacked my face I think. They make scary, beaky sounds and come across like sullen swans. They hiss I think and steal bread.

    By Conor Hooper on 08.09.2009

  4. The farm is just so old that even the Geese looked like they’d moved in and taklen over. They were hurriedly making their way around the barn, just squarking and pecking at the ground, making themselves busy until something happened, all things taken in to consideration, they were obviously up to no good.

    By Fergus Law on 08.09.2009

  5. I hear the muffled flutters,
    Feathers whipping the wind,
    Carry me higher,
    I want to touch the sky.

    The wind shifts us all,
    Carry me higher,
    I have no wings,
    Help me get higher.

    By Meg on 08.09.2009

  6. I hate them, they frighten me. When I was younger I was attacked by a flock of geese who wanted my loaf of bread.

    This loaf of bread was meant for the ducks.
    The cute ducks.

    The ones who didn’t bite my fingers and clothes.

    By Ashlee Darby on 08.09.2009

  7. geese are nice and lovely they are white and live near ponds and they will peck at your legs if you anger them now I think about it they aren’t that lovely because they do attack you for no apparent reason but then again that might be because we did something to them maybe we declared war on them years ago and just forgot about it but they’re holding a grudge maybe the war is over who owns the pond or maybe they want more fish…

    By Lee on 08.09.2009

  8. Their blare overhead to far off, so unreachable, yet so grounding to us all, such echos of season settling down our bones. Crispness in itself.

    By tks.bunnies on 08.09.2009

  9. Molly watched her mother feed the geese from the relative safety of the bench. Her mother had told her time and again that the honking birds were not the type to bite, but she couldn’t bring herself to go the edge of the pond and feed them. A goosling approached her on the bench, honking softly, and she smiled at it.

    By Itchy on 08.09.2009

  10. everytime geese fly overhead i think they shall poop on my head. their loud honking is very annoying and i pray someday i might shoot one. but flying is such an art that i cannot think of killing a bird.

    By megan on 08.09.2009

  11. The day is crisp and golden like an apple. The air rings with the crackling voices of geese flying away for the winter. The ice on the pond gurgles with life waiting to break free after the cold.

    By Sophie on 08.09.2009

  12. The geese flew in low over the small pond. The sun was just beginning to rise, gently dissipating the mist that lay low over the bank.

    By KSR on 08.09.2009

  13. flying. v formations. babies.

    By jj on 08.09.2009

  14. geesegeesegeese

    By bobbeh on 08.09.2009

  15. they fly south every year, leaving for the winter to have fun in the sun. But they always come back and nest and take over the lakes and rivers. They leave dropping everywhere and it makes the grass all messy.

    By gf on 08.09.2009

  16. geese in a lake was
    the first thing I saw in my
    head. oh, how cliché!

    By Kirin on 08.09.2009

  17. geese is the plural of goose, which leads to gander…and now i’m struck by wander-lust…i think of a lady sitting on a goose…i’d love to

    By rajesh on 08.09.2009

  18. Geese were a big part of a small Pittsburgh suburb at one time. This suburb, North Park used to flourish with geese. Until it happened. Nobody quite knows how it happened, or really what happened. But it happened.

    By Scooter on 08.09.2009

  19. i Love geese big and grey from Canada Way,such freedom such past such presence.

    By jason fines on 08.09.2009

  20. Geese, annoying little buggers. Always crapping on the cars and making a mess of all the lawns and side walks they wander about in. It is truly incredible how annoying they are. but they are also cute because of there babys

    By Marcus on 08.09.2009

  21. They live by me. Every time I walk by, I have to step aside. I remember how they used to terrify me, how they still do, how they chased me along the sidewalk that one time I got too close to duckings.
    I also think that you may be a goose, but that’s just a hunch.

    By Grey. on 08.09.2009

  22. DUCK DUCK GOOSE! My friends and I were in the park the other day and we noticed two people sitting in meditation. We so desperately wanted to run over and sit down with them while one person started a game of duck duck goose. I wonder if they would have played with us…

    By ann on 08.09.2009

  23. geese are the coolest animals ever, but they shit on your head a lot. some are from canada. those ones are grey, and they often congregate outside the city hall of my town, newton, ma. if you would like to discuss the nature of the canada goose, find an expert — i, however, am not one.

    By josemendez3 on 08.09.2009

  24. There used to be geese behind my house. That was before the bulldozers, before the people, before the homes and insulation. They were loud, and alive. Now they’re gone.

    By JLL on 08.09.2009

  25. I like to go on CapeCod online and they had some geese up for adoption that need homes. I hope they find someone nice to adopt them. The geese were up for adoption along with 3 minature horses. I hope they all get adopted.

    By chrisy on 08.09.2009

  26. a combination of cheese and goose is a geese. lol geese is the plural form of goose. geese or gander which do you prefer? geese make me want to eat cheese. jheez geese bees .

    By paul russell on 08.09.2009

  27. so many times i think about them. They happen to fly so fatly and willingly that they dont even care where they are flying. They are geese.

    By chris on 08.09.2009

  28. this is the same word as yesterday

    By sam on 08.09.2009

  29. In Minnesota where I grew up we would see geese in the spring and in the fall depending on where they were going. The flying V’s of geese would fly overhead all the time and inspired the “flying V” in the mighty ducks…geese are pretty cool, but also not very nice if you make them angry!

    By Amy on 08.09.2009

  30. The peanut gallery gathered around Victor as he slowly stitched his left hand back into place, savoring every moment of his shock-induced fame.

    Only one student remained separate from the throng of admirers surrounding the manufactured boy.

    By Chuck Meacham on 08.09.2009