April 8th, 2015 | 79 Entries

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79 Entries for “gardener”

  1. The gardener stepped out into the shining sun. He wished he had worn a lighter shirt that day. The forecast was hot, humid, and sunny. Great. Just what he needed. A day to do nothing but sweat. But, there is an upside, sweat brings a cleansing of the body. And with all of the drinking he had been doing lately, he could use a little detoxing. So, he grabbed his shovel and walked slowly over to the garden.

    By Magnolia on 04.09.2015

  2. The gardener loved the work he was able to do every day. It was dirty, it was sweaty, but it was honorable. It was a time he could evaluate his life. He could mull his problems or he could just think about nothing at all except the smell of the grass and the dirt. Maybe have a very slow conversation with an earth worm or too. It didn’t seem fancy. It didn’t seem special. But, it was his job and he loved that he could do it. Life began in a garden.

    By Magnolia on 04.09.2015

  3. I was once a garner who had a tomato plant. It died. Apparently, you are not supposed to smoke cigarettes with them…. Gosh I am a bad garner. Maybe next time. This time, I think that I’ll plant potatoes or something…

    By Charlie on 04.09.2015

  4. I have a gardener that comes and goes without really doing a thing. He makes himself look busy for fifteen minutes and then waves to me on his way out the back garden gate. “Wait!” I want to call to him.”You’re not done!!” but he’s gone.

    By Juliette D. Marquis on 04.09.2015

  5. The One Who Gardens
    A ‘Fuck You’ to Entropy
    By Fostering Life

    By Brandon Steward on 04.09.2015

  6. She moved along the edge of the dark zone, snipping morsels to eat as she edged along like a gardener trimming a hedge, being careful not to permanently harm any of the plants that were kind enough to feed her, and being extra careful not to be seen by her new neighbours. Once her hunger was satisfied, she decided it would be best for a while to go around to the other side of the dark zone; maybe the new beings had only landed in this one spot. But then she noticed a group of them doing something very unusual.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.09.2015

  7. A gardener must be patient. Patient enough to see how beautiful those creatures growing up. Slow but amazing. A gardener must be smart enough to see them.

    By Ilayda on 04.09.2015

  8. There in the backyard kneeled the Gardner. Her hair was white as silk and the wrinkles on her faith betrayed her lack of youth, but her laugh.. Her laugh was the real gem. She smiled at the pot of tomatoes in her hand and laughed such a joyous laugh that the plant, though startled as it was, began to grow!

    By Kasey on 04.09.2015

  9. He had the most handsome hands that I had ever seen. Because he’s always handled such beautiful things. From leaves to flowers, from roots to leaves.

    By Ebony on 04.09.2015

  10. The gardener was old and grizzled and walked with a slight stoop that belied the strength revealed by how easily he hefted the heavy shovel and other tools of his trade. He was a man of few words and seemed slightly sinister and you could imagine him burying a body in that rose garden but he was really a gentle soul who’d do no such thing. First impressions can be dangerous.

    By Christina on 04.09.2015

  11. The gardener laid down his spade. The tennis player slammed down an ace. The little girl gave her mother a basket of paper hearts. The young man sat in a field searching for a four leaf clover.

    By khakicat URL on 04.09.2015

  12. I’m the gardener of my soul, and I will keep it nurtured and beautiful as much as I can. We will manage through the storms and excessive heat.

    By Katie R on 04.09.2015

  13. One who nurtures, prunes harvests & gets to watch the sun & rain work together to make beautiful things for that gardener to enjoy.

    By Mary on 04.09.2015

  14. One who nurtures, prunes harvests & gets to watch the sun & rain work together to make beautiful things for that gardener to enjoy. He gets to see nature in action everyday and get paid for it! My favorite things are the hundreds of different flowers!

    By Mary on 04.09.2015

  15. There once was a gardener. Ever since he was a little boy he loved to play in the dirt and bring things to life. His favorite plant is the rose bush. It is very difficult to care for and prickly, but it produces beautiful flowers that women love.

    By Stephanie on 04.09.2015

  16. there once was a gardener named billy joel bob and he was a gardener for two lesbian mothers who lived in Caliofrnia

    By afg URL on 04.09.2015

  17. Gardening is a great way to get more in touch with nature. I like the scene in Fablehaven where the maid lady whatever is gardening in the rain. The gardens in Fablehaven are my favorite ones to bring to mind when the time calls for it.

    By Larissa on 04.09.2015

  18. There is something unmistakable about clean dirt running between your fingers, about sun warmed stones pricking at the soles of your feet. There is something unmistakable about the way you feel her hand in the small of our back, hear her brilliant laugh ringing through the rustling tree tops as you pull the hoe across the land. You can never get the rows quite as straight as she does, can never quite match the ease with which she melts into the loamy ground, bare feet black with life and growth. You like to imagine, briefly, that the sweetness of the first summer berries are her lips against your own again.

    By pulchritude on 04.09.2015

  19. Our gardener is the loveliest fellow. Often times he not only brings plants for the garden, but ones for the house. Rarely do I ever say this, but I honestly appreciate all of the work he does for us.

    By Hank on 04.09.2015

  20. The gardener didn’t even look round and I could sense trouble. The trouble that was brewing between every nature force and our little crime fighting band. The trouble that was going to end all. All of it. Every little bit.

    By Samantha URL on 04.09.2015

  21. The gardener had been laid off three weeks ago and the rose bushes had never looked better. They had cracked open from the stems to the petals, the gold within showing through in veins that glowed black in the harsh light of the sun. With the desert encroaching upon the silver walls of the garden, it looked like a downturned spoon on a table of sand in the shimmering distance from the tower where we lived that summer.

    By MK URL on 04.09.2015

  22. gardner of my life
    gardener of my mind
    a time to find divine
    strategies of coping with this time
    wraps aroud my ears and nose like the vine
    of one who could transpose love as leaves
    to find
    to be
    a garderner me myself and thee

    By Bree Nieves on 04.09.2015

  23. this gardener cultivates my mind
    pulls and drags the dirt of my thoughts
    seeps his damp palms into my wet earth
    plants seeds and plucks up the fruits of my devotion
    he will suck my garden dry

    By Sara on 04.09.2015

  24. gardens a mind
    gardens without recognition of the time
    of a paradime, consequential dimes
    thrown with time and lemon limes onto
    drip drop lovers with pride
    lovers garden without ideas of the riff and ride

    By breeeeeeeee!! on 04.09.2015

  25. The gardener gardens and grows his flowers, The flowers blink their eyes. They are not flowers. They are alive, but not in a way that you would recognise. The flowers are beginning to stir. The flowers are leaving their beds. They have risen. The gardener is very proud.

    By Angelica Alexander on 04.09.2015

  26. She kneeled down in the dirt, her knees flush with the warm, moist soil. The smell of the earth brought about an otherworldly connection. Her hands pulled the small, green weeds to make room for her blossoming tulips.

    By Sarah Nicole on 04.09.2015

  27. He started to plow the field as he always had those past 6 years. After a few hours of hard work, he looks up and sees dark shapes in the sky. It’s the Germans. They made it all the way to his field and are about to destroy it as they have destroyed everything else in his life.

    By Ben on 04.09.2015

  28. The green leaves slowly drifted down in my line of vision. I shifted my gaze up towards the tree, blooming with nascent leaves of green and pinkish flowers. I smiled. I felt life like I never have before.

    By Taylor T. on 04.09.2015

  29. spider silk
    flower fire
    blazing bushes of

    my garden of
    & sunflower seeds
    lost love
    where work

    By katiekieran URL on 04.09.2015

  30. i already wrote about gardener. and i f’ed up. i meant garter snake. but no, I didn’t really mean that because I honestly, for 20 years now have thought garter snakes were gardener snakes. just like i thought ‘windchill’ was actually ‘windshield’ and they took the temperature of a windshield. the end.

    By chelsea.again on 04.09.2015

  31. As I looked into my magnificent garden, I caught a look from the gardener. He had suspicion in his eyes. It sent a shiver down my spine.

    By jsy on 04.09.2015

  32. I think i just wrote about this guy, but he keeps coming back to me like a bad dream. Session after session, I can see him starring back at me with that eye piercing glare, but it almost seems familiar. Then I realize I’m not looking at the gardner, Im looking at myself.

    By jsy on 04.09.2015

  33. That was it I had finally figured out who he was. I walked up to him and we briefly played a game like a mime in a mirror. Then he stopped moving, I froze too. He cautiously murmured “Is your father Dennis Quaid?”

    By time.teller on 04.09.2015

  34. Finding things in a place where you feel comfortable. Colourful things to tend to and a place to be peaceful. There are times when I wish I was a gardener because maybe I could find out a little more about my creative personality. Maybe not. Avant gardener is a good song. Quirky.

    By Tim on 04.09.2015

  35. the gardener wore a pearl earring.

    she thought that odd. who, as a gardener, could make enough to afford a pearl?

    the man noticed her staring and grinned. his teeth were black like soil. blood as deep as the roses in the bushes boiled between his gums.

    she ran.

    By Sorelliena on 04.09.2015

  36. There once was a Gardner that lived in Italy, his name was Carlos. He had a garden with anything you could ever need, such as rosemary, olives, apple’s and so on. Every Saturday Carlos would load up his cherry red truck and head into town.

    By Mia on 04.09.2015

  37. I think that a gardener it’s a really important job because hecan make your house look prettier and he can take care of your garden better than you, of course, of he cares about his job and clients.

    By Maria Luíza Fernandes on 04.09.2015

  38. I think that a gardener it’s a really important job because hecan make your house look prettier and he can take care of your garden better than you, of course, of he cares about his job and clients. But this is not a job that I would enjoy to do for living.

    By Maria Luíza Fernandes on 04.09.2015

  39. maybe you just have to trust him. maybe its a better idea to change. maybe the problem is with you.

    By fuspokanna on 04.09.2015