November 27th, 2016 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “freeze”

  1. I saw myself freeze. I saw, as if I wasn’t a part of my body, my hands stop shaking, my leg stop bouncing, my feet stop tapping. I saw my eyes slow down and close, the heavy curtains of darkness finally letting me relax. I saw, inside myself, the tangle of thoughts gently roll to a stop and straighten themselves out; my mind, full of voices and whispers, went silent.

    One pill, and suddenly, I was frozen; one pill, and suddenly, I was more than my anxiety.

    By Amelia; on 11.28.2016

  2. Freeze, froze, frozen.
    Winter under northern skies
    Nothing moves
    Except the scudding clouds
    and a brave robin.

    By Alia on 11.28.2016

  3. I am frozen
    frozen in sadness
    sadness that is not going away
    Many times I believed I was getting better
    but the bottomless pit would pull me back in
    I suppose this is just how my life is supposed to be


    My soul will continue to freeze
    stuck on the sadness inside

    By Faith on 11.28.2016

  4. Time froze at the instant we locked eyes. It was chilly in the room, I could feel a breeze blowing on my neck, or was it just the chill running down my spine? He was perfect, tall, dark and a handful by the looks of him. I knew somehow that the heat between was going to be seared into my memory for a long time.

    By Radhika Saraf URL on 11.28.2016

  5. The chill of that Sunday night blew behind her ears; the flame in front held her hands and kept her warm. There were more people around the bin fires that night. Nomads with blank calendars and unwritten itineraries. She enjoyed this silent community where seldom words were spoken and pasts were left untouched.

    By Helianthus on 11.28.2016

  6. The freeze finally struck. They had been forecasting it for weeks, but this is Texas, and I don’t believe them. Now were in for it. The leaves that have been waiting to turn will now turn blazing colors.

    By Rushlight URL on 11.28.2016

  7. sometimes even when it’s warm my fingers are cold. i came up with a cool phrase AND NO YOU CAN’T USE IT IT’S MINE which is “as blue as chilly fingers.” i always write down nice neat little phrases i think of. i have a looooong note on my phone that’s so long that sometimes when i try to scroll all the way through and read the whole thing my phone freezes up AND I BROUGHT IT FULL CIRCLE HELL YEAH

    By Catori on 11.28.2016

  8. She stood there and just. No part of her would move. Her arms were locked tight and she just–
    She blinked, but still stood there. She–her brain–what was she–it couldn’t be–
    The door opened completely and they stood there in front of her, guilt on their faces and she felt herself break down completely.

    By ollie on 11.28.2016

  9. I want to freeze time.. Its going by to fast. Its almost 2017 and I feel like I just entered 2016. So much has happened, I want everything to stop. I need time to think. Freeze my time… Speed my thoughts… Help me figure out what I need to do next. Freeze…

    By anonymous_writer_17 on 11.28.2016

  10. freeze the frame, pause it
    keep it dead inside
    trapped gazes, mannequins
    an eternal stand-still
    for us to gaze upon in wonderment
    they no longer breathe
    no longer have a reason to
    they are frozen
    entertain the masses

    By vanikey on 11.28.2016

  11. Freezing again. Standing here cold, all alone in the white room.

    I look around, there is no one.

    Only me. Facing my own inner demons.

    Where is my angel?

    She can hear me, no?

    Freeze. Where is the sun?

    By DF on 11.28.2016

  12. she freezes in place
    there had never been
    a moment like this before

    before she had entered this
    world of misleading possibilities

    was this just a cruel joke?

    By Pandyfish on 11.28.2016

  13. I don’t even remember hearing the officer yell ‘Freeze’. Perhaps he did, perhaps it was something he should have said. All I remember is the searing pain in my thigh, the scream of pain from my mouth, and the scraping of my cheek on the ground.

    By P on 11.28.2016

  14. Freeze! says policeman when finding a criminal.
    Freeze! Elsa froze Arendale. Ice is frozen.

    By Noah on 11.28.2016

  15. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time….pause…stop for a second and actually have a moment to take this thing we call life in, but it seems like everything is just getting ahead of me. Just like the timer on this post.

    By Che on 11.28.2016

  16. Every ounce of brainpower she had was screaming at her to run, and yet her muscles had turned to ice beneath her skin. It didn’t matter what the outcome was. Here, now, either way

    By sarah on 11.28.2016