August 15th, 2013 | 68 Entries

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68 Entries for “flipped”

  1. I sat at the faded, refurbished old oak dining room table with the mismatched chairs. I looked at her, mesmerized, as she flipped the breakfast pancakes. She smiled at me and the whole world shone. I walked toward her as she turned back to the stove to do the next batch. Her breath caught as I pressed up against her and kissed her neck.

    By Minette Tonoli on 08.16.2013

  2. How it slips into mask upon mask,
    the twister of the story you’ve told.
    Far from intent,
    reason faulted —
    and you’ve left with table flipped.
    This is no magic trick,
    and the dishes are all on the floor.

    By Marissa on 08.16.2013

  3. when I saw him stride in the room, I almost flipped. Damn it I had told him to stay away. What the hell was wrong with him!!

    By star on 08.16.2013

  4. The world is an amazingly diverse place, filled with horrible and spectacular things. Although still their are things in the world that are always the same. But what would happen if everything in the world was abruptly turned on its head? What if it changed so quickly and so drastically that nothing was the same ever again? How would you cope with being flipped?

    By Kiani URL on 08.16.2013

  5. When he told me he was leaving I totally flipped! It wasn’t what I was expecting and all because he didn’t like my pancakes as they hadn’t been flipped…………..!

    By Alexandra on 08.16.2013

  6. I wish what is inside me was out.
    Too shy, too modest,
    I let my dreams die.
    Flip me like a coin.
    See what’s on the other side,
    the choices that passed me by.

    By maryc0 on 08.16.2013

  7. Da flippte er aus. “Seh ich vielleicht so aus als wäre ich bescheuert?!”, brüllte er und kam auf sie zu. Sie drückte sich enger an die Wand. Sie hatte ihn noch nie so wütend gesehen. Wie eine breite Wand baute er sich vor ihr auf.

    By Lya on 08.16.2013

  8. I hadn’t had time to turn the wheel before the car smashed into me. I don’t know what happened, a drunk driver maybe, or some kid who’d only just gotten their license, someone out for a joyride, or someone simply not paying attention. I don’t remember anymore, were they on their phone? Were they desperate to get home? To a warm dinner, to a crying child, to a warm embrace? All I know is that the car flipped and everything went black.

    By Abbie on 08.16.2013

  9. The back flip was magnificent. I’d seriously never seen anything like it. It was one of those tricks hardly anyone can do, so you can’t help but stop and watch the performer. Probably a good thing in the performer’s eyes. Certainly a great thing at the Olympics, or a circus or something. It seemed oddly out of place on the first day of school. I’ve never been the judgmental sort, but all the same… I couldn’t help but judge the back flipper a bit.

    By hannah URL on 08.16.2013

  10. “This house could be flipped”, she said. as she looked at the 30 year old shag carpet, the low, dark ranch almost bursting with potential. “But God, the amount of work to do,” said her husband, looking at the hideous wallpaper, the dated but not remotely cool kitchen cabinets. “but we could do it,” she said.

    By Ara on 08.16.2013

  11. She flipped when she heard the news. I mean, literally flipped. She jumped backward in her chair so hard that it turned over with a crash and she lay there with her feet in the air, squalling like a stuck cat.

    By mrsmig on 08.16.2013

  12. The idea that I might not see him again, that the words have dried out and that nothing I can say will make a difference is absolutely flipping. I am telling myself or trying to tell myself that there is no other way. That he has deprived me of the right to say or do anything about this distance between us, these miles of oceans that just run off forever in my imagination but part of me just cannot accept to be reduced to this lesser version of myself where I sit and wait for life to happen, where I sit and wait for other people to decide. The powerlessness of waiting is flipping. In some ways much more than my fears of jumping into the unknown. Of making violence to the world for what I want.

    By J. on 08.16.2013

  13. flip the tables,
    shuffle the deck;
    the tides are turned
    as i snap your neck

    the tower will fall
    to the wild grass,
    its concrete knees bent
    to the force of humble nature

    your blood is pumping
    to the beat of my heart
    and i am no victim today
    ( nay, a victor )

    my body may be pale and fragile but
    i have enough strength in me to drag you down
    to the depths of the earth, to the crevices of the sea;
    i’ll take you down with me

    your hands are stained blood red,
    smeared across my cheeks—
    a canvas of salty tears and blood—
    but who said that i couldn’t snap back?

    twist and tangle and kill and mumble and
    dance the dance of the rising sun;
    i am my own hero, my own epic,
    and you, my tragedy, will not string my fate.

    By F URL on 08.16.2013

  14. when he hits you,
    do not hesitate
    to turn to flame.

    then implore him
    to do it again.

    watch as his hand
    catches on fire,
    as it spreads
    up his arm,
    engulfing his head.

    his heart will turn
    to soot,
    which is a step up
    from being cow sh*t.

    By h. b. on 08.16.2013

  15. He flipped off the back of the table and turned three full somersaults in mid-air. It seemed like he would then just hang there, counting the spiders in the rafters.

    When at last his feet touched the rough planks of the pub floor again, a roar went up. He disappeared in the crowd as people clapped him on the back, and surely he must have wished to have more arms as people started handing him pints.

    “I told you he could be a show-off,” said her companion.

    “But at least he lives up his boasting,” she replied.

    By Anthony StClair on 08.16.2013

  16. I flipped a coin as I was thinking about you. I thought should I call you. Unfortunately I didn’t call you. I watched as you stood there and smiled, your smile changed my world. And all that happened while i flipped a coin. A coin which made me fall in love with you.

    By elis on 08.16.2013

  17. She flipped aside the deerskin and gazed afar to the ridge line below. The burnt sun glowed
    through the tops of the cottonwoods lining the glistening river below.
    The journey had been free of worry and pursuit, so far.

    By krilliana URL on 08.16.2013

  18. On it’s ear. This shady little part of my darkest tragedy, wakes me clawing and panting. Right in my line of sight that coin has been flipped landing tails up. Tossing me ass over tea kettle into those old feelings of loss and betrayal. A hot little stone of anguish buried in my gut.

    By cmariewt on 08.16.2013

  19. sssssssssssss…………scrape. Flip. ssssssssssssss…….,scrape.

    Flip. Leap, fly, run.

    “Order’s up!”

    Faster. Faster.

    “Double Quarter Pounder and an extra large fry!”

    The spatula falls. The door opens.

    Stumble. Run, fly, escape.

    By Mia on 08.16.2013

  20. This summer I’ve flipped. -All I can think of is the book and movie! Hmm. I still have some more time. Not anymore. Whoops!

    By Ann on 08.16.2013

  21. He flipped his lid. The top of his head unbuckled and flipped up and we could see in there, a brain like children wrestling.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 08.16.2013

  22. Something in her flipped, flipped over, like a switch snapped up too hard and sent spinning through the air, useless. She was jammed, and thus, for all intents and purposes, broken. It was too much pressure, too much force, too much, too much, too much.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.16.2013

  23. Back dive off the diving board. Road rage displaying some third finger action.Head over heels. Who flippin took the water out of the pool?

    By marylee on 08.16.2013

  24. The pages flipped slowly, the smell of paper filling the room, subtle but lovely. The bookstore was always his favorite place to go to when he was upset. He didn’t know whether it was the smell or the energy or the people or the coffee, but it was his sanctuary. His safe place. After people disappeared from his life, books would always remain.

    By Rylee URL on 08.16.2013

  25. Man why does she always do this. She asks me out and then on the date if one tiny thing goes wrong she absolute flips out. This time the waiter bought her ice in a drink she didn’t want and the stuff she screamed, it was scary. Can I really be with a girl who flips out so easily?

    By Jayke on 08.16.2013

  26. i flipped. i flipped at the thought of it. how could he do this to me? weve been married 12 years, together for longer. high school sweethearts, together even when we were miles apart for college. how could he do this to me? how in the world could he knowingly take my heart for all these years and crush it in under a minute?

    By Dianna URL on 08.16.2013

  27. I flipped out when I saw the mess that was once my neat clean home. I had only been gone overnight and it didn’t seem possible that that much damage could be done by one housesitting teenager.

    By Jacqui on 08.16.2013

  28. “Flipendo!” I shouted, and Scorpius was flipped over flying backward. Rose looked at me in horror as Scorpius groaned and slowly got to his feet. Rose stormed toward me.
    “James Sirius Potter! What ARE you thinking? Or are you not thinking at all?!”

    By Raina on 08.16.2013