February 13th, 2024 | 7 Entries

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7 Entries for “gazebo”

  1. This word sound so pathetic on Ezha’s native tongue, scattering across like melted good, she sounded like a chirping bird, her smile hazy, a light exploded through her

    by Aeria on 02.14.2024
  2. summer light
    entered through
    the gazebo’s
    coloring your face
    with gold.
    the beams
    made you look
    like a statue
    carved by mortals
    that fell in love
    with deities
    who promised
    to come back
    after flowers
    bloomed in june.
    i’m scared you’ll
    break your oath,
    i sense she’ll turn
    my heart to stone.

    by mfgm on 02.14.2024
  3. A gazebo is an air-house, a castle for the wind to dance in, Sound of Music and rain, a shelter, a grown-up treehouse, the romance of the wild free and the safe home.

  4. I built a gazebo
    For my cat.
    Fancy that!
    It has a sauna
    Where she can watch fauna
    On the lawn-a

    She is an Irish Persian,
    A sophisticated person
    With a resonant Miaow
    Which sets the stars aglow.

    She holds deep conversations
    About her observations
    Concerning this
    And also that,
    ‘Bout mind, reality,
    And how to be
    A cat.

    by Solar Flare on 02.13.2024
  5. They agreed to meet in the gazebo. He sat there, enjoying the view of the late afternoon sunlight through the crown of flowers gracing the top of the structure. But as the sun set, he still sat alone.

    by Chanpheng on 02.13.2024
  6. The Christmas tree is still there lit like December though it’s nearly spring. It punctuates the sunset on my evening walk.

    by Nancy on 02.13.2024
  7. this is like a gazeboo
    you buy want you wanted from me
    at the end, doesn’t mean nothing for you

    i guess you were insecure
    i guess i should give more
    what can i give?
    if u were here just for fun

    by abhi on 02.13.2024