June 21st, 2008 | 238 Entries

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238 Entries for “forever”

  1. and ever. eternity. James bond. nobody’s moving. this is the quiet place i’ve always wanted

    By Karel on 06.22.2008

  2. eterninty. eternal. makes me feel insecure. how long will i last. where is eternity? where did eternity start? if it has a start, does it have to have an end?

    By Anonymous on 06.22.2008

  3. eterninty. eternal. makes me feel insecure. how long will i last. where is eternity? where did eternity start? if it has a start, does it have to have an end?

    By Anonymous on 06.22.2008

  4. eterninty. eternal. makes me feel insecure. how long will i last. where is eternity? where did eternity start? if it has a start, does it have to have an end?

    By Anonymous on 06.22.2008

  5. love will stay for ever if it is genuine
    friendship stays forever,

    By aya on 06.22.2008

  6. forever and a day, what will bring to the forefront of humanity? surely another great and mighty burden for us all. what wings of hope and joyous suffering doth return us once more to the beginning of time.

    for only from the beginning can we really understand the future, and if there is no now, how do we appreciate.. forever.

    By aaron on 06.22.2008

  7. friends. family. time. stop. treasure. start. lala. always. confuse. never ending. together. love. bear. life. flowers. tablet. book.

    By tps on 06.22.2008

  8. whenever i think about forever it puzzles me to think time could never ever end, its weird but sometimes it makes me smile how foolish we are for thinking life could never end… we all have to go sometime…
    its just a matter of time
    thats all it is

    By patrick on 06.22.2008

  9. Forever is a very long time. God has been here forever and will be here forever. Forever is hard to grasp my mind around. Sometimes I wonder if I will go to heaven when I die. I sure do hope so because I don’t want to spend forever in Hell. Forever is a long time. – Chantele

    By Chantele on 06.22.2008

  10. leave forever is not what I would like to do. I don’t know anything that lasts forever, and I don’t want to last that long either; however, if anyone knows what lasts forever, let me know.

    By yy on 06.22.2008

  11. I could go on with this game forever and forever and forever and… well, you get the idea. I think this includes the possibility of playing golf. Fore ever.

    By Joseph Leff on 06.22.2008

  12. Forever is nothing as it seems. Every day people say “I’ll love you forever,” and this is shit. Nobody can do anything forever, because forever won’t exist. You won’t love me forever. You’ll break my heart and I’ll cry a lot. I won’t love you forever because you won’t love me forever.

    Forever is a load of shit.

    Fuck forever.

    By Mea on 06.22.2008

  13. it’s a scary term that’s often seen.
    i believe there is a phobia about it,
    i know i suffer from it sometimes…
    It’s a scary thought, but also a joyous one,
    full of love, joy, reunion…
    or possibly not that, perhaps something completely different… The only way we’ll find out is when we get there, i guess…
    Scary, isn’t it?

    By Xan on 06.22.2008

  14. I long to spend the rest of my life in his arms. The only thing stopping me is the fact that no one accepts us as we are. We are happy together without the world. We are perfect for one another. The other day we were sitting in his room and we were laughing about an old memory and he turns to me and is about to say something funny from our past and we both said it at the same time…now doesn’t that seem like it should go on for forever?

    By Camille on 06.22.2008

  15. Forever is forever and always, its something that wiull be around forever, be it a physical thing or an emotional thing. Forever ill be around as long as time exists and there is nothing you can do about it.

    By bracey on 06.22.2008

  16. i can’t understand how long forever really is

    By ky on 06.22.2008

  17. one word, when we say ine word, we actually dont know abt that topic thats why we stick to one word, in others sence one word reflects your command at english language, its good skill to command at language in this way, thus replacing hectic sentenses with single word, one word is itself a single word.

    By kunjal on 06.22.2008

  18. uto

    By fra on 06.22.2008

  19. This website is retarded. It’s supposed to be all revolutionary and original. It’s just a one trick pony. Trying to capitalize on user generated content like the dozen other sites out there. Lame.

    By zashi on 06.22.2008

  20. I can see it. There is nothing but an endless road before me. I walk the path waiting to see the end of it but always finding another horizon to seek out. There is nothing but myself and the path.
    Sometimes I wonder why I walk a path that is both all encompassing and completely unclear at the same time. Seems kind of like something someone stupid would try.

    By Roivas on 06.22.2008

  21. Forever…Lots of people promise it, but not many realize how long it really is. When things get bad or hard in a relationship, so many people are quick to run away. I know this because I am one. I hope to change that in the near future…

    By Jodie Mason on 06.22.2008

  22. Forever is a long feckin time. Lets hope I get an idea of what that is. If I do… I’ll write a postcard. So long and forever remember this text. This piece of ill-concieved script. My love and understanding is not fit for eternity but it has potential as a template I guess.

    By Damon on 06.22.2008

  23. What does the word forever mean? Does it really mean forever, or does it just mean as far as you will be able to notice? Ultimately it doesn’t make a difference. Ultimately if you can’t tell it’s not forever, it makes no difference to you; so long as you can see something, it’s forever. But if you can’t tell it’s not forever, for example, if something just stopped existing after you were dead, how could it truly be forever? Forever is just a word. A concept.

    By Chris on 06.22.2008

  24. forever is a long word it had two e’s in it and you can make lots of other words out of it like ever and for and rev, Forever feels like forever, like eternity and lots of other words like forever, forever can be a long period of time but how long would you class as forever it could be 5 years or 10 or ever 20 or even a decade!

    By sophie on 06.22.2008

  25. I don’t wish I could live forever, but I wish I could love for my forever. As long as I’m alive, I want love. And I want that love to last forever. Forever doesn’t mean as long as physically possible, it means for ALWAYS. For always and ever, I’ll love you.

    By Stacey on 06.22.2008

  26. I will never let him go. she thought as he held her close to him. I will always love him. She looked up into his eyes and smiled. “I love you.” she said without hesitation. And He replied,”I love you just as much.” They stood there, in eachother’s arms, for hours. She wanted it to last, Forever.

    By Ashley on 06.22.2008

  27. Noel O’Day is my forever. I love her like it isn’t possible. I dream about her, I love who she is, I love what she represents. It’s obvious that nothing lasts forever, but until death is long enough. Noel O’Day is and will always be my forever. This will work out. Distance can’t stop us.

    By Jordan Beck on 06.22.2008

  28. Forever is a drastic concept. It’s something we say and use so much, but can we really comprehend the meaning of forever, the real meaning. Forever means for always, unstoppable, endless, timeless.

    By Tina on 06.22.2008

  29. There is only one word I am going to say to you mrs marple and that is bottom. Fiddlesticks, this keybaord is made for small apes living under the bridge on the river kwai.

    By Jeremy on 06.22.2008

  30. Things dont last forever, but it can feel like they do. I want more time…

    By Dan.M on 06.22.2008

  31. For ever yours.

    By Cory on 06.22.2008

  32. this word will be eternal and never ever end. lasting forever means that there is no end, end is irrelevant. the human mind can not even fathom the extent of this. if something has been lasting forever it has no beginning either. therefore there is no start or finish.

    By Elle on 06.22.2008

  33. Forever in a second could define infinity if the timing of an event is spiritual. Measuring this is anymous and difficult impossible, to describe to any other person and is deeply personal.

    By Richard on 06.22.2008

  34. means always being there and always loving someone til you die and never worring about the future.

    By jan williams on 06.22.2008

  35. forever is a very long time, it never stops and it never starts, it just is.

    By shona on 06.22.2008

  36. Forever means forever. Some people use it, for example: “I will love you forever”, but they don’t mean it. It is overused, overrated. You need to understand what the real meaning is. Forever means, forever.

    By Twiggy on 06.22.2008

  37. nothing is forever. not love, not life, nothing.

    A good friend of mine goes by the hnadle of forever as well…but in the end, he isn’t forever neither, although he kinda is.

    By Flood M. on 06.22.2008

  38. picking up her suicase, she took one more glance around the room and wondered when it had changed from “I could live here forever” to “I’ll die if I can’t get out.”

    By LindSay on 06.22.2008