March 14th, 2017 | 86 Entries

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86 Entries for “footsteps”

  1. i fight the urge to go.
    to run until there is nothing left in my lungs to give, and my legs can no longer hold me up. because i saw your footsteps leading out, proving that you left me here. [alone, alone, alone].
    i thought i could trust you.
    guess betrayal hurts more than i thought. because all i have left in these hands is a broken heart.

    by cally d. on 03.16.2017
  2. Waiting on the test results in person. An old paper lays on a seat next to me. My curiosity needs an outlet. I flip around the pages in half distracted state. Then my eyes spot an ad that reads “I’m a simple man with simple pleasures. I leave only footprints and take only pictures. Looking for my solemate on the path to forever.”

    Some people try too hard to seem real deep. This was the thought I had. It took my mind off my own worries to contemplate the silliness of this fragile creature who gambled $50 on some nonsensical romantic ambiguities. I sigh. When will the nurse call me back. Some of us may not have forever to play around like this anyway.

    by Jade Rabbit on 03.16.2017
  3. He heard her footsteps getting closer. The anticipation excited him. What was she wearing? What was she going to do? Would she look different? He could feel his blood pumping and his heart pounding a little more as he lied there on the bed waiting for her to come through the door.

    by Chloe on 03.16.2017
  4. The footsteps grew louder and louder. We quickly hurried along, trying to avoid being caught. It was hard, not making any noises in a hall filled with furniture that could be knocked over so easily.

  5. Deverão sempre ser pensados, isso pode mudar nosso destino.

    by aline on 03.16.2017
  6. Footsteps are steps that you make with your foot. Such as if I moved to a house from a house, that’s a footstep! or If I went from tree to another tree, that’s one too! So footsteps are basically just steps that anyone makes. How about you try it. Go from tree to tree! It’s fun!

    by Arjun Thosar on 03.16.2017