June 21st, 2012 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “fractures”

  1. they occur in side the body bones can fracture. also in ornaments they can fracture you can fracture teeth you can fracture cups. fractured ground and fractured wall and bones and toes and arms, fingers knuckles and cheekbones.

    By nicole URL on 06.22.2012

  2. There were fractures in my heart. Amongst the muscle and tears. Because of she. She that breaks me. I’m in ruins. And i can feel the fracture.

    By Erika on 06.22.2012

  3. All the little fractures
    are meant
    to let the light in
    and every little break, every discontinuity in my wholeness
    is just to remind me
    that the universe comes through me
    and I was never whole without it anyway

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 06.22.2012

  4. When you have plantar faciatis you have to be careful because you can get tiny little fractures on the bottom of your foot. It’s amazing, something you can barely see can cripple you. Just like how someone you barely got to love can break your heart. We’re not tough, but we keep going anyway.

    By Holli Downs on 06.22.2012

  5. how the body breaks down. relationships also fracture when two people can’t live together anymore and they are forced to break apart. It is also the human condition. we are imperfect

    By bob on 06.22.2012

  6. i fractured my arm once. I was about 10 years old, and it sucked. I’d never damaged a bone before, so it was a new experience for me. I had a bit of an obsession with climbing trees, so naturally, after a while of climbing (a few months?) I fell. I had a constant, deep pain going through my arm, and it was quite sharp.

    By Dave on 06.22.2012

  7. He came from the hospital devastated about the fractures in his leg rendering it useless for upcoming soccer tryouts. He had always been the forward on his team, now he was afraid he was letting his teammates down.

    By Gilltyascharged on 06.22.2012

  8. I stare at the boy. They say he has fractures in his skull from the blow. “He won’t make it past the night,” they keep murmuring to themselves. I hear it all. I always do. Even when I do not know the person, I hear. I guess that’s the life of a spirit living in a hospital. I wonder if he’ll join me. It’d be nice to have a companion, and he’s cute.

    By Amy URL on 06.22.2012

  9. In kindergarten I fractured the growth plate in my right wrist.

    By Alli Lynn URL on 06.22.2012

  10. The legs were bent in a way that resembled fragments of a pair of fractured legs. Everyone stood in silence .

    By homer on 06.22.2012

  11. Fissures in bones and broken tensions in relationships. Nothing good could come from a crack. It broke my mother’s back after all. So don’t step on a crack

    By Andi Kemperoni on 06.22.2012

  12. so Melbourne had an earthquake the other day. i didn’t feel it so it sucked but i’m glad there were no holes in the ground. that you’ve sucked.

    By bob on 06.22.2012

  13. Fissures in bones and broken tensions in relationships.

    Nothing good could come from a crack. It broke my mother’s back after all.. so don’t step on a crack in a sidewalk. Didn’t childhood games teach you anything?

    By Andi K URL on 06.22.2012

  14. brittle bones. doctors don’t embellish the truth; it is as bad as it sounds. perhaps even worse. she cried six thousand tears & then went to bed, exhausted by her imagination screaming ideas of what could happen.

    By Becky URL on 06.22.2012

  15. I can see the fine cracks forming in her impenetrable mask, the fractures in her personality beginning to show. The way her smile seems too bright and wobbles at the edges, loose as though suspended from a broken hinge. The way she is always so eager to please, always trying so hard to be sought after and desired speaks volumes of the mask she’s crafted for herself. She doesn’t want to be left vulnerable, but doesn’t want to be lonesome, so she makes her mask in the image of someone else she thinks is likeable and hides who she really is behind this fractured, splintered second skin. Fault lines form in it when she finds herself unsatisfied in her life, living a life that’s not her own because she is afraid to live her life as herself and for herself.

    By Doctor noun, M.D. URL on 06.22.2012

  16. Bone fractures were the last he saw of his mother. She had tripped down the stairs and off she went into heaven. So her body was a poor broken thing, and it had fractures everywhere. Where do we get all these mysterious words anyway, and who comes up with them? Why does it have to be fractures today, of all days, and why only after I write a story of when a boy eats his mother?

    By Andy Quiangco on 06.22.2012

  17. ice splits and bones fall into the abyss lines of communication fade to yesterday
    if it would have been true that that goodbye was it-it splintered time and me-fractal diamond mezzotint intermezzo-the superman earthquake and extract the lois lane time warp-does space crack

    By wallyfives URL on 06.22.2012

  18. Tiny fractures, like splinters in the palm, like cracks in the glass. Every action applies the pressure, every fault shakes the foundation, every word works the pain outward from the heart. And that’s exactly where the damage is, and that’s exactly what’ll break first.

    By Barber URL on 06.22.2012

  19. The white thing on which people write love messages and play tit tat toe, its fun! I wish it recovers fast, but people give so much love is one has a fracture!

    By Angelika on 06.22.2012

  20. i have broken many bones, between five and seven, and it is not pleasant. There is a difference between a fracture and a break in regards to bones but I am not sure of the difference or of which i did. Just be fucking careful cos they hurt like shit aye!!!! so yeah, peace out brudda and dont break nothing

    By Tayla on 06.22.2012

  21. As i am not natively english im not totally sure i know what fractures are, but i think it means pieces of something that has been broken or maybe a very small part of something

    By Timothy on 06.22.2012

  22. bones and hurt and sad and casts and hospitals which are scary because of doctors and lots of pain. People sign this cast you have. and sports and dangerous and people worry because you are hurt and people then treat you differently because you are hurt and you cant do all the things you could do for a while

    By antoinette on 06.22.2012

  23. fractures whoaa!! when i see this word it kinda scares me because i know the pain of fracture .It really hurts.

    By Kabir Singh KAng URL on 06.22.2012

  24. there are some moments in time he thinks back on their childhood and adventures they went on together. just little moments, little frissons of time. one in particular when they were just boys; climbing trees and his brother fell out. plummeted to the ground and fell on his arm–he’d never heard a sound so sickening.

    By a URL on 06.22.2012

  25. Painful, breaking fractures in bones, injuries not fully snapped/broke. Happens during accidents and activities and when hurt. Or when an object is broken its could fracture or chip.

    By Ailish on 06.22.2012

  26. The fractures appeared in the wall, indicating that all was not well.. We had to abandon the plan to rebuild on the same spot that our former house was located. What a pity.

    By victor URL on 06.22.2012

  27. I’ve never had any bone fractures before. It surprises me, really – they seem really common. I’ve known tons of people who’ve fractured something – several in my own family, even! It’s not really worth anything, just an odd little fact. I’ve never fractured or broken a bone before.

    By Linoosh URL on 06.22.2012

  28. there mirror of my mind
    is broken
    like me
    it has fractures where
    there should be complete
    disjointed thoughts
    consume my attempts
    to look to the past
    and make sense
    of a life not well lived

    By Domiknitrix URL on 06.22.2012

  29. painful things. the facture in the rock that causes the hydrocarbon to rise up. the fracture in the bone when it is hit. imagine the fractured bones of millions lying in the aftermath of war. makes me think of those explicit scenes o

    By niyati on 06.22.2012

  30. The color of the fractures was purple like Barney. Like the rain coat I bought at Target. I should have waited until I landed in Japan. The endless aisles of rain boots of every color.

    By Daisy on 06.22.2012

  31. the same word again appears on the screen and my expectations are fractures on my lap. they are pieces of bread. you cannot feed me.

    By Daisy on 06.22.2012

  32. “Fractures. A clean cut will allow it to heal faster.”

    “It won’t! It won’t! That book is killing me mentally! I’ve tried burning it, but it’s no use!”

    –from a victim of a horrible book series.

    By ollie URL on 06.22.2012

  33. My heart is in fractuures, not the kind you can set or fix either. Pieces went everywhere, I’ll never get them all back. Maybe I’m not supposed to.

    By Gwen URL on 06.22.2012

  34. Shit happens.
    You fall.
    You break bones.
    Stop it!
    My cast is not a drawing board!
    Oh how I wish I could scratch my arm.

    By Potx URL on 06.22.2012

  35. Fractures in time are like when Bernard has pressed the stop button on his watch. everything breaks for one moment however you can decide how to fits it and restore time. Fractures are like gifts.

    By Tori URL on 06.22.2012

  36. fractures. all around me. cracks in the floor where my dreams and my loves and my hopes keep falling through. but im afraid of those fractures too much to stop it. afraid i’ll lose more if i try to step forward, step over, or jump into a new room. so i choose a slow death over a perceived one that may not be.

    By Aaron on 06.22.2012

  37. FracTures
    In her personality
    Allow the rain in
    Cooling and soothing
    The rush of blood

    By visage URL on 06.22.2012

  38. Bone Fractures… Ugh, it feels so weird to visualize a bone breaking. Does your heart go through fractures. I feel that they do because your heart breaks so many times in your life and only people who never get to repair their heart go to the psychologist. No wonder there’s nobody to fix fractures in the heart because doctors only know how to fix the outside, not the deep inside troubles that bother you.

    None of the doctors know that outside fractures happen because of inside fractures… I hope they know soon…

    By Abby URL on 06.22.2012

  39. Fractures are similar to a break. It’s like barely breaking something, but the break is still there. A fracture is noticeable. Just because it’s barely a break doesn’t mean the person or thing being broken doesn’t feel it. Anything can be broken.. trust, friendships, relationships, bones.. anything.

    By Lace URL on 06.22.2012

  40. They were deep in my bones, pushing me closer and closer to the edge of my skin. I felt like breaking, like breaking until my bones snapped out of my skin and dropped onto the ground like the fragile things they were, but you were there and looking at me, and you wouldn’t have let me explode that way. You would hold on to me when my bones were breaking.

    By jules URL on 06.22.2012