August 24th, 2013 | 150 Entries

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150 Entries for “footage”

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    By Margot URL on 08.26.2013

  2. The soundless footage was dim, slightly unclear, yet it was obvious what was going on.

    He held her against the wall, his fingers tangled in her messy hair,
    The watchers watched on, intrigued, eyes glued, body heating up.
    One boy wolf whistled, stirring roars of laughter.

    They watched him take her from the footage, from the start to the end.
    Yet nobody could hear her

    Cries for help.

    By narestars on 08.26.2013

  3. i’m not sure where the footage is
    where it went
    i’m not even sure if i have it
    i think
    it might
    of gone

    By Emily on 08.26.2013

  4. I don’t remember the last time I held the silver camcorder, or when I had last used it. What I do remember is the footage it held, the way it had taken everything away from me, everything I loved – my job, my kids, my beloved wife. Blowing a puff of smoke in the air, I laughed bitterly in the dark night, oh how similar it had been that night.

    By Adrielle on 08.26.2013

  5. He’ll watch it again that night. He knows it. It’s not like anyone’s gonna stop him, who has the balls anyway? His mother? That slut that fucked the plumber?

    By Adrielle on 08.26.2013

  6. every movie has a footage. footage represents what actually went into making of the drama that unfolds on the screen for 2 hours. the footage can be as long as few days to few months. the quality and creativity of the cameraman and director dictates whether how mucfootage

    By kapil on 08.26.2013

  7. They told me it’s awaiting mod approval. What’s up with that? Is it because of the cuss word? Nobody is going to know what that had to do with footage but it had a lot to do with footage in my head. Dear lord, this is my canvas right here. Don’t mod my canvas. Don’t tell me that. Pass it to me. Pass it to me now. Listen. Jesus, mary joseph, god, bob, listen.

    By nodochinko on 08.26.2013

  8. The footage of the nasa space program landing on the moon has been the subject of much controversy. Ranging from die hard zealots who swear by the truthfulness of the event to paranoid conspiracy theorists who think everything ever recorded is a farce!

    By peo on 08.26.2013

  9. guilt hits me like a mixtape stuck on loop,
    with broken cassettes scattered on the floor,
    black tape burying me in white noise
    until i can’t even hear my own heart

    your voice cracks as it spills out of your throat,
    almost daring me to wipe it away from your lips,
    but that’s the game you’ve always played.
    (it’s much easier when you know you’ll lose anyway)

    so spare me the consequences and
    dance to the tune in my head
    because two fools are better than one
    and i get lonely thinking about you

    ( i’m not brave like a love song
    or as persistent as the rhyme on the radio—
    i guess i was just your bathroom graffiti,
    left behind for someone else)

    By F URL on 08.26.2013

  10. Film footage will be shown among people from the Bihar to make them aware about the scan. Hopefully, footage will be

    By prakash on 08.26.2013

  11. He held the tape in his hands, palms sweating as he gripped it with every ounce of his being.
    “You wouldn’t.” she snarled.
    “Oh yes, I most definitely w-would.” he uttered, licking his lips and glancing over the edge.
    Suddenly, she lunged forwards, hand outstretched.
    And with a single breath, he let go.

    By saachosaurus on 08.26.2013

  12. The footage clearely showed the man looking, peering into the camera. Then, the footage simply showed him disappearing.

    “Um…” said Jane, “Are you sure this is what we’re looking for?”

    “I’m sure.” I said, nodding firmly as I clicked the rewind and then the play button. Look at his eyes.”

    “what about them?”

    “Just look.”

    Jane looked. Jane knew better than to argue with me when I was like this. Everyone knew better than to argue with me when I was like this.

    “They’re green.”

    “Just a bit.”

    By Maria URL on 08.26.2013

  13. the footage that was running in front of me was one of the most horrifying i had ever seen. It showed a day in life of a little 7 year old boy who was a child soldier in Africa. The most heart wrenching scene was when he was handed a machete and asked to hack off a man’s body limb by limb. The boy did it the footage that was running in front of me was one of the most horrifying i had ever seen. It showed a day in life of a little 7 year old boy who was a child soldier in Africa. The most heart wrenching scene was when he was handed a machete and assddsked to hack off a man’s body limb by limb. The boy did it without even blinking. The horrifying fact that it did not matter or move him spoke multitudes about the conditions the children in some parts of africa live in.

    By Abhijeet Karki on 08.26.2013

  14. the footage that was running in front of me was one of the most horrifying i had ever seen. It showed a day in life of a little 7 year old boy who was a child soldier in Africa. The most heart wrenching scene was when he was handed a machete and asked to hack off a man’s body limb by limb. The boy did it WITHOUT EVEN BLINKING HIS EYES,

    By Abhijeet Karki on 08.26.2013

  15. as the crowd wept
    the footage kept rolling
    black and white
    pure as tears

    By izzy on 08.26.2013

  16. The detectives on the murder case of an entire family, was depending on the video footage for clues that could aid in pressing charges on the suspect that was held in custody. However it was later found that the vide camera was not set up in the correct postion to allow for full coverage of the open area.

    By victor URL on 08.26.2013

  17. The film was dark, grainy. Shot with shaky hands, fearful of being caught. I was glad it was in black and white, because fuck, I was looking straight into hell.

    By John Doe on 08.26.2013

  18. some peolpe show a lot of footage unnecessarily. they think they are great but they dont realise that showing such footage can lead them to miseries. its not wrong to be proud of what your are but one should always remember that its very important to remain grounded. Thats something not everybody can manage.

    By Misha on 08.26.2013

  19. the length of a film/movie
    measurement in feet

    By ethan on 08.26.2013

  20. I was just reading the footage that was written about this film when I was called away because the phone was ringing. Typical but it wasn’t very interesting anyway!

    By Alexandra on 08.26.2013

  21. I want footage of my life ten years from now and want that footage to tell me what i can do to change it if I don’t like what i see. Kind of an annotated youtube video that reads ‘click here ot find out what you can do to avoid this’ or ‘this is what you did to make your elife so awesome, be sure not to miss it!’ That would be pretty cool, but then again, I kind of want to see what I would do without any help.

    By grapplerschool on 08.26.2013

  22. “With these new video cameras,” she said, “we can get footage of events never before seen by humans, or beyond a small group of humans. And an interesting phenomenon has been regular video occurring around this man.”

    She dimmed the lights and ran the projector. The t-shirt was always different, but the green-gold eyes were always the same. He walked the roads and the paths, from Canada to New Zealand, Russia to Easter Island.

    When the lights came up she said, “And this of course brings us to our question. Who is he?”

    By Anthony StClair on 08.26.2013

  23. He gaped at the screen in numb shock. Although warning bells had long gone off in his head, he’d grown used to them, like a daily church bell ring. “She’s a whore,” the vicious little voice whispered. He’d always argued with it, called it a liar. But now the proof was in plain sight. She really was getting paid to have sex, and even more for filming it.

    By Soft URL on 08.26.2013

  24. she’s a picture-perfect primadonna
    with a name that tastes of danger,
    poison on your lips, on her lips
    (for surely, her kisses would be deadly)

    the click-click of her heels on the sidewalk
    match the click-click of the cameras and
    the shade of lipstick she’s wearing matches her dress,
    a vivid shade of crimson

    (but secretly, she knows that “crimson” is merely a synonym
    for “the blood of her enemies” —
    whoever said looks couldn’t kill?)

    By e. URL on 08.26.2013

  25. It is something that is recorded or a recorded video.I learn this word seeing a recent news channel.It come across this term very often in news chanells

    By Subramanian on 08.26.2013

  26. She didn’t know what to do. He couldnt find out about her betrayal. If he did it would be the end of their life together. She know there was no hiding what she had done. It was all there on footage.

    By Annabel Lee Poe on 08.26.2013

  27. “What’s this?” John exclaimed as he gave his video camera a hard shake. “Some sort of interference…hmm, let me fix that…. Ah, found the source of the problem. Easy peasy…, strange… This looks like a large animal.”

    By coffee-anarchy on 08.26.2013

  28. The footage of the old western movie had been damages in the fire.

    By Diana on 08.26.2013

  29. The footage I shot
    with my six senses
    of our times together
    I play and replay
    every single day

    By Shail URL on 08.26.2013

  30. If there is one thing that is irritating about watching family videos it is seeing the people who want footage in the camera. If you want a definition of “footage” it is essentially trying to grab as much time on video recordings as possible. This is typical in amateur videos where people try to pop in the video all the time. I have personally never done this.

    By Arun URL on 08.26.2013